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    What happened to VenturesOnline?

    works fine for me:)
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    place to have forum, bandwith must be good

    i thought they were lycos all along:confused:
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    Help with unmanaged box

    the $1 setup is back on monday;)
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    Wanna have your own dedicated server? at your home or buisness

    um, could you phone em up for me cos toll free in canada would probably cost me £5 a minute?:confused2
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    Wanna have your own dedicated server? at your home or buisness

    it doesnt look like they will ship to the UK:(
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    Need some advice

    www.xe.com/ucc gives accurate conversions:biggrin2:
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    works for me:D Pinging myacen.com [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=467ms TTL=235 Reply from bytes=32 time=481ms TTL=235 Reply from bytes=32 time=522ms TTL=235 Reply from bytes=32 time=494ms...
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    Comet Stream Free Hosting

    and they wouldnt have been as friendly about it as you have:biggrin2:
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    Comet Stream Free Hosting

    so you are saying that if i wrote a program that was say, 14mb, i could advaertise it all over the net and billions of peple could download it without me being kicked off the service? Answer: i'd be kicked straight off! see my point?
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    Comet Stream Free Hosting

    dont worry, everyone that offers unlimited gets picked on:biggrin2:
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    8Gb's Space,100gb Transfer - $50/mth

    that sounds like the ultimate reseller, its from a well known and respected host and its very cheap too!:D
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    I need a list of things to get my hosting started...

    youd have to be a very honest and silly buisness person to tell people they can get more for cheaper than they can from you.
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    HOSTONCE is really giving me the ump !

    i was saying that you would only want to be hosted by them once:p
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    HOSTONCE is really giving me the ump !

    looks like they suit their name....
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    New free host

    :eek: 10gb bandwidth i wonder if its stupid enough to use off site linking?
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    Forum upgrade

    2.2.3 isnt beta despite the b next to it. its version b of 2.2.3.
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    Forum upgrade

    2.2.3 fixes a security problem.