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    Nintendo Wii. Dangerous Weapon!

    My sister purchased her new LCD (A Toshiba 42", about $1800) a week ago. This weekend, she borrowed her mates Wii. A few games of bowling were had. It was the tiebreaker game. The sweat was building. It was the last ball.....my ball.... Disaster struck...Gutter ball? Missed the split...
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    Evolution Of Dance

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    Send Files From Your PC To Your Phone *FREE*

    Hey guys, Just a quick post to let you know of my free wap upload site, www.dawapa.com It allows you to upload images/ringtones/etc from your PC to my site, and then download them to your phone. Nice and easy for those who don't have a data cable. Best of all, it's free! All files uploaded...
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    Small VPS needed

    Hi all, I'm looking for a VPS with the following specs ~2GB Space ~30GB Transfer and as much CPU and Ram as you could offer me for no more than $25-30/Month if possible. Any control Panel would be nice too. Cheers all.
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    Ahh Womens

    And Teh Stories Of Teh Broken Hearts :( http://blogthis.wmnetworks.net/ Err, yeah, might have some slight language.
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    Rockstar Rocks My Star! GTA2 Now Free!

    www.rockstargames.com/classics/ It might take a while however, the server is being nailed with that many downloads..... Enjoy!
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    Free .info Domain Names!

    http://www.domainsite.com/special.php Enjoy
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    VONetwork Free Hosting Is Back, And Better

    That's right folks, the kind people over at VONetwork are again offering some more free hosting accounts. Only this time they are better. No more FDCServers though, this time you will be hosted on high quality servers from ***** (Fairly sure it is NAC, will get back to you all though :D). On...
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    New Melbourne Band - What Do You Guys Think?

    http://www.mp3.com.au/artist.asp?id=2239 Just trying to get these guys some exposure, because I think they are pretty damn good. http://www.missinglink.net.au/ If you like what you hear and what to buy an album.
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    Kazaa Fights Back.

    http://www.usatoday.com/tech/webguide/music/2003-09-24-kazaa-sues_x.htm Interesting reading.
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    Not sure if you have heard of it or not, so i thought id share the one i just got emailed. Subject:RE: Wicked Screensaver Message Body: See the attached file for details Attachments: your_document.pif Not sure what the virus is, anyone have any ideas?
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    New Idea - Anyone Interested...

    Hello, I am here representing Total-Host.Net, and we have had a bit of a brainwave. We are looking at buying a server, with the following specifications. - P4 3.06Ghz with a 533Mhz FSB - 1GB Ram - 120GB Hard Drive. Anyway, our idea follows. We are planning on offering this to 5...
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    Total-Host Cheap, Reliable and Fast

    Total-Host.Net would like to offer everyone the chance to become one of our happy customers. We offer cheap plans starting for $3/Month for Shared Hosting, and $12/Month for reseller hosting. Plans Shared - Bronze - 150MB Space - 12GB Transfer - 5 Hosted Domains - Unlimited Subdomains -...
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    The International Help Moonman

    Welcome all to the International Help Moonman Find A New Super Dooper Awesome Avatar Because His Old One Is Crap competition. All you have to do, is find me an avatar that is usable at www.freewebspace.net/forums, and if it is awesome, and i like it, i'll give you........NOTHING. Kidding...
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    Anyone want to try to suggest some 70's-ish music artisits, that were all hippie like, preferably that they were well known as well. This is for a media project where we are creating a remake of a song, and we are having trouble thinking of artists.
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    Making money, or not? I thought an intelligent discussion is called for.
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    Le Grande Opening Special

    Total-Host.Net Has Opened It's Doors And to celebrate we are offering an insane special on one of our reseller accounts :O. You Will Receive - 10GB Space - 100GB Transfer (Yes, 100GB) - Unlimited Domain Name Hosting - Unlimited Subdomains - Unlimited MySQL DB's - PHP - Perl/CGI - SSI...
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    http://www.rotflmfao.net/ First design, definately not final, any improvements or suggestions on what should be done to the design? We are already looking at making it darker, with a lot less white, but apart from that does anyone have any ideas?
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    Quality Cheap Shared Hosting - Starting At $12 A Year. Cheap Reseller Accounts Also.

    Hello, I am here representing Vision Online Network. We at VON are here to please our customers by offering low prices, and top quality support, through our 11 support personnel, and our various methods of support. These include - Instant Messenger (AIM, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN) - IRC...
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    Rackshack Ups The Transfer

    That's right folks, Rackshack the Dedicated Server leader is leading the pack again by increasing the transfer provided with all servers from 400GB to 700GB. www.rackshack.net for details.