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  1. robert allen

    Free hosting, with a link at the bottom saying "hosting by..."

    Hi, I am looking for the following. 1. 1GB space 2. 5GB bandwidth 3. I will put a link in the footer saying 'hosted by......' 4. Only need 1 ftp account 5. Only need 3 email accounts 6. I would prefer to have unlimited mySQL, but i don't mind if i have slightly less. 7. I need 50-100 addon /...
  2. robert allen

    1GB FTP Space for $1/month.

    I am looking for 1GB of FTP space for $1/month. PLease add me on MSN so we can talk, as i am not active here. my msn: robertall@robertall.com I will ask a few questions before purchase. Thanks in advanced, Rob Edit: to clarify, i am giving away free legal stuff on popular...
  3. robert allen

    PR2 directory listing within 24hrs.

    Linky: www.nodp.info Please ask any questions about the site here, NODP = New Open Directory Project. Thanks, Rob
  4. robert allen

    URGENT: My Scooter Fund.

    Hi, I am 16, male, live in a village 3miles from the nearest town, i have 5miles to get to my school everyday. Unfortunatly, my scooter is off the road for someones elses fault yet again. 2nd time this month. The cost will be around £100 - and i have no money whatsoever to fix it. I am...
  5. robert allen

    Need reseller.

    5GB space 50GB bandwidth Cheap but reliable. - Overselling allowed. Rob
  6. robert allen

    Selling endtoenders.com on eBay - 0.01 start.

    Hi, i am selling endtoenders.com on eBay, 1 penny start. No reserve, no BIN. here is the auction: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200075208814 **US users CAN bid as well, just note the different currency. Rob
  7. robert allen

    Need a small reseller

    Doest Matter anymore. A host has added me to MSN and the deal is complete, transfering sites now.
  8. robert allen

    D5hosting.com Hosting - The 5th dimention in VPS hosting!

    Hi, I would to introduce you to d5hosting. www.d5hosting.com contains all the plan info. Our Plans start at only $10 for 3GB space and 50GB bandwidth Please send all payments to robertall@robertall.com. Include in that message any addons that you want. Paypal only. Personal Cheques...
  9. robert allen

    Need free hosting

    Hi, I need hosting for the following site: n33b.net. It has a 250mb mySQL database, so i will send a backup with needs to be restored. cPanel is a requirement. 300mb space 2GB bandwidth 1mySQL database (255mb MySQL database) I can give a link back at the bottom saying "hosted by...
  10. robert allen

    Selling blog posts ($1/each) PR3 Domain

    Hi, I am selling blog posts on www.robertall.com. I can make the post by request, but i would rather you made the post, because i know that your english is probably better than mine. They are $1/each. You can buy as many as you want. Robert
  11. robert allen

    cheap hosting with shh

    http://freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2175862 As posted there, but this time i am looking for paid hosting. My budget is $7.50/month. Please reply with any offers. Rob
  12. robert allen

    Need help changing part of existing script!

    Hi, I am creating a massive MFA site, and i was wondering if you could help me. This is the current code. I however dont want the link to go inter-net.tv/minisite/ I want it to go minisite.inter-net.tv. How do i change the below code so that the links come out as site.domain.com instead of...
  13. robert allen

    Looking for shared host with SSH access

    Hi, I am looking for the following specs. 25mb space SSH/EXE access - If you cant provide dont even post cos it is a must :-) 4GB bandwidth Windows or linux. Windows preferred due to small compatibility issues with my script and some linux distros. (I know it doesnt work on CentOS.)...
  14. robert allen

    Huge domain sale! 19 domains for $250!

    http://www.robertall.com/domains/ Hello, i am selling the following list of domains for only $250. Quick domain quit sale. I am keeping a few names and websites, but i need to rid of all these domains. $250 for all these domains; pcwtfree.com pcwtmagazine.com pcwt.co.uk hdsrocks.co.uk...
  15. robert allen

    Dictionary.bz - Nice dictionary name - NOT A TYPO

    Dictionary.bz - Nice dictionary name - NOT A TYPO | schoolmile.com/schoolmiles.com Dictionary.bz status (img code is off for some reason) I am selling a dictionary name. 1 word dictionary domain. Auction ends in 4 days (from when i posted this thread). Please post all bids on...
  16. robert allen

    Teenout.com - Still for sale - asking price of $7500 - $5000 for Charity!!

    http://www.sedo.co.uk/search/details.php4?domain=teenout.com&tracked=&partnerid=&language=e I am going to raise $5000 for the endtoenders challenge with this sale (www.endtoenders.com), which is something i am helping with at my school. I made the website for them. I worked out that i will...
  17. robert allen

    Pcwt Messenger - new instant messenger network!

    Over the last week, i have been devolping an instant messenger program to compete with the likes of MSN, yahoo and AIM, and i have finally made it, and i am proud of it :P Pcwt network messenger Direct Download: http://pcwebtalk.com/files/messenger.exe Information thread...
  18. robert allen

    Need a reseller urgently...

    I need a reseller. Currently, all my sites need a new reseller, i have 5 days to move before i get suspended. I have no credit card, i have no paypal money (£0.01 will not go very far >.<). My sites take up 5.8GB... None of which is pointless... I am devt. a article site atm, so i have a 300mb...
  19. robert allen

    teenout.com for $9,995 @ sedo

    Hello, I am selling www.teenout.com, it is (in my opinion anyway) a awesome domain name, traffic is growing as well. Loads of hits from search engines. Awesome new layout style. Some people will say that $9,995 is pricey...one sentence.... Do Not Post, Do Not Spam and Do Not Bother...
  20. robert allen

    Bye FWS...

    I would like to say bye to this community. Reason for leaving: Mods are being biased and removing my ad thread, even though the last ad i posted was over 2 weeks ago. bye... You have just lost another member...