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  1. Daniel

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    i win.
  2. Daniel

    Where is blank verse

    I'm seeing Bad Religion in some dinky town this summer. but yeah, who uses MSN anymore?
  3. Daniel

    10,000 posts

    x2 /thread
  4. Daniel

    what is your dream in your life?

    NA engines are typically much larger than their European and Asian counterparts. Even for the same model car. Btw, the new Chevy Cruze(which isn't a bad car, imo) comes with a 1.4L turbo 130hp. And gets 35+ mpg. anyways, my dream is to die like a man. IE go down swinging, or guns...
  5. Daniel

    Ten years, -----es

    11 years on fws for me. i remember when it was that wwwboard or whatever it was called. the threaded crap.
  6. Daniel

    Orcas eating Sharks

    i hope so. buck foston.
  7. Daniel

    Hey Canadians

    oh snap GC is back. anyways, I'm buying my next car in the States by the end of the summer. Wanna get myself a Mustang. MSRP is like $5k lower in the States.
  8. Daniel

    What is your mode of transportation?

    1992 Toyota MR2 turbo ~300hp and 2003 Kawa Ninja ZX6R 636CC and a 2003 Lancer ES daily driver
  9. Daniel


    this forum needs giancarlo to stir ---- up again... or that johnson guy
  10. Daniel

    Ben. Darknight. BV.

    im the oldest.
  11. Daniel

    What a night

    That's the problem in the States, you guys can't drink until 21, pretty much raising a nation of lightweights when it comes to alcohol :) We get a 3 year head start on you guys, and the drinking age is just a suggestion here!
  12. Daniel

    Most Important person in Life??

    bull. I'm first. And only.
  13. Daniel

    Roll Call - Great Canadians in FWS History

    I'd gladly trade Ontario for Maine.
  14. Daniel

    Roll Call - Great Canadians in FWS History

    are you implying I'm a bull? sounds about right.
  15. Daniel

    Roll Call - Great Canadians in FWS History

    So, here I am on the toilet, on my iPhone, taking a ----, when I decided; "you know what? I should check out fws". And I see this thread. I think it's all bull----, BV. If I called you a dumbass, I would only be sugarcoating the truth. :classic2:
  16. Daniel

    Get down girl

    I am the invisible man. Incredible how you can See right through me.
  17. Daniel

    Just thought I'd let everyone know

    My point exactly.
  18. Daniel

    Just thought I'd let everyone know

    You must sit like a ---.
  19. Daniel

    Man charged over (sharing) viral baby-swinging video

    Didn't Australia recently pass a country-wide blacklist/censorship that will ban pretty much all pr0n? Australia, the new North Korea.
  20. Daniel

    The next time I hear somebody say "woot"

    Far from it, they're pot heads, but still cute. Don't forget, this is Montreal, everyone is a pot head.