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  1. utcrazy

    Looking For Partner

    Hello FWS, I'm interested in working on a new business and would like to chat with anyone who would be looking to partner on something. Send a PM or IM. -Mark
  2. utcrazy

    Happy Birthday DavidsAwesome!

    Hope you had a good one!
  3. utcrazy

    Tiff 2010

    To my fellow Ontarians, (whoever you are) Any of you checking out the Toronto International Film Festival this year? Seen any films so far? To the rest of the world, any films you want to see that are hitting the festival? I've had a fun time seeing a few and the buzz around town is always...
  4. utcrazy

    I'm Leaving My Igloo

    Hey Guys, So I'm leaving the vast forests of snow storms for a couple weeks in May to visit The Netherlands with a friend. If you've been around the area, any particular places or countries you would recommend seeing? Pretty excited to explore a new country. Cheers.
  5. utcrazy

    Reinvented Support Solutions

    Hello, My name is Mark and I'm the director of sales at Hostech Support in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and I thought you may like some information regarding the services we provide at Hostech Support. Hostech Support provide professional outsourced support and server management solutions to web...
  6. utcrazy

    Deise Host Disappeared?

    Has anyone heard from the new owners of Deise host yet? I realized that I didn't actually download one of my sites backup files once I made the backup, so I need to get in touch with them. Any information about this would be appreciated. -Mark
  7. utcrazy

    Cellphone Time

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking to get a new cell and was curious what all of you had and how happy you were with it? I'm on Bell Mobility, so I would appreciate if anyone else on the network had any insight on their phone as well. I currently have a Samsung U740 (double flip). It's Ok...
  8. utcrazy

    Man, I love ignorant people

    Interesting conversation I had with someone on my AIM list. I randomly sign into this account, and when I have it on, I am guaranteed to get a link from this guy within the day. It's been going on for a few months. It's the typical MSN/AIM virus that most people get and delete once their friends...
  9. utcrazy

    DeiseHost down?

    Hi, Can anyone confirm that Deisehost.com is down? In the past I have had connection issues with the server and have been blocked by the firewall on a weekly basis for months, but I think it is actually down now. Dylan doesn't appear to be around, so I am unsure of how to contact him...
  10. utcrazy

    Inexpensive, American, Outsourced Support

    Hello Everyone, Comfy support is a little something new in response to some of the poor support firms I have experienced in the past. There are only few support companies in operation that operate entirely with American and Canadian employees. In today's economy, we want to offer the most...
  11. utcrazy

    Need hosting support? Talk to us today.

    Hello FWS, Comfy support is a little something new in response to some of the poor support firms I have experienced in the past. There are few support companies in operation that operate entirely with American and Canadian employees. In today's economy, we need to support people living close...
  12. utcrazy

    Macbook Questions

    Hi there, I am debating between getting one of the new aluminum macbook pro's or the old ones. I hear the glossy screen is a tad annoying, but I would hardly ever be in the situation where it would be terribly sunny. Even so, I can probably deal with it. I just hear the new ones are built...
  13. utcrazy

    Paypal troubles?

    Any else having issues where clients will get a server for 6 months and pay each month, and then one day report an unauthorized transaction for all 6 months? I've had this happen 5 times in the last month in amounts over thousands of dollars each time. I have won every time but my account is...
  14. utcrazy

    Looking for employment

    Hi Everyone, Looking at my schedule into 2009, I think I finally have the time to become more engaged in the industry again. I'd love to have the opportunity to work for one of the fine hosts here at FWS. I have experience across the board with hosting. Shared, reseller, shoutcast, VPS...
  15. utcrazy


    Hey kids, This topic seems pretty general...almost something one could discuss in the general discussion part of FWS. I'm looking for recommendations on some cheap projectors that won't break the bank. Just looking for something decent for home theatre, but nothing special. No HD needed...
  16. utcrazy

    Need Colocation

    Hi, I am looking for offers and recommendations for colocation providers. I am not satisfied with my current location. Requirements 10U Rack space currently 5mbps bandwidth or 95th percentile billing Free IP's 24x7 included remote hands and support Free reboots Good connections Controlled...
  17. utcrazy

    Shoutcast Question

    Hi, Is it possible to have a shoutcast server stream content already on the server rather than having to broadcast it from my PC? I want to have something stable. Thanks
  18. utcrazy

    Interview Advice?

    Hi Folks, It's been quite a while since I've had a job interview. As some of you may know, I'm a freelance audio engineer working with sound reinforcement as well as some recording studio jobs. Over the next few months I am going to try to lay down some ground as far as either going on tour...
  19. utcrazy

    Turns out my life revolves around "The Guide"

    Hey everyone, So the past 4 hours or so the channel guide on my digital terminal with Rogers has not been loading any data. For the first half an hour or so it was Ok, I knew what was on at 5 so I enjoyed an episode of "The Simpson's" and 'Arrested Development. I come back to the TV an hour...
  20. utcrazy

    Dual Xeon's just $125 Premium network, Second month free

    Hello all, We have some great server deals going on at www.comfyhost.com Our network providers consist mainly of Level 3, Sprint, Global Crossing, Verio, and many other top networks across the globe. Servers posted here are currently available and are guaranteed to be setup with the OS...