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  1. GlennBeforeTime

    Windows VPS Req.

    Hi guys, I'm in need of a Windows VPS that meets the following criteria; • 2GB Or more of space. • 1GB RAM (MIN). • Full Access. • Over 50GB Transfer (More will be required in the future) • Server 2003 NOT 2008. I need all of this for the lowest price possible, I have seen some around the...
  2. GlennBeforeTime

    Domain Names for SALE!

    No unreasonable offer will be refused, please feel free to bid, or post an offer for any of these domain names, they have no starting price to entice anyone looking for such a domain name, to post a starting bid price. List of domain names are as followed; arcanewow.com kukezar.com...
  3. GlennBeforeTime

    Stonerocket Down?

    Hey. Been trying to get to Stonerocket's website, seems their main site is down, but their hosting sites should be up. Anyone hosted with SR who's site is not right? What happened to it? :confused4
  4. GlennBeforeTime

    Prices to keep you warm this winter!

    Australian Reseller Hosting For a Limited Time Only True Website Solutions is offering their Premium Host cPanel reseller hosting package for only $20 a month, with a FREE CLIENTEXEC LICENSE! Yes, a free leased ClientExec license is yours for the duration of your reseller hosting, or VPS...
  5. GlennBeforeTime

    The HDD Poll!

    What HDD Connection do you use?
  6. GlennBeforeTime

    Change my nomae?

    Hey Peo / Jan, may I have my username changed from [uw]glenn to GlennBeforeTime ? Thx
  7. GlennBeforeTime

    Australian Net Infrastructure Upgrade

    Alright, so after spending countless amount of Australian Tax Payers money and 5 years later, Australia has finally decided to upgrade THEIR countries internet infrastructure. The original proposal was Fibre to the Node, the new proposal is Fibre to the House. What this means is, 90% Of...
  8. GlennBeforeTime

    How much do you make?

    Alrighty, a nice general question guys, On average, how much do you make from your Adsense, Clicksor, Bidversitor and whatever other advertisement program you have. Currently, I am making somewhere around the $40 a month with Adsense on a debt reduction ebook site.
  9. GlennBeforeTime

    Competitors targeting newbies with spam.

    During the course of my hosting career, many times I have found that other hosts or competitors target my site and other sites with obscene spamming and hide behind a proxy. In most cases I find them out and generally write down the offender for future reference. What are your thoughts on...
  10. GlennBeforeTime

    Introduction to True Website Solutions US and UK HOSTING!

    Looking to be hosted in the US or UK? No Worries! True Website Solutions has servers across the globe to accommodate just about any needs. And with the new launch of True Website Solutions international servers at fantastic prices, we are offering 80% off ALL BASIC hosting plans on a monthly...
  11. GlennBeforeTime

    Turtle gets stuck whilst trying to climb through a gate.

    Ok, recently my Turtle was trying to get through my fence to get to the back door and plead for some more food. We had the gate closed because my dog was misbehaving and we didn't want him to roam the whole backyard and cause havoc. So, my turtle tries to get through the gate's fence by...
  12. GlennBeforeTime

    WOW! This is AWESOME! Cheapest Aussie Hosting EVER!

    WOW! This is AWESOME! Cheapest Aussie Hosting EVER! Prices comparable to the US! Well, now you can get the True Website Solutions Basic hosting package for only $5 Australian Dollars a Month! This price WILL NOT LAST and if you are serious about SEO and getting your business or website out...
  13. GlennBeforeTime

    COM.AU Domains for $30 AUD /2 Years! Min 2 Years!

    Once in a blue moon do you get presented with an opportunity to provide dirt cheap .COM.AU Domain Names to people. True Website Solutions partner has allowed us to drop our .COM.AU prices for the next 2 weeks to $30 Australian Dollars for 2 years with a minimum of 2 years purchase, this is a...
  14. GlennBeforeTime

    GPLHOST.COM Very Distasteful language from sales rep.

    I just wish to tell you, I had a terrible customer service experience with this company, I was inquiring about purchasing a VPS in Israel and this is the chat log of the conversation. The first session was the initial inquiry in which I laid out my budget and explained to the representative...
  15. GlennBeforeTime

    Fantastic Prices on Aussie Hosting!

    Welcome to True Website Solutions trueweb.com.au Are you looking for a fantastic website solution for your business? Get the best prices now direct from True Website Solutions, the Australian Experts in Website Design, Development and Hosting! Prices start from $74.99 AUD ($47.91 USD) and...
  16. GlennBeforeTime

    Victorian bushfire funds donation deal - TrueWeb

    Not sure if many of you know this, but currently in Victoria (Australia) there are the worst bushfires (Brush fires) raging in Victorian History (Including Ash Wednesday) Many people have lost almost everything and many people are wondering "what can I do to help?". True Website Solutions is...
  17. GlennBeforeTime

    Selling ClientExec Unlimited Monthly licenses at $8US a month!

    Ok, I just recently received a reseller account for ClientExec monthly licenses and want to pass on some special deals to all the hosts here. This is the cheapest you will find an unlimited client license for ClientExec. If you are interested, please reply, or drop me a PM (You know... The...
  18. GlennBeforeTime

    Caution: sagipsul.com Virus.

    I highly suggest that everyone with a webfiltering Internet Security program set their filter to block the website "sagipsul.com" it's a tracker website that launches many popup ads and tracks what you are doing using FireFox or any other browser.
  19. GlennBeforeTime

    True Website Solutions OPENING DEAL 75% OFF!

    Are you looking for reliable website hosting or a true complete website solution for your business website at an affordable price? No Worries! Finally a web host out there cares. We are offering a special introduction offer to our services of 75% off our normal selling price on all US and...
  20. GlennBeforeTime

    How to effectivly advertise a new hosting business?

    Hello guys, This place being around since the dawn of time I'm sure that there would be a few people here who have successfully started their own web hosting business with many paying clients. My question to you is, How do you go about effectively advertising such a hosting business (One that...