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  1. Yellowmc

    [UK] HostPing - Double Disk Space + Bandwidth - 50% Off!

    Hello FWS Users, HostPing have been hosting since 2009 and we've seen it and done it all. We have always offered exceptional value for money but as we've grown, we've delivered the highest quality service available and our clients will back this up! This month, we're going all out! Double...
  2. Yellowmc

    [UK] HostPing - Special offers on our Shared and VPS plans!

    Hi, HostPing are a UK based business who have been providing hosting solutions since 2009, we've grown since then and have learnt many valuable lessons which have allowed us to compete at the highest end of the market. Our customers can see the difference. We've got some great special offers...
  3. Yellowmc

    How long can a human stay awake? (safely)

    From what I gather, a person can go without sleep for quite long, in some cases 5+ days. Obviously, the mind and body become weak and apparently after 72 hours, you experience dreams while you are awake, so you are in 2 worlds at once. (Cheaper than drugs, eh?) I ask because I have a lot of...
  4. Yellowmc

    Cricket World Cup

    Anyone keeping up with it? I would support England but I don't want to be disappointed! :angel:
  5. Yellowmc

    Cpanel Flash Tutorials

    Hello, Recently I posted a special offer for WHM and Cpanel tutorials which turned out to be a disaster, problems kept on jumping up on us and we were only able to provide the Cpanel tutorials. We are still working on some of the tutorials but have now implemented a new production process which...
  6. Yellowmc

    Homing Network

    Hey, I need a quick review on the following: http://www.homingnetwork.com/betasite/ http://www.homingnetwork.com/betasite/hosting/ http://www.homingnetwork.com/betasite/vps/ http://www.homingnetwork.com/betasite/contact/ Just need some suggestions before we go public. Cheers! Note. At the...
  7. Yellowmc

    Complete website for sale! (Hosting)

    Hello, I am selling a complete website which has been developed over the past year. We have been using it as our company website and due to rebranding we do not need it anymore. Since we launched this website, we have received many great reviews on it. The website is unique and comes with 17...
  8. Yellowmc

    Unique Hosting Design!

    Hello, I am selling the following design: http://homingsupport.com/beta/ As you can see, the design is unique and when sold, full rights will be transferred to the new owner. The design is aimed at hosting companies as it already has the main sections coded into the design. The design will be...
  9. Yellowmc

    Quick review!

    Hello I would appreciate it if anyone could post a quick review on the following: http://homingsupport.com/beta/index.php Obviously, the test has not been added but that will be the main design, any suggestions would be much appreciated. As far as I know, it works correctly in Firefox, IE and...
  10. Yellowmc

    Cpanel flash tutorials!

    Hello, I am still offering a few sets of these tutorials, this will be the last few orders until February. Remember this package includes both the Cpanel and WHM tutorials in one package for an amazing $20. Free Addons: Copyright removal, Your logo and slogan placed on all tutorials. Payment...
  11. Yellowmc

    Super Special - Homing Network

    Hello, To celebrate the end of an amazing year at Homing Network we would like to offer everyone at FWS a special one off package. The package comes with the following as standard: 2GB Disk Space 20GB Bandwidth Cpanel + Fantastico Deluxe Unmetered Addon Features (FTP Accounts...
  12. Yellowmc

    Amazing flash tutorials - Cpanel/WHM!

    Hello, In these modern times, some web hosts expect their customers to be able to pick up and learn how to use their accounts instantly. What about the millions of internet novices? They have to read through all the documentation and they may still be left with many questions. Visual learning...
  13. Yellowmc

    Flash Support Tutorials!

    Hello, In these modern times, some web hosts expect their customers to be able to pick up and learn how to use their accounts instantly. What about the millions of internet novices? They have to read through all the documentation and they may still be left with many questions. Visual learning...
  14. Yellowmc

    Flash Support Tutorials + Domain Clearout!

    Hello, I have been working on flash tutorials for the past few months, most of this work has been for small companies based around my local area. The work that I have been doing for these companies has landed me a small job with one of them and they have funded the purchase of the software I...
  15. Yellowmc

    Name your price! Amazing Deal!

    Hello, :wave: Homing Network is always bringing in special offers to provide the highest quality services at the lowest possible prices. This month we are offering an amazing deal, we are giving you the chance to name your own pricing. All we need is the following details: Disk Space...
  16. Yellowmc


    Oh my God! I now officially suffer from Coulrophobia. I saw Stephen King's It back in 1992 and I can remember not sleeping for days. Tonight, I saw the film again and I will definitely not be sleeping for months, let alone days. For a grown man, it's pathetic. Friday the 13th did the same...
  17. Yellowmc

    Google bought YouTube (was "Why?")

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6034577.stm Now why would Google do that?
  18. Yellowmc

    What would you wish for?

    Imagine this: You are walking down the street when all of a sudden a huge pink genie appears before you, he asks you to make on wish. What would you wish for? I would wish for another million wishes but I have heard the genie council does not accept this as a valid wish. PS. I'm bored!
  19. Yellowmc

    Free domains!

    I have the following domains available for use: F1STUFF.NET NADASTYLES.COM You can use these domains for free, as long as they are actually being used on a decent website. I will keep these domains under my account, I will only change the nameservers to your host. If you have an active website...
  20. Yellowmc


    Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes or No? Personally, I need to spend time with someone before I can even trust them, let alone fall in love.