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  1. Jun Luzon

    Use it in a sentence II

    Uhmmmn...*cough*x2... as I have seen 'a apple,' I just thought this thread maybe allowed once again. My previous one was locked into the realm of Hades and never recovered from asthma, thus, never ever gained freedom again. The idea is to help non-native English speakers, like me, to hear...
  2. Jun Luzon

    Please HELP Uninstall

    Start# Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0. I soon noticed that the new program began with unexpected child processing that took up a lot of space and valuable resources. In addition, Wife 1.0 installed itself into all...
  3. Jun Luzon

    The Firefox Mystery

    Hi! This will be my first original design - "Train Doors." I've tried testing it on different browsers (to be honest, only firefox, opera and ie...:lol: ) Something I've noticed in firefox is that when it opens the http://junluz.com/lullabye.html it suddenly changes the font family...
  4. Jun Luzon

    Read for Free!!!

    Do you want to view any these online tutorial videos for free? http://safari.informit.com/video?itemsperpage=50&page=0&booksummary=more Or are you planning to buy a book? If yes, then why not read it online first for free? Go here and search if it is available...
  5. Jun Luzon

    XeonGX, where's the Cake??

    Happy Birthday! :beer:
  6. Jun Luzon

    Request for a username change.

    Jun Luzon, please? With the space if possible. If it wouldn't do, then may I have JunLuz instead? I want to live a rather peaceful, serious and secluded life. :biggrin2: Thanks, Dayu
  7. Jun Luzon

    Photoshop and Fireworks, are they worth?

    Recently we are thinking of delving deeper into web developing and web design, me and some members in our group. We are about to invest in purchasing Adobe products, namely Photoshop and Fireworks. If you have purchased any of this software before, do you think it's worth it? Have you used it...
  8. Jun Luzon

    Ipod Saves Life

    I've seen this posted on digg and other blogs but haven't found articles about it from famous news sites. Ipod Saves Life
  9. Jun Luzon

    Free Web Space Beyond

    Am thinking of a story where most of the characters are the members of this forum. I can dig on your posts and based on them I will speculate what your personalities are and I'll have it reflected on how the story goes. If there will be some illustrators around, perhaps we can make a nice...
  10. Jun Luzon

    Hosting for Tutorial Sites

    Free hosting for tutorial sites. 5GB space 50GB bandwidth unlimited features cPanel & Fantastico Visit me at my site for more info and for applications. http://allaboutfree.com
  11. Jun Luzon

    Would you mind if we have a thread for email spammers too?

    They are ruining the free web hosting community. I just think they also deserve a thread in here. What do you think? Here's a hot report from our admin. ****************************************** Account: ganafortuna.com Reason for termination: Email Spamming Terminated: Immediately after...
  12. Jun Luzon

    The good thing about free web hosting

    A lot of things happened since we started to dip our hands in free web hosting. Everything started when we planned to create a project that needed a php enabled server to run. We searched over the net for a free web host, then we decided to request for one at Arroways (now gone). It's a year...
  13. Jun Luzon

    Water Seven Backup Dedicated Server

    I had a deal with Hosting-Shack but it seems that Galaxy Solutions suspended their sales due to downtime problems and still I am not receiving an answer from Hosting-Shack about when the dedicated server can be set up. Basically, this is what we want. I'll just quote what I've replied to...
  14. Jun Luzon

    Banners, Oh! Banners♪♪♪

    My want: A banner for "Water Seven" which is a Fine Spot Network free web server, location is, http://waterseven.com. I want a good looking one. :classic2: Your want: Please tell me and we shall negotiate. Thank you, oh! Thank you♪ Dayu♪
  15. Jun Luzon


    To friends who rated my posts, whomever you are.:angel: You deserve my gratefulness thinking I deserve the honours. Thanks a lot! :classic2: http://allaboutfree.com/images/reps.gif
  16. Jun Luzon

    What's Good in Free Web Hosting?

    What's Good in Free Web Hosting? The good thing in free web hosting is that without spending a single penny you can experience having your presence, called "home", over the internet. Can I have a free web hosting account? Fine Spot Network is offering free web hosting account at their...
  17. Jun Luzon

    1GB Space 10GB Bandwidth No Posts No Ads

    You need to place this text link on every page "Hosted by Tone River". The site is about our hobbies (cycling) and a river named "Tone" here in Japan. No Posting required. No Ads forced. 1GB Space 10GB Bandwidth PHP version 5.2.0 MySQL version 5.0.21 You must have an existing...
  18. Jun Luzon


    My signature.... ...typing with the keyboards upside down... not bad...
  19. Jun Luzon

    Free Hosts Uptime Thread

    Thinking you might be interested. Free Hosts Uptime Report November 2006 monitored through Host-Tracker (25 nodes of monitoring network) Servers are being monitored once every 5 minutes. Fine Spot Network (99.83%) Hozter Info (99.83%) Unmetered Society (99.83%) Your-CMS...
  20. Jun Luzon

    5GB Reseller = 100 Posts

    Find out if reselling is good for you. When you make a total of 100 posts in either of these forums, I will give you a 5GB space free reseller account. All About Free, Home of Free Resources http://allaboutfree.com/forum Unmetered Society, Home of Free Reseller <-- Hmmn.., I think I...