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    Please review initial design idea.

    I am currently experimenting with a few designs. You can view the current one here. http://webservices.aburrr.com Notes: 1. I am still trying to get the stupid login to line up. 2. It will not work right in IE just yet. (There may be a green bar across the top) 3. This site is mainly for...
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    Looking for reliable reseller.

    Hello everyone, here is my situation. I currently have a reseller account with the following options. (Not all listed) 4gig Storage 65gig Bandwidth WHM/Cpanel Unlimited everything else... I am paying $10 a month for it. You know all know, basically a normal reseller package...
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    Dran scroll bar!

    Here is my situation. I am setting up a web-based database for a friend of mine. The problem is some pages need to scroll and some don't. When you go from one that does to one that doesn't scroll the page shifts to the left because the scroll bar pops in. I need a javascript or CSS code to...
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    WorldzonePro status?

    Does anyone know what the status is on Worldzone? If you don't know they were hacked into a few days ago. It looked like the day after they had everything back up. But their site has now been down for some time and so has the MySQL server. I am posting here because I know Webdude used to...
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    Digital Cameras anyone?

    Well I am gonna get a digital camera soon. But I dunno what to get. Any opinions ect? I would like to be able to transfer using a usb port, cuase I have a usb hub and its easly assesable. Well any suggestoins would be great P.S. If you could list 200-300 dollar ones or cheaper thanks.
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    What does your desktop look like

    Just wondering, and seeing if there are any good ideas that I can do to mine. Heres mine the first image is without the autohide quick luanch bar out the other is with it out. http://worldzone.net/computers/news/desktop1.JPG http://worldzone.net/computers/news/desktop2.jpg
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    Jones Soda Inc. whats up with there stock.

    well, ok heres whats up, I put some money into jones becuase it was only 50 cents. And I love the pop. I bought a lot becuase it was soo cheap, well I loged into msn and looked at my stocks and it said it was up 509 dollars!!!!! Thats a really big percent change well, heres what I am thinking...
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    Its all starting like I said long ago. Bush is pres save the world..!!!!

    It all begins now. The great times are over. It was bound to happen. It has been on the boarder, all it needed was some thing to kick it off. Now it has happened. Bush became president. (Not even legaly in my mind but thats a whole nother topic) 1.Every stock is down. 2.Large companys are...
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    Well, here the prob. A movie stores computer started messing up. I told them to back it up but they didnt. Well then they started getting an file not found error on every movie they searched for. Looked like the movie files were corupt. So I ram defrag and scandisk. No we can access some of...
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    What are all of your connection speeds?

    So what do you all got? At home I just got a 56k. But when I need to download some thing and dont want to get it from work, I just hook up the other phone line to my other modem and double my speed. At work I get to use a t1 and that is where I do all my downlaoding and bring it home on a...
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    How to get around credit ect on starting a company.

    Ok, I would like ot start a small site selling computer parts. I dont really want to make a lot of profit, I just want a lot of people to be able to buy computer parts cheep. All I want out of it is the money for my time :) Anyways I need credit to get a distributer ect. How can I get around...
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    How do you disable smooth scrolling in windows 98

    I have did it soo many times but sence I updated to ie 5.5 I cant find it, I thought it was in the folder options but its not. Could any of you tell me how?
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    Office Space

    I saw it again for the 10 billionth time. I was just wondering what you all think of it?
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    The best unbiase review I have seen .

    The best unbiase review I have seen yet. NOTE: Read on after the first page it gets better. :) http://www.gamecenter.com/Opinions/Gamerx/102700/?st.gc.ps2.launch.gn
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    I like it alright. (to: Peo)

    Just wondering if this will lower hits for you. I think it will cuase you dont have to go to a new page over and over. Just wondering if you made a lot of money off of the old boards of just to keep the site up and running.