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  1. velton

    ECVPS down ?

    i being with ECVPS for 2 years above and recently my client complaint about their website could not be access and email failed to send. Tried to email them and visit their website and seems they are gone. That's my false that i did not backup all the data monthly. May i know what happened to...
  2. velton

    Today is Malaysia Day, 16-09-2011

    i was curious how many of you were from Malaysia and doing Free and Paid hosting .. :-) I'm from Malaysia too. Penang State here.
  3. velton

    Free image hosting

    Here's another free image hosting :P check out www.imgs.my you may upload to 10mb for single image. :biggrin2:
  4. velton

    hey guys, check this

    what if you found out your wife/GF flirt with other guy. :rolleyes2 and what would you do ?
  5. velton

    drop down menu under flash

    Hello All, :beer: please check at here i did everything about the opaque or transparent for wmode. but still those menu are under the flash. may i know why ? Thank for your help :evilb:
  6. velton

    Big G wave invitation

    looking for invitation for my gf ... anyone would love to help me ? :lol:
  7. velton

    bhutan country domain extension.

    does anyone know what is bhutan's domain extension ? :P check on this site http://www.kingdomofbhutan.com to know more about bhutan . :-)
  8. velton

    looking for .com.au Registration Service Provided

    Dear my friends, may i know which domain name selling are cheaper for .com.au ?
  9. velton


    well, i was wonder how does www.co.cc offer free DNS, is that wildcard needed ? :confused4:confused4
  10. velton

    stargate DC

    has anyone deal with them before ? :P:P www.stargate.com
  11. velton

    Help Please

    Hi guys, i've just would like to know what actually is this problem ? :confused4 i got an email from my root , look here MPORTANT: Do not ignore this email. The hostname (xxx.host.com) resolves to . It should resolve to 123.456.789.321 Please be sure to correct /etc/hosts as well as the...
  12. velton

    thank peo

    am back, thanks peo to reset my email i get back my password :beer:
  13. velton

    [help] WHMCompleteSolution question

    Hi, :wave: i would like to know is that anyone here mind to sharing their experience on WHMCompleteSolution with domain selling ? which mean combination with those domain seller such as godaddy or enom and etc.. is that i have to create the API on godaddy add the plug in on the...
  14. velton

    having trouble on php [help][urgent]

    hi all, please have a look on this http://www.honghong.net/01/ any idea why ? any solution ? seems like the php are getting some wrong and unable to install any php script .. thanks in advanced to all .. :-)
  15. velton

    help ~ php contact form

    http://www.cliptec.com/contact.html anyone has the php code for this similar php contact code ?
  16. velton

    look for script

    http://faccine.forumfree.net/index.html any idea on this script ? which can create the code for forum uses . i used to got an avatar site .. thinking to get some script which has similar function
  17. velton

    co.xx and com.xx

    erm , maybe u guys feel noob if am asking this .. but i would like to understanding what's the different and why some country did that some country they go for .com.xx such as .com.hk, .com.sg, .com.my but some country they go for .co.xx such as .co.uk, co.th, co.id is any any reason...
  18. velton

    is FWS using any cp ?

    just some small question of mine .. :D
  19. velton

    any idea on free sms

    hi, i just think about it, any idea for web send sms system ?
  20. velton

    music music .. no music no life ~!

    http://linkinpark.com check it out ..