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  1. Theo

    Please, this time is not warez.....

    I like it. The only thing is that your top logo-banner seems to be too compressed. Try using less compression to your jpg.
  2. Theo

    How to check Cyberwing space remaining and bandwidth montly

    yes the have CP. either Plesk or cobalt You can check from there.
  3. Theo

    LeX and DJsexie!

    Well, my old f2s site gets first place with my fist name, and second for my last name ...
  4. Theo


    best logos are the ones that are very simple in shape and have few colors (e.g the Nike logo). A good logo must be unique easy to remember.
  5. Theo

    FTP for free

    smart FTP is free and quite good.
  6. Theo

    What a silly girl we have here!

    Maybe her parents forced her to go there. So maybe she doesn't like that course, and since its not her own money she doesn't care.
  7. Theo

    New hosting site

    There are several ways. One way that will make it look exactly the same like its now but without the repetition at higher resolutions would be to "split" your top image into 2. One would be just your logo "hophost.com" and the other will be the blue background. Then change that blue baground...
  8. Theo

    Travel Tips

    "Always choose the most direct flight - most airline crashes occur during take-off and landing" I am traveling on friday. I will change 3 planes. I could do it with 2, but it would be a lot more expensice (double) ... I am not really afraid of the airplanes. I've been to many of them ...
  9. Theo

    Anyone here ever go on a summer college trip?

    I don't remember much about Hungury. I was 12 at the time, and thats more than 14 years ago :confused2 At that time Hungury belonged to the eastern block, so things must have changed a lot since then. What I remember is that Hungary seemed to be more "western" than Chehoslovakia. I remember...
  10. Theo

    Good name for a web design company

    i think with the dash is better, so register the other one that its still available ... because i already registered the one with the dash !!! :D :D j/k :rolleyes: :p
  11. Theo


    By using a template you are not doing any design yourself. The design belongs to the person that made the template. so if you are new to web design I would sugest to try to do your own pages from scratch. That way you will learn better even if your pages might look worst in the begining.
  12. Theo

    New hosting site

    Your logo on the top should not be a background. It repeats when viewed at higher resolutions.
  13. Theo

    Good name for a web design company

    the name should not be something cryptic. For example even if freewebspace.net doesn't sound very creative or anything, still its a good name because it tells you what the site is about. If your site is about web design, then your name is better if it contains words like creative, design...
  14. Theo

    Anyone here ever go on a summer college trip?

    I've been to both Hungary and Russia (Budapest and Moscow only). For Budapest i don't remember how much I spend (actually i was 12 and my parents paid for everything) but last year I went to Moscow and it wasn't all that expensive. I went there from my country but from the US you can find a...
  15. Theo

    Mobo,cpu and a case

    How much do you want to spend?
  16. Theo

    I need a domain

    where is the "old" zealand? in England?
  17. Theo

    Theoretical PHP question

    Ok, thanks guys. Test is over now :) One more and then I am freeeee !!! (but not for long :angry2: )
  18. Theo

    which is the best?

    if those are the only 2 options I would choose Arishost because of the standard features.
  19. Theo

    Theoretical PHP question

    Ok, I need a good answer (not just random things) for this question: "Why is PHP good for Databaseses?" I think I know most reasons, but something like that will come on a test tomorrow and I need a more or less complete and good looking answer for it. Thanks !!
  20. Theo

    Nuke.to is closed!!! I thought it was just moving server, but I was wrong!!

    I also think they are gone. They had a forum at http://nukecommunity.com/ hosted at another host as a backup forum when they had downtime. Now thats also gone. I had a trial account with Nuke 3 months ago. Webbie seemed to be a honest guy, but he had the host as a second job and because of...