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  1. Canuckkev

    How do you pronounce Taco?

    So my friends made fun of me for the way I say "taco". So, without revealing my bias, how do you pronounce taco?
  2. Canuckkev

    Recommend me a simple CMS

    I've played the whole CMS game a few times. Never found one I liked. Mambo/Joomla was always just too damn hard to get working properly. This is what I need: Simple cms. Not really a 'blog' style. Something I can build a simple (maybe 5 category) web site, with the possibility of having a...
  3. Canuckkev

    A sad, sad, day.

    So, I have catchall email on my domain. I therefore use a whole bunch of diferent email address when signing up for things and whatnot, and protect my "private" one. My private one I only use for the most important things, and make sure to protect it. But today, I receive spam at my private...
  4. Canuckkev

    About "General Discussions"

    I think of that section as "General Bull----", which half of it is, and I like it. However, the other half may fit better in a "General Internet/Website Discussion" section. Maybe "General Web Development" inside the "Webdesign and Programming" section. FWS.net is a "web developer" site, but...
  5. Canuckkev


    I hate listening to music on the train, because I don't like to disturb other passengers, but in order to hear the music decently, I have to turn up the volume on my headphones. So, I am looking for some headphones that are sealed, but still retain a decent quality. I would prefer to spend...
  6. Canuckkev

    Need help with some REGEX

    Okay, I am trying to match a string like: viewtopic.php?t=142&start=30 And am using this regex: (?<!/)viewtopic\.php\?t=([0-9]*)&start=([0-9]*) But, it's not working...any ideas? Thanks!
  7. Canuckkev

    Things that piss you off

    I feel like ranting right now...feel free to join in. Right now, there are 2 things that are really pissing me off. 1. The "Atkins diet". Sounds smart...eat a lot of fat and protein, and lose weight. As far as I know, it's just one crackpot doctor who made up this diet in the 70's, and now...
  8. Canuckkev

    Anti-Spam Software

    If anyone has purchased some anti-spam software, I would like to know what you reccomend. I'm not really looking to buy some, I just want to know what's out there, and how well it works. I'm looking for Windows client software, not server side or anything. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Canuckkev


  10. Canuckkev

    Quote me

    Okay, this sounds stupid. But reply to this post by Quoting me. <Dammit it doesnt work I saw on some other vB forum that if you open a <and have text inside then the text doesn't show up, but is still stored in the post, and visible when quoted. So, nevermind, it doesn't work...
  11. Canuckkev

    Similies in High School Essays [Funny]

    Okay, so I'm not one to usually pass these type of emails on, but some of these are damn hilarious. They seem to be a little contrived...either way, they are funny[some].
  12. Canuckkev


    http://www.rockandrant.com/index2.html I'm no designer...I've been working on this recently, and I need tips. Thanks.
  13. Canuckkev

    So I have all this unused bandwidth...

    ...and am going to give more away. Rules? -English sites only -Decent traffic -You must place a small button linking to one of my sites. -No forums -No illegal material (duh) -No adult material (no pr0n) Specs? -It's a paid hosting account...for free. So, it is hosted on premium...
  14. Canuckkev

    How many does it take....

    From member davidspalton at Myacen forums. Just thought it would be better than a thread about threads about polls. Oh ya, after this, I'm really gone (for the night, as I said in the other thread).
  15. Canuckkev

    TemplateTarget.com Affiliate Program - Earn 20% Commission

    Introducing the TemplateTarget.com Affiliate Program Link to a directory of high quality web templates, at low low prices. For every sale you generate, you are paid 20% of that sale! Payments are made via Paypal Sign up now and start earning serious cash!
  16. Canuckkev

    I met the President!

    No, not Dubya, the President of the company I work for. No not a big deal, but the company is the country's 4th largest employer, with 70,000 employees. Anyways, who wants to take a guess at my employer?
  17. Canuckkev

    Comments on a phpBB

    Okay, so I think I may start up a music discussion forum, as I have many views I wish to share with the world. Anyways, I downloaded a suitable theme, and would like your opinions. I have done little to customize it so far...but am looking for some advice to make it a little friendlier...
  18. Canuckkev

    My new webmaster site

    Okay, I finally started work on some sort of site. I was trying a free template at first, one from a site that a member here said "were coded properly". Now I understand they were kidding (I hope!). I tried the template in Opera...and...it would have been hard to make it look worse if I...
  19. Canuckkev

    Do search engines index a site with a "?query" in the URL?

    What I want to do is be lazy and do the index.php?page=blah so I only have to make a blah.inc.php to include. But, I heard search engines do not index pages like this...I did a quick look through google, and saw a few "questionable pages" (urls with a ? in them). But, does anyone know anything...
  20. Canuckkev

    What song is this v7.0

    Okay, I am stuck at what song it is...who knows? http://3kd.net/what.mp3 It is a sample from a live version of the song "Heartbreaker" by Led Zeppelin, but I am pretty sure that little bit is from a different song...I just don't know what it is...