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    Hey, Its been a few years... how is everyone?
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    Out of Memory?

    Getting the below error every now and again for the last 30 minutes or so; Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 7077888) (tried to allocate 77 bytes) in /home/freewebspace/public_html/forums/includes/class_bootstrap.php on line 202
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    Webhosting request: Shared hosting Space: 500 Where: Anywhere is ok

    Request paid web hostingBudget? (optional) 5 Space? (optional) 500 Bandwidth, traffic? (optional) 1000 Datacenter location? (optional)Anywhere is ok Shared webhosting? VPS? Dedicated server?Shared hosting If you are going to host special content, please describe it (for instance...
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    [WTB] Free Hosts

    Hello All, I am investing a lot of money into making a free hosting service like no other.. I already have my team, I already have my servers and I already have my software, I now need hostee's & traffic! I am therefore looking to buy or take over small and large free hosting providers, I am...
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    Virpus Data Loss

    Bad news for anyone affected, but luckaly my 3 backups VM's remain working... Anyone have a loss of data due to this?
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    Review my Forum Software ;)

    Hello, For those of you who I've not spoken to in the last 3 months, i've been busy developing my own forum software in the image of vB 3.8, but it's NOT a clone, the code is not copied at all, and features work totally differnet. Tonight, I released the first Demo of the software, called...
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    vBulletin - What the hell!?

    Well, here it is. A little rant. Has anyone brought a lifetime license in the last 12 months? or renewed their lifetime license recently? Well, when your lifetime license expires, to get further updates, your have to pay $200+ USD to renew ;) BUT, thats not the thick of it - When v4.0 is...
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    Happy Birthday utcrazy!

    Hey Mark :D :bd2::bd2: :beer: Happy Birthday! PS: Yes, I know its 5 hours early for you, but its the 29th for me :P
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    Looking for Volunteers [Free Host]

    Hello, I am looking for 2, maybe 3, talented individuals to start the development of a totally new free hosting company based around DirectAdmin and Posting 2 Host. I am looking for people over the age of 16 with at least some experience in the following Fields; 1) Webhosting 2) DNS...
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    New /fws/ design? I have to admit, I quite like it.
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    Buzz Servers - Looking for Resellers!

    Buzz Servers, LLC are looking for Dedicated Server Resellers! Are you looking for a good quality provider that does not just save all the good deals for themselves!? Well, at Buzz Servers we not only provide our resellers with the best deals, but we also don’t offer those deals to anyone...
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    Quick Dedicated Needed.

    Hello, I know its strange, me, looking for quotes, but I like to try new places, and backup my work as much as possible. But this time, I am looking for a new type ;) I am looking for a kindof low spec, mid price Windows Dedicated Server. What I am looking for: AMD or Intel (No Celerons...
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    Design needs reviews :D

    http://anderson-projects.com/ It would be nice for people to point out what they think is wrong with this design, if anything, and what they like about this design. Thanks guys ;)
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    Apache Multiple Servers

    Hey all. Its not often I post here for help, but I have quickly googled and have not found anything interesting or helpful on the subject. And its not something I've ever looked into before. File Servers. Linux & Apache. Does anyone on this forum have any experience with custom setting up of...
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    Galaxy Solutions, LLC - Inventory Reduction Sale

    Hello, Galaxy Solutions, LLC are pleased to announce the release of their inventory reduction sale. We have been listening to what you have been telling us, and would like to offer you some very special deals on our Dedicated Servers and VPS's. And yes we admit it, we want to get rid of all...
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    $90 - Dual, Dual Core Xeon 3.0 - Galaxy Solutions, LLC

    Hello, Galaxy Solutions, LLC are please to announce that we have a very special server on offer at the moment. We only have a limited amount of these in stock, and once they are gone, we are not sure if we are able to get more in. For a limited time only, we are offering your first month, for...
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    For Sale: FullVPS.com | WholeVPS.com

    Hello, Just had an offer on both. FullVPS.com -- Offered $30 -- Expires: 2nd October 2008 -- Registrar: DirectI WholeVPS.com -- Offered $25 -- Expires: 2nd October 2008 -- Registrar: DirectI Please make any offers now, it might be the last time you can. Payment via...
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    fullvps.com / wholevps.com - Taking offers

    All Registered with DirectI (ESTDomains) - Free Push to your *new* account Taking offers on all. Assume no traffic or revenue. websnetwork.com (Expires: Oct 6, 2008) wholevps.com (Expires: Oct 2, 2008) fullvps.com (Expires: Oct 2, 2008) Thanks.
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    WHMCS - Price question

    Hello, I know a fair few of you use WHMCS for your billing and support needs, and I want to attract a reply from you here. But I also want to attract a reply from people of other billing systems as well (CE, MB, etc). To the people that already use WHMCS: Where do you get your license...
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    Free DA or WHMCS - Double Diskspace VPS's

    Hello :wave: Galaxy-Solutions is pleased to announce that for a limited time only, we have a special to clear some stock of Intel Pentium servers. We are also running our Double DiskSpace special on VPS's. Why Galaxy-Solutions? Why should you choose us over any other provider here...