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    i need 5/6 gb space ,bandwidth 150 gb with Cpanel and i can put a link or google ads

    would you be willing to add a link back to peoples sites
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    Sponsered vps or dedicaqted server

    the site is run by proper people who are all volunteers
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    Sponsered vps or dedicaqted server

    OK then a reseller on cpanel or plesk will do us as we have used all of them I dont want post2host but can put a link back on each page for you hosts
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    Sponsered vps or dedicaqted server

    sponsored vps or dedicaqted server Hi guys we are looking for a sponsored vps or dedicated server We would need the following 2 IPS, centos or windows, COntrol panel, kloxo or cpanel for centos, websitepanel, for windows, can manage it our self am willing to add your banner on the...
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    Where'd this come from?

    you are better with that enabled then it stops people from spamming and that and then it removes them if they are a bot
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    I wanted to add our company logo to the singature for our site Jan I think I have seen you on rival sites
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    Free VPS

    Vps hostrail.com might offer you the best service you want and they are reliable
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    New Member

    Hi Hello everyone my name is david I am the co founder of zimbahost.info a free hosting provider with a difference
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    Hi their how do I add a signature also how many posts for stuff on here now adays as I used to look on it a lot
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    Hosting Request

    Posts Hi their we can offer you this but would you need anything else we are a post2host company but we can do 1 off plans you must put a link back to our sponsers gigenetcloud.com and thevisionworld.com
  11. Z

    Need Small Hosting For Wordpress

    Hi I can do you a custom plan, I can also do you this with shell all I ask is you do a link back to my sponser
  12. Z

    Need freehosting for a spanish blog

    123sun I can do you custom plans if you need it just email me on support@mustardhost.com with the quote for this website, I can also do you reseller if you want and shell
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    att forum admins or moderator

    Hi can I ask a forum admin or moderator to pm me when you are online this is a asap matter, I need to speak to you in private
  14. Z

    reseller or vps

    the sponser stopped with beemhost, as I did not refer a lot of paid cliants to them
  15. Z

    reseller or vps

    all I did with hostrail is request a vps sponsered one I have emails to prove this, eSupun
  16. Z

    reseller or vps

    I dont know how to hack I never used hostrail.com before I only use good providers I know the site wont load as needs hosting for it I used to get 60 unique hits a day when I was hosted with beemhost
  17. Z

    reseller or vps

    HI guys can anyone offer me a sponsership I need a reseller or vps for mustardhost.com I offer free hosting to non profit and post2host in return for a linkback I can put a linkback on the site I used to get 50 unique hits a day from india
  18. Z


    I was looking at whmcs but I think it is good but the price if someone can do a deal on that then I will take it
  19. Z

    Vps free (4 ram ,good connection?)

    try hostrail or a other provider like that they might do it
  20. Z

    need a 4$ hosting

    hi I can offer you that what you need check out my thread mustardhost.com offers