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  1. FeediaCo

    FeediaCo Instant Hosting

    Hello FWS Community, FeediaCo is the new standard in free hosting. What we offer: 1GB of Space cPanel Softaculous Free SSL Certificates 99.99% Uptime Instant Signups We started in the private sector about 3 years ago and then went public 1 year ago and the response has been amazing. Our sign up...
  2. FeediaCo

    Need VPS ASAP

    Hello Everyone here are my requirements: 300GB of space (it doesn't have to be SSD I'm not worried about disk performance just capacity) You can recommend sufficient bandwidth right now I'm getting 2 TB and I don't even touch that cPanel/Whm with Softaculous Preferably no inode limit 2GB of...
  3. FeediaCo

    Need some help with an antique

    Hi FWS just looking for some guidance on upgrading an Emachines T4010 I was going to bump up the RAM: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2GB-DDR-PC2700-2-GB-PC-2700-2X-1GB-333-DESKTOP-MEMORY-/370498397805?pt=US_Memory_RAM_&hash=item56436ce66d And upgrade the cpu...
  4. FeediaCo

    Need Some Advice

    So I have the domain name build-a-comp.com and part of my project is to make a mobile site as well. However, I have found that typing out build-a-comp.com on a mobile device is not as easy and I want to have a shorter version of the domain itself. I looked into bac.* and all of them are taken...
  5. FeediaCo

    Need Basic cPanel

    100mb-1Gb of space 5Gb-10Gb bandwith cPanel Fantastico or Softaculous I'm literally just wanting this to play around. I have a domain just need some space please. Feel free to pm me or email me jchman2010(at)gmaildotcom email preferred.
  6. FeediaCo

    Drop down menu

    Hey FWS users I'm having trouble finding a script that will allow me to have multiple drop down menu and when finished selecting the options in the menu have a captcha and submit and will be fowarded to my email. Any help will be credited to your website and or name.
  7. FeediaCo

    Small Request

    All I need is hosting for my status2k script. I will be using my subdomain so I need the host to edit the dns so my subdomain (status.aeroservers.net) is hosted on your server. I don't need much bandwith. I was thinking 100mb 1-2gb bandwith? If you have any questions feel free to contact me...
  8. FeediaCo

    AeroServers.net Is Back!

    Hello future AeroServers customer, AeroServers is fully back online with a new look, and new server. We have both free and paid packages as always with new low prices. Please visit our hosting page to see which package fits for you. Currently our billing system is still in the works however as...
  9. FeediaCo

    Javascript toggle different pages

    Okay so here is my website: http://aeroservers.net/host.php What I want is a javascript-like toggle like this site and I can't seem to find out how to do it. An example of this would be this link here: http://www.fixtremix.com/contests/v/i-cant-wait/53/ Where you can toggle between the...
  10. FeediaCo

    The Hosting Tool Secure?

    So a while back I was using the hosting tool as my billing system because I was strapped for money. In which I found out that there was an exploit that came out prior to an update. My site was hacked using that exploit. This has shaken my beliefs in the security of the script itself. Should I...
  11. FeediaCo

    Need a Master Reseller or VPS

    Hello I have a strange feeling that my current host isn't going to be around much longer so I need either a Master Reseller or VPS with the following specs: 20-30Gb of Space 200-300Gb of Bandwith cPanel/WHM Softaculous I have a low budget right now but January Ill be able to pay for 2 years in...
  12. FeediaCo

    Free cPanel Hosting

    Hello! At AeroServers.net we offer a great starter package for free. This package includes: 500mb of Space 5000mb of Bandwith cPanel Addon Domains: 5 Parked Domains: 5 Sub-Domains: 5 MySQL Databases: 5 Unlimited Email Accounts No Ads/No Post for Host Please visit our website...
  13. FeediaCo

    Need Some Help With style.css

    I can't seem to find out how to make the body background all white. if you take a look at my site it fades to green and I don't want that. I just want it a solid color. My Site here is the code: /* reset */ * { margin: 0; padding: 0; } /* render html5 elements as block */ header...
  14. FeediaCo

    Site is 99% Done :)

    Looking for some constructive criticism and let me know what you think my billing is integrated with the site with an iframe as well as the forums and live support is installed as well with tos packages and contact form installed. the only thing that i haven't done yet is the user directory...
  15. FeediaCo

    Automated Billing System

    Hello I have been having some problems with my automated billing system. It's not a big deal but my automated emails for when a user signs up is marked as spam. Is there anyway to somehow make it so when it auto-emails to the user that it doesn't have "spam-like" characteristics. The automated...
  16. FeediaCo


    Hello FWS I had a site way back called raversworld and I was taught something in php. Here is what i had in my public_html folder: index.php /include /include/main.php /include/tos.php Index.php had the full layout of the site just a blank body for where the text was supposed to go my question...
  17. FeediaCo

    check my site out?

    http://aeroservers.net is the link some of it is finished such as the main text of the site and the contact form feel free to test it out yourself :) any tips let me know :)
  18. FeediaCo

    Need a starter reseller

    Nothing too big I will go paid once everything is fully functional such as whmcs and other services. Requirements: WHM/cPanel 1-2Gb to get started with forums a site layout 4-5Gb Bandwidth While im setting up you will be featured on our sponsored links page. site domain is...
  19. FeediaCo

    Help with MyBB

    Hi I run raversworld.com and on my forums I am having some difficulty finding a plugin that works with mybb to stop spam registrations the one that I have found and installed is outdated so I can't use it with mybb 1.6.0 any suggestions. I already have captcha but they seem to bypass it. Thanks...
  20. FeediaCo

    Help With MYBB

    For some reason I have to re-authenticate myself when in the admin panel and on top of that I when i log into the forum itself it says successful log in and then goes back to the homepage where it shows im not logged in. If someone has a fix please let me know :) If you want to try it yourself...