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    The CentOS Project

    Hello fellow hosts. My apologies for not being around here much as of late, however I really wanted some opinions from others in the business about the issue of CentOS. For those not following the project very closely, there have been a lot of problems in the last year or so with important...
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    Cheapest possible reseller?

    Would I be correct to say that Directi's resellerclub is the cheapest domain reseller around? Barring any temporary discounts, and upfront fees or deposits are irrelevant. Also, what does it take to get accredited by ICANN to be a first tier domain seller? Cheers
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    No Ads/Posting, Up to 5GBs space/100GBs bandwidth, PHP, MySQL, cPanel

    Hello there :wave: Liway is a web-host that has been operating since 2006. We cater for enthusiasts, providing the very best in hosting services. Our hosting packs start at 50MiBs of space and 2GiBs of bandwidth and go up to 5GiBs of space and 100GiBs of bandwidth. Our server is nice and...
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    Liway - Free hosting for enthusiasts

    Hello there Intro For those who don't know, Liway has been operating since early-mid 2006. We are a moderately sized host, with emphasis on providing high quality services to our users. We are not business oriented, we are community oriented. We have just moved our forums from phpbb2 to...
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    Paypal - Account Limited Problem

    Urgh. So today my paypal account got limited because of unusual activity with a credit card linked to my paypal account....except that I don't - and have never had any credit card linked to my account. To resolve, I need to add and verify my credit card...but I don't have one! Upon...
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    Liway's Free Hosting Offerings

    Hello :) For those unaware, Liway offers great free hosting packs. Our resources range from a humble 50MBs of space with 1GB of bandwidth, to a powerful 5GBs of space with 100GBs of Bandwidth. One of the key philosophies of Liway has been to always run cutting edge software, and as such...
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    Hey guys

    I've been busy for the longest time due to university studies and such. What's been happening in the free hosting scene in the last 6 months? Anything important I miss? Thanks :beer:
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    No Ads, Pro Features, Upto 5GBs Space & 100GBs of BW - Free Hosting from Liway

    Liway Hosting is celebrating our 30,000th post this week on our forums. We have been providing quality free hosting for about 3 years now, and are looking forward to a prosperous 2008. We use a point system combined with a post-2-host method of having clients "paying" for hosting with points...
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    Query about the legality of Linking to Torrent Tracker

    Hello. A user of mine wants to know if it's okey, if he links to a torrent tracker he runs on his computer. The link will be on his website, about his projects, which will be downloadable via the torrent software (snakebite) he has installed on his machine. Is this legal? (Y/N). Thanks!
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    VPS Request - Reliable Company

    Well it seems the company through which I used my VPS service (the best I've ever seen) has gone under, and the VPS company won't give me the account. Not to mention they rolled out completely new plans, which are made of complete fail. So obviously I need to find a new VPS, before mine gets...
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    Drug Spammers

    Hey. Over the last...month or two, this problem with people who register and make a thread about drug sales is getting bad. It's like there's one every one or two days. Today there were 3, so I thought I'd ask if there is a tactic anyone here uses to keep these spammers out? I have...
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    Can anyone explain to me why I can never get it to work? I see a ton of sites use it, but the version from sorceforge is very old, and isn't finished, and it seems to be incompatible with php 5. Does anyone know if there is a working php proxy script which works with php5?
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    5GBs Space/100GBs Band - No Ads, PHP 5/MySQL5, cPanel X, Unlimited Features, Fast++

    I'd like to announce that Liway Hosting is permanently slashing the point cost of obtaining and upgrading all packs by 50%. This means you can get more hosting, even faster! When you choose Liway, you will get: - PHP 5.2.0 (latest) - MySQL 5.0.33 (latest) - PostgreSQL 7.4.16 - cPanel...
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    Legality of linking to illegal thigns.

    SuP. Now, obviously linking to something illegal, is just as illegal as hosting it. But, what if a user, linked to a site, which links to the illegal site? So basically it's linking to something illegal through a "proxy" site. The reason I ask is because I know what is being linked to, and...
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    Script for mail hosting

    Hello. Does any one know of a good, open-source (preferably) script which allows a user to offer email hosting, eg. someone@domain.tld ? Thanks.
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    Free Hosting, cPanel + Unlimited Features, No Ads, Huge Resources & Great Community !

    Hello. Since it's the festive season, Liway has decided to drop all purchase point requirements for our first 4 packs, and half them for the rest. Same applies to the upgrades. Due to this, you can now go and get 500mbs space / 10gbs bandwidth, right now, with only one post!!!! A little about...
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    Hello. I purchased VPS from serverorigin.com 3 month in advance due to their special promotion recently. I have not received my VPS, and from the looks of that thread, other people are having the same issue. Thats over $50 down the drain. I have contacted them in many ways, they refuse...
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    VPS Request

    Idk if there's anything like this out there....but can't hurt to try. 10GBs Space 100GBs Band 256MB RAM Guaranteed (more burstable would be nice) Fast CPU WHM + cPanel included SSH Access obviously Unlimited/a lot of reboots for free. Unlimited features and all that. I would imagine nobody...
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    Selling Domain: phsncc.com

    Domain is: phsncc.com There are 11 months left on it. Email me at starcraftmazter@gmail.com with your offer. Or you can buy it straight away for $8.
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    Good Reseller, $7/domain?

    Hey. Are there are good resellers, like directi USED to be, which charge $7 per domain, and thats it? Also, can someone explain the deal with godaddy Their site is retarded, impossible to extract any information out of it. Once you perchase a domain reseller account with them, how many...