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  1. Woofcat

    Utopia/Dominion/Kings of Chaos...

    utopia is evil i coded dystopia (www.woofcat.com/dystopia) which is much better... but i'm not giving away the source (unless you want to offer $$$?) :) utopia is coded in delphi btw... dominion is asp...
  2. Woofcat

    Need Urgent Help in MySQL

    it closes automatically... just go through all your scripts and replace any occurence of mysql_pconnect with mysql_connect and you're all good...
  3. Woofcat

    Is it possible ?

    no, php is is much easier... and the person asked for a php solution, not your biased opinion on which language is better. <? $file=file('links.txt'); foreach($file as $x) { $x=explode('=',$x); if $go==$x[0] { header('Location: '.$x[1]); exit; } } header('Location...
  4. Woofcat

    php ecperts... how to parse file extensions?

    quotes in last line need to be escaped of course, damn vbulletin strips things even in code blocks and messes everything up in php blocks...
  5. Woofcat

    php ecperts... how to parse file extensions?

    though if what you're trying to do is check what kind of image a file is better than checking the extension would be something like: if($x=@getimagesize($url)) { switch $x[2] { case 1: do function gif; break; case 2: do function jpg; break; case 3: do function png; break; case 4...
  6. Woofcat

    php ecperts... how to parse file extensions?

    why create new variables and use array functions to parse a simple string? $url = 'http://somerandomlocation.com/blahblah/file.ext'; switch(substr($url,strrpos($url,'.')+1)) { case 'gif': do function a; break; case 'jpg': do function b; break; default: do function c; }
  7. Woofcat

    Making a forum using php.

    forums are easy to code... write your own from scratch... all the open source ones i know of are inefficient as hell and not very good...
  8. Woofcat


    what do you mean a free smtp server? don't just about all hosts have sendmail going? unless you mean an open smtp relay which i doubt anyone is stupid enough to advertise...
  9. Woofcat

    Quick Code Change

    damn you'd with the php blocks this board wouldn't f**k up code but that's vbulletin for you... obviously <?if($t) & # 123;?> should be <?if($t){?>
  10. Woofcat

    Quick Code Change

    in php at the top of the page put: <?$t=time();if(empty($pop)||$pop<$t-86400)header('Set-Cookie: pop='.$t.'; expires=Tue, 19 Jan 2038 03:14:07 GMT; path=/');else $t=0?> and where your ad code is use: <?if($t){?><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"...
  11. Woofcat

    PHP & Cookies ; MySQL & Passwords

    the setcookie() function has problems with some browsers, so i'd recommend doing them yourself with header() instead... header('Set-Cookie: cookie=whatever; expires=Tue, 19 Jan 2038 03:14:07 GMT; path=/'); would set $cookie to whatever... and stay even if browser is closed (until jan 19...
  12. Woofcat

    What script does fws.net use for searching?

    it would be easy as hell to code... were anyone willing to pay money i'd code up something better and more efficient than what fws.net got going :)
  13. Woofcat

    Decent webhost needed with mySQL, shell and so on!

    that way too inefficient... make the game realtime so you don't need background crap....
  14. Woofcat

    Paying taxes on your advertising revenue?

    the irs is not going to look at you unless you making lots of money... if you're worried about it just give the ad co's fake name/ss# :)
  15. Woofcat

    MySQL databases?

    yeah but last time i was back i changed the email in my profile and it never send me the email to verify it so my return was pretty short lived... vbulletin is so annoying, don't know why people like it so much... hmm...
  16. Woofcat

    a good challenge for u php freaks, I mean masta's

    well of course there is no query string "function," and if your php config is fully optimized like mine there is no $QUERY_STRING variable either... best to use getenv()... and readfile() is more efficient than include() (and closer to what the original perl script does)...
  17. Woofcat

    MySQL databases?

    or if you have a scripts that use many tables best to spread them out over multiple db's... but for most people it's unnecessary...
  18. Woofcat

    The best search script

    sorry i haven't written it yet :)
  19. Woofcat

    is this right

    everyone does things the long way and puts in useless extra semicolons and spaces... bah... <b>logged:</b> <?=$REMOTE_ADDR?> port<?=$REMOTE_PORT?>
  20. Woofcat

    php/mysql killing me... Need some help plz...

    Just change that field to an int type... Not very efficient but after you delete an entry you could do something like: update table set field=field-1 where field>deleted