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  1. heymrdj

    Paying for 4 days of hosting (Cpanel)

    Hello yall, some may remember me from a long while back, but I don't know how much this place has changed :P. I'm working on my Jr. Sr. Seminar, discussing CMS and CSCW. Part of that is I want to show off Fantastico package manager, so here's what I'm looking for. The project is given Monday...
  2. heymrdj

    My Experience with Steadcom

    I've been with Steadcom for about a year now, and I have nothing but praise for them. My tickets have been responded to at no more than 30 minutes, and this was past midnight. They provisioned my VPS with extra RAM in minutes, and when I had issues with my CC company that wasn't allowing them to...
  3. heymrdj

    How much more overselling is possible?! o.o

    http://www.webhostingpad.com/ I saw an add for this company as i was browsing Anandtech. 17,000GB diskspace and 170,000GB BW. WHAT THE HELLL. How far can this lieing game go..It's f***ing insane. 17 of the biggest hard drives made to every user is what it means, yeah at $4.95 a month. This...
  4. heymrdj

    Dedi Quote

    Looking at a CHEAP dedicated server. 30-60$/m budget, preferring 30-40$ area. Must have: Debian 4.0 or CentOS 5 500Mhz+ Processor Quote 1GB ram and 2GB Ram, no 512MB packages. I'm cautioning, I want quotes for both RAM's, don't give me just one RAM package, or you'll be discredited. 300GB+...
  5. heymrdj

    PHP Values in Apache VHost

    I'm not sure how it works, I did it years ago but can't remember. I am installing an app on my VPS that needs increased PHP privileges, but I cannot affect the server's entire php.ini file as I have another app running that is NOT compatible with some of the changes that have to be made. These...
  6. heymrdj

    VPS/Dedi for Zimbra

    Ok after Eclouds/Steadcom helped me figure out what I need, I am in shopping again to meet what I need, not to be purchased for at least 3 weeks. This is on a very tight budget, so the cheaper the better. Eclouds, don't be afraid to offer again, just in case I missed something earlier, I...
  7. heymrdj

    Need special set up VPS, read closely

    I need a VPS for Zimbra and downloading. I need these specs or close to them: 128MB Guaranteed, at least 256 burst. 10GB space minimum, 15+ preferred. 50GB BW minimum, but will take up to 100GB+ (don't really need more than 75GB) Whatever CPU, it'll be mostly idle except for when i actually...
  8. heymrdj

    Good guide for VPS noob

    I have a buddy wanting to make a VPS for online testing with a spare domain he has. I don't want to sit here and hold his hand through setup and and administration. He needs to be able to set up a DNS server, so he can hold name servers and MX records. He's just going to install the ISPConfig...
  9. heymrdj

    Need server IP script

    I need a script that shows the servers IP address to a page. This way from a remote location i can find my home server's ip address (it's dynamic, it's updated by DYNDNS, but i need to see the IP myself for Ventrillo logs). So just a simple script that shows the current public IP of the server...
  10. heymrdj

    Setting up Proxy for home

    I don't know if this is the right section or not, if it isn't please move it mods :). I have several websites/servers at home that I use for test work. I have port ranges for ssh's, ftps, apache's, lighthttpd, ISPCondfig, Webmin, VMware MUI, and more all over the place. I can usually work from...
  11. heymrdj

    XDCC system?

    Ok I'm roughly aquainted with running an IRC server. I was searching around for a song that I could never find (Valkyrja from Mai-Otome by Yousei Teikoku if anyone's wondering). I find the packlist on a site and it says pack #741 is my song. It says by simply joining the IRC and typing this /msg...
  12. heymrdj


    http://www.webhosting.uk.com/forums/member.php?u=30 I take back anything bad I ever said about you. :beer: :P
  13. heymrdj

    Quotes for project

    I need some quotes, VPS or Dedicated, Unmanaged, no panel necessary. Space: 40GB minimum RAM: 256MB minimum Connection: 10mbs minimum, but higher doesn't bother me OS: I want a quote for a Debian/Ubuntu and a Windows Server 2003 Bandwidth: 250GB minimum, 500GB preferred Power: 750Mhz power...
  14. heymrdj

    Ubuntu 7.04 Beta

    Anyone check out the Beta? http://www.ubuntu.com/news/Ubuntu704Beta I'm going to download it today and load it in VMWare when I have some time. It looks like a pretty substantial build compared to its 6.* brothers.
  15. heymrdj

    Need windows to compile?

    I've been assigned the Danbooru Ressurection project on EA Networx. I now have in my possession the 20GB "image" of the site. Now one step required is running php -f rip.php 0 1041 to rip all 1041 bases. The rip.php script however is written to use php_domxml.dll which is a Windows PHP script. I...
  16. heymrdj

    Which cellphone?

    Me and my brother are getting our first 2 line cell phone plan. National Freedon 900 minute plan (2 yr. agreement). We have pretty much settled on the Kyocera Strobes since review sites show that Alltel's Strobes with Bluetooth are the best. We also want to add the Axcess plan later when we can...
  17. heymrdj

    installing linux without a monitor?

    I was wondering if I could install Debian 3.1 without a monitor. I have a computer I'm trying to cluster with another Debian 3.1 system, but this second computer doesn't have a gfx card, and it's a pain in the butt to temporarily transfer a card from another system. Anyway I can install from...
  18. heymrdj

    Free collaboration script?

    I'm going through a new experience right now while I'm making the new EA3.0 and EANetworx. A group of people. Used to it was just me and my co-admin. SO it was easy to keep up with what was getting done and needing done. But now, these two projects are so huge, and we have so many good people...
  19. heymrdj

    Need advice on college degree

    Well I'm getting ready to start college in August, and I wondered what you gurus have gotten and if you have any advice. My hope is to be certified in heavy LAN and WAN networks (Like Network Information Infrastructures) and server hardware and software. Basically I want the brains to work in...
  20. heymrdj

    Running windows applications on a server?

    I was wondering, is it possible to run Remote Desktop on a Windows Server, and use programs on it just like you would a home desktop. For example, could you take a raw video, upload it to the server, install your favorite video editor, like VDUBMOD, and run it on there?