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  1. Craig

    Dead or Alive?

    Any of the old-timers still ticking?
  2. Craig

    Obama G20 Visit

    Ok lol, from the US to the UK: Plane - He lands with an entourage of 500 - including 200 secret service staff and a medical team carrying pints of his own blood type. From Stansted the president will be flown to the US ambassador's residence in Regent's Park, London. He arrives there in a...
  3. Craig

    RSS to HTML

    Hi Guys Is there any good software (free or paid) that will convert a RSS feed into HTML to put onto your website? Cheers
  4. Craig

    virtual terminals?

    Ello, ok, im a bit outdated on my payment processors, whats the best around with a virtual terminal apart from paypal? Cheers
  5. Craig


    What does Colin go by the name of these days?
  6. Craig

    pbpbb3 integration

    Anyone good with pbpbb3 integrations? 24 hour turnaround, let me know your prices. Ta
  7. Craig

    £1 Servers

    Hehe http://www.webfusion.co.uk/dedicatedservers/?_$ja=tsid:8612 Not bad, 2 months @ a quid!
  8. Craig

    Remote desktop P2

    Ok, can I connect from a vista OS to XP home?, its not letting me but will I need a dedicated IP or should my shared IP do fine?, cant believe am asking this & am a ISP.......I feel ashamed lol....Colin/Decker HELP ME hehe xx.
  9. Craig

    Who are you.....!!!!

    Describe yourself in 3 word.....
  10. Craig

    Powers!!!! yea baby

    If you could have 1 power what would you have and why? Craig would have invisibility then he could terrorize Colin.....:lol: n checkout Jan in the nude!!!.
  11. Craig

    Happy Easter

    Weres my eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was at least expecting ''Decker'' to supply me an egg!!!!!!!!.............not happy at all. HAPPY EASTER but watch out for the bunny, hes worse than Santa :wave:.
  12. Craig

    What a cow!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/v/p3Uos2fzIJ0 :eek2:. Never trust a woman with your money! :lol:.
  13. Craig

    Am I a freak?

    I've just spent the last 2 hours cleaning my home top to bottom. Some say its a woman's job but I prefer to do all the cleaning, does that make me a freak or someone that respects there woman?.
  14. Craig

    Post your computer desk

    What you rolling with? Workstation pics plz, doesn't matter if its messy, what you rolling with :ninja:. My home layout, excuse the mess
  15. Craig

    remote desktop

    My home pc runs xp home so no r/desktop, are their any programs that can run r/desktop on xp home?.
  16. Craig


    =2 Night
  17. Craig

    Help me

    So I've been put on this diet, need to lose a couple of pounds, meet my dinner which nearly made me sick :cry2:: Then: I cant eat another batch of this sh1t & shes got a full pan in the kitchen & If I don't obey she'll give me a slap :ninja:. HELP
  18. Craig

    Image Is Everything - Get A Virtual UK Office Address | JUST £14.99 PCM

    UKEasily responds to your business needs by giving you flexible office solutions, at an affordable price. From the provision of a hot desk through to a full, serviced office solution, we take care of your workspace needs - allowing you to concentrate on running your business. From Start-Up's to...
  19. Craig

    Its snowing

    Just woke up & its snowing YAY!!!. Up yours Canada pirate2
  20. Craig

    Cowboy workers

    Ok, so I just had some new trees planted & look at the mess they left, just spoke to the manager & hes giving me a load of sh1t. I don't mind some dirt but they should clean up after them, means I got to piss arse about now with the jet wash! :devious2:.