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    Free hosting on a dedicated server

    What would have to be the minimal specs for the dedicated server if it was going to be solely used for free hosting accounts without being overly slow or crashing?
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    Blocking a whole countries ip

    If i say wanted to block all ips from china how would i do it? -Thanks.
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    Terms Of Service Help

    How does a freewebhost write its terms of service? Since most freewebhosts dont have the cash to pay for one is there a template or tuturial on making one? Is it illegal to copy someone elses? Help, im really stumped. -Thanks.
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    Cheap, small reseller wanted.

    Basically i want to start a free host but dont want to spend a whole bunch of money unless i need to, meaning i will be upgrading as my host grows. Im asking for the cheapest reliable, reseller i can get, minumum specs would be 500meg space and 5gig bw to start off with. I need cpanel...
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    Host-Engine.com flexible hosting, that works.

    HEY ALL!! my reseller account has just been sitting there with like 3 accounts on it not being used much so im gonna offer free hosting before i intended too. I mean my template hasnt even been completed yet lol! So anyways i got the forum up to scratch and now am offering free hosting!! FREE...
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    Pro hosting template request

    if i wanted a proffesional hosting template and all i had too offer was some hosting and a link back would that be too crazy or would there be takers? if there are my msn is: DALienDevil@hotmail.com
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    Request Free Resseller-please?

    i would like a free reseller 1g size 10g bw would be enough(bigger ones welcome) i would be willing to put ur ads on my index page just specify what u would like and other things i maybe would be willing to do just tell me what. ps:i have a TLD i know this is alot to ask but im desperate...