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  1. Christopher

    [PHP] Working with mySQL TIMESTAMPs

    I need a tutorial on how I can use TIMESTAMPs. Like how to test them and how to convert them into a display form. I want to use them so I can have 'Whats New' type thing. Thanks :)
  2. Christopher


    321!!! Hehe :biggrin2:
  3. Christopher

    Please Review

    http://cmn.cc Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm kinda scared posted it 'cause I know if it's bad I'll get flamed! :p But it's ok because I have a backup site :cool:
  4. Christopher

    HTML Builder XP

    http://htmlbuilderxp.com (http://www.code-builders.com) Looks exactly like 1stPag2000! But with a few more features - or mabe just nice interface.
  5. Christopher

    Script to set up sub-domain and pop3 account..

    How do you get a script to go and set up sub-domains and pop3?
  6. Christopher

    PHP: shuffle() errors

    Code: function random($num=5,$sep="<br><br>",$type="aff") { if($type == "aff") shuffle($aff); else shuffle($affi); for($i=0; $i<$num; $i++) { print $type[$i]; print $sep; } } It says "Warning: shuffle() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in..."...
  7. Christopher

    Per Imprssions...

    I forget what it's called - CPM? Well, is there any good ones? English site with own domain and pay hosting - not many visitors yet, but I plan to have lots - I just wanna get things all in place before ;) Should I wait 'till I get my visitors? Thanks
  8. Christopher

    DHTML Menu's

    You know where I can get a DHTML menu generator? Or just a script that is easily custimizable - make sure it looks nice ;) Thanks in advanced :classic2:
  9. Christopher

    C++ Tuts?

    Anyone know of some really good ones? I wanna read some and get ready before I buy a book (any suggestions on a book also?)
  10. Christopher

    Mozilla Question

    Is there any way to make all links and stuff open into the tabbed browsing? And is there a way to get rid of the image placeholders?
  11. Christopher

    Textarea H-Sroller?

    Can you make a textarea with a horizontal scrollbar?
  12. Christopher

    ASP Question

    Is it any way possible to write my own ASP scripts and run them even though my host doesn't have ASP as a feature? I mean, couldn't I put some sort of script or something.. I don't know...
  13. Christopher

    Cheap .ca domains?

    I need some cheap .ca registers. Any of them?
  14. Christopher

    I need a special!

    I need MyAcen to come out with a special or something, my mom is still stumbling to write the check! Is there any other hosts that are as reliable as MyAcen and has more/almost same features, mabe for a bit less?
  15. Christopher

    PHP Source Highlighting?

    I forget how you do it! I need it. Thanx.
  16. Christopher

    I don't know what to put as a subject ^_^

    Ok, you know in javascript you can have those scrollers that look like someone is just typing text to the screen? Is there a way to do that without having a text box etc.? I know you could do it with flash, but I need to test user input and then "type" some data to the screen.
  17. Christopher

    PHP & mySQL: Search

    I want to know how to search a database-you know like the traditional old search box, then to search the database and return the results. I don't know how, but I think it is something like this: <?php if($submit) { $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM content WHERE title LIKE'$search'"))...
  18. Christopher

    Newsletter and Button and PopUp/Under

    What are the best, or most reliable for each?
  19. Christopher

    MyAcen Question

    Do they make you get a domain, or can you have a sub? And are they one of those hosts that "Offer 1 free domain name registration" ?
  20. Christopher

    Which Host?

    Has this: 100MG - 150MG Space 5GB - 10 GB Transfer 7 - 10 Email's 7 - 10 Sub-domains 7 - 10 mySQL Database's PHP CGI-BIN / Perl Very Very good uptime Very Very good speed Very Very good support No setup fee No charge to change from plan to plan *Extra - One of those host that...