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    Defamatory post against me; please remove.

    I was told that Jan or Peo could remove a defamatory post hosted on the FreeWebspace.net community about me made by a "customer" who refused to pay for services for months. As a last resort this individual began to make up stories about "nazism" after the web server was rooted and the main...
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    Nazi??? I don't think so. Get a life Chris.

    Ok, I just found this on google where apparently a user named Chris who owned a domain called rockymania (or Spookums on here) keeps reposting to google and search engines over and over for the sake of busting a nut or getting their jollies on some false sense of acheivement in their life. Well...
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    Pay once - not once per month.

    Megaknight Technologies offers premium plans for lightweight to power hosting without the hassles. But this time, the rules have changed. You only need to pay one time for service. Not one time per month, not one time per year. There are no ads on your site, and no contracts to adhere to. You...
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    FreeDOS and TCP/IP

    Anyone know where I might be able to get TCP/IP stack drivers for FreeDOS? Gunna play around with a 286 and freedos with a dos based web server, and just wondered if anyone knew where there might be tcp/ip dos drivers. I checked out microsoft's tcp/ip drivers, but they don't seem to work right...
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    One-time fee hosting. Period!

    Tired of paying once per month, or once per year? Try once - only. We charge only one time for our services, and you never have to pay again. Here's why: We are now partnered with Barclay's Global Investors and earn dividends on the deposit you give us for hosting. We not only pay for all...
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    New scripting language / html extender

    Question: If I wrote an extension to html, just simple additions which make repetition and design easier...with scripting language features added but still adherent to html 1.1, do you figure people would use it, or simply prefer to use existing html and regular scripting languages instead...
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    250MB / 4GB / $29.95/year

    Ok, here it is. WYSIWYG ;)... Basic Hosting Features with Megaknight: 250MB - 500MB web space Services 24/7 FTP Psw protected dirs Raw server logs Personal CGI-BIN PHP4/Perl5/Python/SSI Preconfigured CGIs Bandwidth meter Sendmail/SMTP Easy control panel Unlimited URL...
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    Add your site // simple directory

    Hi there, if you have a website you can add it to the url's section of my site. I won't need your email address or anything like that. It's just to help people get more traffic to their sites easily: http://www.megaknight.net/cgi-bin/addurl1.exe If you like you can give me a reciprocal...
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    Does anyone know the full syntax for the ftp_connect with PHP? I need to change the defualt port it would use from 21 to something else. Any ideas? Thanks +*Wolfknight*+
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    Proxy Server / General Test

    Hi, Just changed the portbase of my webserver, and wondered if people who a proxy from their ISP or elsewhere view http://www.wolfknight.net ok. Please let me know if you have time...whether it loads for you or not. ;) Thanks...
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    Wolfknight Network Services

    Hi everyone, just wanted to post what I have to offer those of you who are needing something solid and reliable for as little as possible. Here is what I offer you if you would like to host your site with me: 1. 50MB of space. 2. 24/7 realtime FTP. 3. 4GB monthly...
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    Announcement: Changes on wolfknight.net

    Due to some people creating upwards of 10 or 20 bogus accounts (and logging on from the same IP address within 5 minutes of them all, figuring I never check my log files), I've come to the conclusion that the honor system is dead, and that hosts who use banners or pop ups on their sites do so...
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    Free Web Host Services

    For those of you who need it, I offer 25MB of web space on my servers...no banners, no pop up ads. Just started a while ago...converted my paid-server over to free hosting; basically due to health reasons. So they're here if you want them. Enjoy. Real 24/7 ftp is offered. No file size limit...