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    Glacier Host ~

    Explanation (as by a user of Cross Industries) I'll explain that, if it's OK. Basically, as explained in the announcement on the Cross Industries forum, the VPS crashed (or, more specifically, Apache) when he tried to install WordPress MU for his automated blog hosting system. I would...
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    Do you say Soda, Pop, or Soder?

    I say the brand name, unless I am in a hurry. Then I say "soda".
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    What do you think of my T.O.S?

    To shift the liability of illegal content off the host onto the customer. Or, in other words, to shield the host from their customers' actions.
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    Reseller Needed

    Sorry, I made a mistake. Wrong nameservers. I thought 1 & 2, it's 5 & 6.
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    Reseller Needed

    Actually I can't get my website even though I've changed the nameservers. But that's another problem for another forum.
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    Reseller Needed

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    Need Reseller WHM

    I know that. Your offer was still pending when I wrote that post. You just needed to confirm it, and you did.
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    Post2Host.org Grand Opening! Free Hosting!

    Great! I've joined.
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    Need Reseller WHM

    I already made a post about wanting a reseller account two days ago. Obviously almost nobody really wants to bother providing one, or they would have replied by now (it's been two days).
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    Reseller Needed

    I really don't know how many sites I'll need, but I'll probably have 50-100 sites at the beginning each having at least one of the following: Wordpress blog MyBB forum MediaWiki wiki TikiWiki CMS and other scripts Besides that, I'm going to use a portal for the main domain, and will have a...
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    Reseller Needed

    Yeah, I do. I used to have 3GB space and 15GB bandwidth for just 15 posts a month with Schmarvin, so I can't see why anyone else can't do that.
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    Reseller Needed

    Reseller Needed FAST! I would appreciate it if I got a plan that I liked by tomorrow night. Thanks!
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    Reseller Needed

    I am (unluckily) out on my luck again, looking for a reseller plan. Things haven't been the same since my host died, but anyway.. I need: 2GB space 20GB bandwidth over 250 features fast account approval WHM & cPanel at less that 20 posts a month, or a small 234 by 60 banner on every...
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    Need free subdomain hosting

    How would I put it on the forum and on the wiki? The wiki software is MediaWiki (if it works) and the forum software is myBB.
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    Need free subdomain hosting

    Flash banner? If you would like I could make a Flash banner for you, but you'd have to tell me what to put on there.
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    Happy Christmas FWS

    To all a Happy Holidays! oldman2 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :-) :angel: :fangel:
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    Upgrading to Vista

    I've heard you can downgrade from Vista, you just have to reinstall the OS/ Anyways, don't do it if you can. XP gets better and better. Has anyone heard that SP3 will contain some features of Vista? :-) If you are upgrading, go with Home Premium or Ultimate.
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    The Ultimate Free Thread

    I need that real bad. I just always get a pile of junk when it comes to free sofware. :fangel: But hey, that is why surfing the Internet is so fun, you really have to dig to find something! :angel:
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    What forums do you recommend?

    Oh. I'll go with myBB because it seems the best in terms of features. Thanks for all your help. :-)