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  1. anhedonia

    What Ad companies do you suggest using?

    Hi guys, just wondering if you had any recommendations on the best ad companies to use. By "best", I basically mean, the most trustworthy/reliable. I've heard from a bunch of people that Google AdSense is incredibly strict and often deletes/suspends accounts that can't work out why they've been...
  2. anhedonia

    Have you ever "sneaked" a pet?

    Just wondering if anyone has ever sneaked in having a pet when renting an apartment. Me and my husband want to get a kitten, but the rules are "no pets". We're going to apply to be allowed 1 house-trained kitty, but it got me wondering how common it is for people to sneak having a pet while...
  3. anhedonia

    What's your favourite video game? (and why!) - and what are you playing right now?!

    I've been playing a ton of video games lately, and playing new titles, but my favourite game is still Beyond Good & Evil. It never sold all that well, but it's an amazing game. Awesome story, INCREDIBLE soundtrack, great characters & dialogue, and features the main hero as a girl who is...
  4. anhedonia

    Share A Link!

    This forum is pretty quiet, so I thought we could use a bit of a community thread! Post a link here for a site, resource, program, something free and useful you've used for your designs. I'll start with one everyone probably already knows: http://sxc.hu/ - stock.xchng: free stock...
  5. anhedonia

    Interview: Encyclopedia Dramatica

    From: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/technology/1025127/interview-with-top-encyclopedia-dramatica-moderator
  6. anhedonia

    Firefox / Yahoo question

    I think this is an interesting problem. No Yahoo pages will load in Firefox at home for me. I've reinstalled, updated, check blocked sites/add-ons/etc - no logical reason why Yahoo sites should be blocked, but they are. (I actually had to change my personal e-mail from Yahoo to Hotmail...
  7. anhedonia

    Hm. Political "gagging"?

    Link: http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,,26749647-3102,00.html Following on the tail of the stories from just the other week, of attempts to get online blog comments restricted and the anti Kevin Rudd groups disappearing from Facebook despite not breaking any rules... Hm.... Makes you...
  8. anhedonia


    What's support like for iFrames nowadays? Or, from another angle, what are you guys using instead? :) edit: According to a site I just saw, this is a list of iFrame support in browsers:
  9. anhedonia

    If you are a pirate, this is what you get...

    I have to admit, this infographic does have a point. If you are viewing a paid copy of a movie, why are you also being forced to watch the ads about anti-pirating? If you've copied it illegally, and for some reason the anti-pirating ad is still on there, well you've already committed the...
  10. anhedonia

    Possible Reputation Bug?

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is just me or not, but I've been having difficulties handing out reputation. I keep getting the "You must spread reputation around more before you can give *name* reputation" message, however I'm also getting it for users I haven't rep'ped before/for a very long...
  11. anhedonia

    "Video Gamers Are Scarier Than Bikies"

    http://www.news.com.au/technology/gamers-scarier-than-bikies-says-michael-atkinson/story-e6frfro0-1225830886493 How is this man allowed to have ANY power or influence? He is so completely out of touch with reality, it's insane. This section in particular speaks volumes about his ludicrous...
  12. anhedonia

    Mmm, mid-morning snack

    OK, not quite mid-morning, being that it's only 9:30AM! What kind of snack/s do you guys have at work? I'm having a "Le Snak" which is 3 crackers with "French Onion" cheese dip, and about to have a cup of tea. :classic2:
  13. anhedonia

    Photoshop tutorials for beginners?

    Can anyone link some sites/resources for some Photoshop tutorials for beginners? Everything I've managed to find so far is a bit over-complicated (e.g. skips the "too simple" steps - not much good for a true beginner) or is missing steps altogether - or tells you to do stuff that must be from an...
  14. anhedonia

    Web host/Web design request.

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone is able to host a small design website, would request the following features: 20mb (potential to grow) FTP Domain name hosting (already own domain) cPanel MySQL No ads With the "no ads" part, may seem like a large request, however I will freely...
  15. anhedonia

    It's been a while...

    So it's been a while (a few years?) and I'm looking to purchase a new domain. I used to use register.com, but their prices have hiked to $133.95! (For 1 year registration + 1 e-mail address). Being out of the loop like I am, I'm not sure what's a good quality registrar anymore. Is it worth...
  16. anhedonia

    How did you come up with your company name?

    Hi all, Just for those who have/have had company names in the past... How did you come up with your name? Is it a personal reference to something? Or did you just use your real name? Etc...
  17. anhedonia

    Reclaiming domain?

    Hey guys, Just a quick question RE: domains. If an IT rep has bought and set up a domain name (including e-mail accounts only, URL itself leads to a construction page) and has made it difficult for business managers to get control of it, what steps do you recommend for reclaiming the...
  18. anhedonia

    Tumbleweed. Crickets. Person coughing in distant background.

    So, where is everyone?
  19. anhedonia

    anhedonia's comic thread.

    This is now my comic thread (also known as collecting my favourite ones to look at later :p). Because I was filling up the other one :lol: You may post comics too, but not if they suck :classic2: .
  20. anhedonia

    This year's Thanksgiving parade

    http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=ozzVdswvXdc Gogo Macy's! :shame: