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  1. The Red Guy

    The next william hung?

    Steven Lim
  2. The Red Guy

    How high is your taskbar?

    2 for me too... Initially it seemed awful, but used to it. :P
  3. The Red Guy

    Footer Html Code

    Just a simple one, rename your main html file to .php extension. Then add to the place where you need your footer: <?php include 'footer.php'; ?> Save your footer html code into footer.php, this should do the trick, if I'm getting what you're saying.
  4. The Red Guy


    Are you looking for a redirection script that redirects to the url id of the name in the database?
  5. The Red Guy

    VeriSign resolves all non-registered .coms and .nets to a search site

    This is like you buy your property, but all those that are not sold belong to me. Also, I heard somewhere that they reserve the domains which are not registered yet register a high amount of hits for a higher price. Also Trenz, quit with the W3C thing already.
  6. The Red Guy

    It's becoming very sad..

    Re: Re: It's becoming very sad.. Reminds me of Cyberwings (was it them? :D) Well, I hardly even venture into the FWS forum anymore...
  7. The Red Guy


    Compare the amount of users using Windows and Linux and you get the idea why hackers and script-kiddies target Microsoft. Just a mild explanation though. :)
  8. The Red Guy

    Why are people still using HTML?

    I haven't gone through the 5 pages yet, but I'll add my opinion in response to the first post. XHTML is just a markup language, big deal? There're things that matter more than XHTML, your site might have 10 nested tables and yet pass the validation. My point? If you feel comfortable using HTML 4...
  9. The Red Guy

    vBulletin 2.3.0 problem

    It's something to do with CPanel's library. Contact your host for the solution.
  10. The Red Guy

    Any PHP editing program out there?

    Learn the language, not find another way. You will never be able to use PHP that way, using a WYSIWYG editor, if I'm not mistaken.
  11. The Red Guy

    phpBB 2 Vs InvisionBoard

    You shouldn't wait for phpBB2.2. Now they have only completed milestone 2 of 4. Long way to go. :)
  12. The Red Guy

    phpBB 2 Vs InvisionBoard

    Which mod was it? As far as I'm concerned I went to get help, got it, and received some nice support from Watty and Jay. I can't get such support from phpBB in the past it seemed, haven't asked anything for ages.
  13. The Red Guy

    phpBB 2 Vs InvisionBoard

    And you stop there without any explanation? :rolleyes: Well, I like IPB, but 2.2 looks cool! The coding for IPB is better too, neat and organised. :)
  14. The Red Guy


    After some learning of the language, I'm a getting the hang of it now. However, does it even matter if the file is named inappropriately? I mean, I could include a file like extensions.inc and nothing goes wrong!
  15. The Red Guy

    where to learn PHP/mySQL?

    http://www.onlamp.com/php/ All you ever needed, and also dive into other's scripts! Of course, organised ones, like MercuryBoard and Invision Power Board (although some parts like the use of 'global' in OOP programming are to be discouraged) :)
  16. The Red Guy

    Using Safe-Mode Form Variables in mySQL Query

    Or you could simply write a function to get the variable, which imho is simpler, although a little overcoding, is neater and more reusable. :)
  17. The Red Guy

    Display Total queries and page load time ?

    For queries you can add a variable and increment it by 1, $mysql_query_count++ when a mysql_query is made. As for the timer, here's a short solution: <?php class Debug { var $starttime; var $time; function StartTimer { $this->starttime = array_sum(explode(' ', microtime())); }...
  18. The Red Guy

    PHP + MySql help

    IIRC in PHP 5 it's going to be standardised to $_POST['foo']. :)
  19. The Red Guy

    i just get this email

    Which is why I worship MailWasher. :p
  20. The Red Guy

    The Detective [split from bible thread]

    And there was ol' Johnny, not sure if you guys remember him. ;)