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  1. Theo

    Theoretical PHP question

    Ok, I need a good answer (not just random things) for this question: "Why is PHP good for Databaseses?" I think I know most reasons, but something like that will come on a test tomorrow and I need a more or less complete and good looking answer for it. Thanks !!
  2. Theo

    Is Perl dead?

    Is there anything that Perl can do better than PHP or ASP? Does it worth learning Perl now?
  3. Theo

    Netscape 6.2 +Flash 5

    ok, I just got NS 6.2 and I went to see some of my sites with it. The sites that I use flash and the Flash is supposed to load external .swf it doesn't load them !!! Anybody knows anything about this?
  4. Theo

    two Netscapes.

    I am about to install NS 4.08 and 6.2. Will they install independently without any problems if I install them on different directories, or there might be any problems?
  5. Theo

    my "easymonitor" results so far

    I am using easy monitor ( http://www.easymonitor.com )to monitor the uptime of my sites and of the sites of some webhosts. This thing is quite accurate. Here are the results so far on the webhosts I am monitoring: name of host - time I am monitoring them - uptime so far Splashhost - 1...
  6. Theo

    Please test for browser compatibility.

    I start making this page for only personal use to check my pages at different resolutions. I am using IE6 and I want to see if its compatible with all other (new) browsers. Can you please have a look at it and tell me if it works for you? Thanks...
  7. Theo

    How to simulate different resolutions?

    I need this to see how websites look at different resolutions. The only way I know is to actually change my resolution from the settings. I can also resize the browser window, but thats only approximate. Is there any other way to do that and change back and forth to different "resolutions"...
  8. Theo

    Cobalt or Plesk?

    Which cp woould be better from the user point of view? Cobalt or Plesk?
  9. Theo

    pay for exactly what you use

    http://www.bsdwebhosting.net/ What do you think about them?
  10. Theo

    Care to increase your search engine rank?

    According to my recent research :chinese2: BackLink count (the number of pages that are linking to your site) is one of the main factors that search engines use to rank your page. Tell me if you like this idea: We all create a separate page on our sites with links to all other FWS member...
  11. Theo

    web statistics

    Any good websites with statistics about the internet? Like how many internet users today, how many web pages, how fast it grows, with graphs and everything.
  12. Theo

    How search engines list and rank websites?

    In 2 weeks I will do a presentation about search engines and I need as much info as I can get. Do you know any good (free) websites that will explain how the most popular search engines rank the sites that have indexed? And how they choose which sites to index (if they don’t just take all of...
  13. Theo

    Multiple domains host

    Is there any host that provides space that you can host multiple domains in a single account? I need a cheap good one more than 50MB and more 2GB transfer or more that can offer that.
  14. Theo

    Remote control / Video card

    When you remotly control (within a LAN) computer A from computer B, (using lets say PcAnywhere) does it make any difference what video card computer A has? Or since you view everything from computers B monitor, computer B video card is what matters?
  15. Theo

    center an element

    I guess this is an easy thing to do, but i don't know how to do it. I want to center an element in the page, horizontaly and verticaly. So no matter of the resolution or the size of the window the element should be always right in the middle. How can i do that?
  16. Theo

    New host coming "soon".Please review

    Ok .. actually its not that soon, and for the moment all I want is to review my flash intro/page/mailform. Tell me how fast it loaded, and how fast it run on your PC. I am afraid that at some points it might run very slow on slow computers. Also, can you check my grammar? :p and what...
  17. Theo

    trillion dollar webhost !!!!

    Ok, before you start complaining I know that this is a topic that might have been posted before, but I want I list of the most recent fetures and technology. So ... If you had a trillion dollars :p to build a webhost, the best webhost ever, what kind of fetures would you offer?What kind of...
  18. Theo

    Which is the best place to sell used books?

    I need to sell several used books. Which is the best place to do that? (easy, and I am going to get more money)
  19. Theo

    Routers , Hubs Home networking, Remote administration .. please explain.

    Ok, I know nothing about those things. I know what I want, but I don't know what I need to achieve it. So if you know about these kinds of things please educate me :p Ok this is what I want: Have 3 computers. 1 main computer, 1 crap computer, and 1 labtop. 1) I want to share one DSL 2)I...
  20. Theo

    how much do you study on average every day?

    I just read the post by lastactionhero that he will stop posting here because he has to study, so I wonder how much people that post here study on avarage. This means that if you study 7-8 hours every week, on average you study about 1 hour a day etc. Personaly I am senior in college, and on...