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  1. Rebel

    Gamesite hosts

    Clangrounds.com I'm offering free hosting for clans off my community site: http://clangrounds.com/showthread.php?t=1708
  2. Rebel

    Free clan website hosting:

    Offer updated with raise of bandwidth from 500Mb to 1000Mb.
  3. Rebel

    Free clan website hosting:

    Yeah I noticed that too. I have posted this offer in other community forums, and only after posting here have I gotten the spam applicant e-mails.
  4. Rebel

    Free clan website hosting:

    No, because I plan to be hosting a lot clan sites, and too many databases on a server is not good. Not to mention that php nuke is a resource hog itself. We do offer a free forum hosting service off our vbulletin based community forums.
  5. Rebel

    Free clan website hosting:

    You guys need to read the restrictions... Example: No Asian country applicants (China, Japan, etc etc) Every one I get like that I am deleting and ignoring because you guys are obviously not making a clan site.
  6. Rebel

    Clangrounds Network

    Dumped vbportal along with vbulletin 2.2.8, and finally got off my butt to take Clangrounds to vbulletin 3. Still have a few more things to add, but it's 95% completed: http://www.clangrounds.com Ideas, suggestions, comments?
  7. Rebel

    Free clan website hosting:

    Clangrounds Network is re-opening our free clan hosting service. Here is what we are offering: - 50Mb Space - 1000Mb Bandwidth - PHP / CGI / SSI - 10 POP3 Accounts - Subdomain (you.clangrounds.com) - Cpanel Control Panel If interested, and for restrictions please visit us...
  8. Rebel

    High Bandwidth Hosting needed

    Internap Bandwidth with several tier 1 providers, but I believe they are cogent based inbound. ======================== They are still new as a company despite what they may tell you. They have a huge thread going in the WHT dedicated forums found here...
  9. Rebel

    High Bandwidth Hosting needed

    Here is a good deal: Found this awhile ago, they have some good feedback on the WHT too. HostMatix - ProMatix Plan - FREE Domain - Dedicated IP address - 4 GB storage space - 100 GB monthly traffic - Unlimited POP3/SMTP boxes - Unlimited FTP accounts - Unlimited SSH accounts -...
  10. Rebel

    FREE Unlimited Webspace, Unlimited Bandwidth, FTP, PHP, Control Panel, Domain Hosting

    So you spend your life posting in the FWS Forums? LOL, sorry just had to say it. :)
  11. Rebel

    Advertising.com Cheque w00t :)

    How many hits do you receive per month? I'm interested in making some money off of Clangrounds.com gaming site. It doesn't get a ton of hits, but it has currently 454,000+ hits with 12 days left in the month. Would this company be beneficial to me?
  12. Rebel

    Please post my load time with review...

    10 seconds the first time I saw it with my 3mbit cable connection.
  13. Rebel

    Webspace for a clan webpage... :( help...

    *coughs...* http://www.clangrounds.com/freehosting
  14. Rebel

    neeeed a host!!!!

    Click here.
  15. Rebel

    Advice for the girls!

    Unless you find that special someone with a multiple personality disorder.... ;)
  16. Rebel

    Site Owners - Post top search string results:

    Ok, here is my list. I don't understand how the search engines did these results, but www.clangrounds.com is about gaming... 1 46 7.59% powerpuff girls hentai 2 43 7.10% zoids porn 3 39 6.44% zoids hentai 4 21 3.47% dexter's laboratory hentai 5 19 3.14% dungen siege 6 14 2.31%...
  17. Rebel

    Here we go again.

    Gee...I wonder why... :rolleyes: Wait...wait, you can buy a game server from The Net Gamer, but you can't pay your cable bill?
  18. Rebel

    Clangrounds Now Hiring!

    Oh, didn't know that. I stand corrected. Thanks Jan. ;)
  19. Rebel

    Here we go again.

    What is the name of your ISP? I'm with Time Warner RoadRunner cable internet service here. I currently have a 3.1Mbps down/275Kbps up connection running smoothly... :cool: /runs... :scared2:
  20. Rebel

    Transfer Rate

    What kind of board program are you running? Do you allow file attachments? If so, what is the size limit? Finally, if you choose this package for whatever hosting company, can you upgrade at anytime?