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    The CSS alternative

    Are their any alternatives for <NOBR> in CSS2???
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    Hosting Plans

    I'm going to decide what sort of plans shd I offer to my customers (future) :D This is Linux based hosting Suggestions needed with disk space & bandwidth I'm gonna to offer a static IP for the smallest pacage also. Where shd i start to offer mySQL Where shd i stop--500MB &...
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    NT reselling

    Win2K or NT reselling I was planning to resell with CIS but later found they have discontinued to offer File Systems Object for ASP. So am searching again!!! Any good NT or Windows2K reselling plans out there (better than CIS) A NT or Win2K only company is a better option :D [Edited...
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    Dedicated servers

    I'm planning to resell dedicated servers in addition to web hosting Pls share your experience with the companies out there
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    What special software or plug-ins I shd use in order to create these type of black & white edges shading high resolution images??? http://www.business.worldonline.dk/grafik/staffage/main/2_ballet.gif Can I do it in PhotoShop? Then how??? Are there any great plug-ins???
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    Bigger plans

    I'm looking for unix or linux reseller plans over 200mb in diskspace Also greedy to know info on NT reseller plans more than 500MB [Edited by dnsd on 04-19-2001 at 09:25 AM]
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    is there better host than this?

    yeah they have one of the best deals on net particularly when u get ASP & PHP together the only catch is 400MB bandwidth limit. it is a great plan if u can manage within that limit [Edited by dnsd on 04-15-2001 at 12:42 AM]
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    Payment processing

    Do they offer (revecom) the same enhanced features that instabill provides? Thanks ccreighton & chiken for ur help.
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    Payment processing

    i'm looking to start a reselling biz. but still not sure about how to process payments. i heard about clickbank & few others. need opinions from existing clickbank customers. are there anyother companies with better plans ???
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    Profile listing

    i am looking for a good script for "business pages" section of my web site. it lists the profiles of comapnies & it is a paid service. anybody can help me???????
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    speedy NT host

    i am looking for cheap NT host with atleast 50mb space & 6GB bandwidth. primary concern is speed & good support. thnax for any help
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    Thanks martie But that site is heavy sponsor driven one
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    Could anyone help me with finding reselling plans which gives more features than CIS ( http://www.centralinfo.net ) offers? AND hopefully cheap ones...
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    Hosting biz

    hey why didn't you use that for your biz? Don't let your feelings show off. I won't go at your customers. he he I can't stop laughing ha ha [Edited by dnsd on 03-12-2001 at 09:50 AM]
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    Hosting biz

    lie&cheatinghost.com Oh; come on men!!! give me a chance
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    Hosting biz

    I'm planning to start a hosting biz. Need a good name. Any suggestions......
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    does anybody know a good matchmaking script? Anything that is convertable to matchmaking is OK. pls help
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    ASP + PHP + mySQL

    Need a host with ASP + PHP + mySQL support Should be at least support 5 databases. Thanks
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    Anybody know anything about free matchmaking script?
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    digichat Digichat is a java chat server solution. It's nice & very fast.