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  1. [lhomme]

    100% wide images.

    I have an image I want to be stretched to fill its <div> container. I've currently set it to 100% width but the image only becomes 100% of the current window width and not the actual <div> width. This becomes problematic when the window is not fully maximized. Thanks.
  2. [lhomme]

    Simple <div> question

    Heh - there never is a simple solution is there? Thanks.
  3. [lhomme]

    Simple <div> question

    How do you make a 100% wide <div> shrink to no less than 700 pixels wide? In other words, I want a <div> with a minimum width and scales upward with the users resolution. Can this be done with coding? spacer images? Thanks.
  4. [lhomme]

    Object Expected Error

    I've hadnt tried it in Mozilla but I've decided that the script was more trouble than it was worth.
  5. [lhomme]

    Layout Help

    Try a program like FrontPage which will enable you to visualize what you are doing and then look at the code it renders. Most of it will be helpful in helping you learn what code does what. Be careful of the proprietary MSIE stuff they stick in there though.
  6. [lhomme]

    Object Expected Error

    I get an object expected error in IE for line 24 char 1. Line 24 char 1 begines with "adMessage" (as shown from the code excerpt below). What is wrong? Page URL: http://www.acafe.net/academia.php <body marginheight="20" marginwidth="0" topmargin="20" leftmargin="0"> <div...
  7. [lhomme]

    Make Money out of a Forum

    For buttons and textlinks, IBF offers built-in Category and Forum "Sponsor" links. Change these in the Admin Control Panel. For popups, skyscrapers, banners and other types of adverts, simple edit the Board Wrapper template in the Skinning section of the Admin Control Panel.
  8. [lhomme]

    Browser Compatibility?

    Seems to me like you have 2 choices: 1. Use percentage widths (ie width="100%") 2. Use a fixed width (ie width="500") and have it centered so it looks similar thoughout multiple platforms and browsers.
  9. [lhomme]

    Compare Boards

    What does the wording or the look matter? Thats just the appearance and has nothing to do with the actual speed, reliability or features. It would take minutes for the dev team (of IBF) to change what youre suggesting (maybe a couple of hours for the average user). Their main focus is on the...
  10. [lhomme]

    website translater

  11. [lhomme]

    Quick Question

    Heh - I went through a combination of a lot of different keywords - none of the are mentioned in that thread. :mad: Guess I had the wrong thread in mind when I did the search (and on Google). Alexa was what I was looking for though so thanks again.
  12. [lhomme]

    Quick Question

    This is really simple but I've searched Google and this forum but I can't seem to find the answer. What is the name and url of the site previously posted on this forums that gave the traffic rankings of all websites? It was a site that indexed all the websites on the internet (or the great...
  13. [lhomme]

    Bali Art World

    Two comments: Left align and indent the navigation modules, and add something to the header of the right side to balance out the green bump under "Bali Art World" at the top. It seems oddly empty.
  14. [lhomme]


    Very nice clean design. Now all you have to do is customize the InvisionBoard and rework the intro paragraph on the main page to be less choppy. Forgot to add: if you insist on using a splashpage, which isnt currently serving any useful purpose - change the background color to match your main...
  15. [lhomme]

    Digital Dream

    It looks great - just two points: 1. It took over 30 secs to finish loading on a cable connection in NYC (no way I'm frequenting the forums). 2. You might want to make all the cells line up cause it just looks messy without it. Otherwise - nice skin - I couldnt tell what forum software...
  16. [lhomme]

    Test Download

    Cable connection from NYC, NY (using IE to download) Min ~110 kbps Max ~210 Kbps Average ~130 kpbs Not bad for a file of its size
  17. [lhomme]

    MP3 Editor

    Hiya - I need a simple free editor that will allow me to raise the volume of my mp3s (I'm trying to get them all the same volume). Thanks.
  18. [lhomme]

    Selective link CSS settings

    Thanks - it works.
  19. [lhomme]

    Selective link CSS settings

    How would I go about making the "a:hover,a:link,a:active,a:visited" attributes apply to a selected class only? For example, on my nav table has class id of "menu" and it has some specific formating. I want that nav table to have its own specific hyperlink CSS formating. Thanks.
  20. [lhomme]

    I would like some feed back on my site, Please.

    My recommendation - don't let sites post their banners. It ends up looking like a spamfest and/or a topsite.