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  1. Blank Verse

    Safe to say this is a bad call, right?

    I'm trying to break up with my girlfriend. Her favourite uncle died today. Going through with it anyway is how bad of an idea on a scale of 1-10? Seeing as I already know the answer to that, how long do you think I should actually wait?
  2. Blank Verse

    Okay, so what host are you guys out there using these days?

    I'm using Addora, and I'd characterize their uptime at about, oh, 80 percent, which I don't need to tell you is unacceptable for a service that is taking my money (I won't even tell you what kinds of other issues I've had with them in the past) Clearly, it's time to move on. My website is...
  3. Blank Verse

    Jesse H. Eisneberg, what happened to this place anyway?

    It's like a ghost town 'round these here parts. It's kinda sad, really. If you want to look at it this way, fws was the first "social network" I've ever been apart of. Now we all have Facebook/Twitter/blogs/whatever the ---- Pinterest is, but I have fond memories of this place. So get...
  4. Blank Verse

    I just came back to wish Ben a Happy Birthday

    You guys, how did you not notice it's his birthday today? I have to do everything around here myself. Happy Birthday Ben!
  5. Blank Verse

    Does whoever owns Addora post here?

    If so, maybe you can help me. Do you have a support team?
  6. Blank Verse

    dns zone editing

    alright, admittedly, I'm new at this, so hopefully this makes sense. I recently bought a new domain with the intention of using my blogger account for that domain. I parked the domain on my current hosting plan and I'm trying to use the simple dns editor in my cpanel to get everything to...
  7. Blank Verse

    Still no classic FWS forum theme, hey?

    Welp...see y'all again in a few weeks
  8. Blank Verse

    What the ----?

  9. Blank Verse

    If I were in charge of a popular forum, I'd rule with an iron fist

    Oh you better believe people who dug up really old threads would be instantly banned.
  10. Blank Verse

    Hey Ben

    we're closing in on the decade mark
  11. Blank Verse

    I thought we could have a Christmas thread that doesn't suck

    Because Darknight, your Christmas thread sucked. So without further adieu Hey /fws/, I'm happy for you and I'm a let you finish, but this is the best Christmas thread this year. THIS YEAR! may your Christmas be merry, excessive, and maybe even a touch sexy. Now goodnight, it's...
  12. Blank Verse

    more soups need to have cheese in it

    French onion was pretty ----ing aware of what it was doing. Discuss
  13. Blank Verse

    Did you abuse any kids today, fws?

    I'll bet you didn't. I changed my Facebook profile pic to Skeletor to make sure that didn't happen
  14. Blank Verse

    swear check

    ---- ---- ----- hell hell --- fart floppy dong ----ing ---- eater ---- pants ---- ----y ----y----lips anal ----- nugget cock eating manga spoogerocket coffeemonster cheese ----ting uterus mud---- vagina joe ramrod blue---- swallowing ---- your mother is reputable and deserves...
  15. Blank Verse

    This is for you, buddy

  16. Blank Verse

    Yo Benneth

    Are you just going around adding "david's mediocre" and "david's not awesome to as many threads as you can? Because I think that's just swell
  17. Blank Verse

    Congratulations to Ben! by the way

    He knows why
  18. Blank Verse

    I just realized if DarkKnight were smarter, he could be the new Giancarlo

    I don't know how I feel about this
  19. Blank Verse

    We don't have a World Cup thread? What is this?

    I'm disappointed in all of you. I have to do everything myself?