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    Hit counter/stats service feedback

    I'm working on developing a free hit counter/stats service. We have a nice script, it'll be free and is included into your page with just a small piece of javascript. The stats incude, hits, unique hits, visitors browser stats, referers and records of terms people use in search engines to...
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    clock is wrong

    No it's not, it's 1:24pm GMT :wink2:
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    Well it's not feedback, more of a request. can i ask where you got these smilies?, like this little guy --> :P I wouldn't mind using them on one of my sites but i want to know who to ask permission from. I tried making some once, first one looked ok but the rest all just looked the same...
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    50% Extra Bandwidth!!

    Hello :) We have decided to make an offer to users of this forum that will last for 1 week only! 50% extra data transfer (bandwidth) on ALL set plans This offer is available on any of the following. ======= x100 100mb webspace 1.5gb data transfer (normally 1gb) 2 FTP Accounts...
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    Hosts - one to avoid

    This is for the benefit of people offering hosting. Please don't host this person, he's just taking advantage of us. name: John Garry email: kuboy002@yahoo.com.cn normal username: cooler I offered some accounts, and he applied saying it was to host the site http://cooler.2ya.com I...
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    Free Image Hosting

    < removed > - enjoy :classic2:
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    3 cPanel Accounts

    Hi :) I'm offering 3 more accounts, similar to before. You must already have a site i can view. It must be in english. What do you get? 50mb webspace 500mb data transfer 2 MySQL databases 2 FTP accounts 2 Email accounts 5 subdomains PHP, CGI, Perl cPanel 7.2.1 Frontpage...
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    5 Accounts

    Hi :classic2: I'm willing to offer 5 free accounts, with the following requirements. You must have a domain name (.com, .net, .org or a country domain .us, .co.uk etc) You must already have a site i can view, getting 50+ uniques a day What do you get? 50mb webspace 500mb data...
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    freehu (ex: realwebmasters.net) dies at last

    For those that don't know. I didn't actually think it would last as long as it did, but we all knew it would die soon enough. Another lesson to free hosts thinking of offering stupid amounts of space and transfer, and expecting to survive on a few affiliate programs - bad idea :classic2:
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    Traffic exchange programs

    Hi :) I'm looking to find some sort of traffic exchange program for my site. I really really hate ads :mad: so i'm looking for more of a traffic exchange (preferably only an 88x31 button) but i don't want anything that's going to rotate stupid rip off lottery games or flash bright lights...
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    A1 Javascripts Affiliates

    Not sure if this belongs in another forum, but does anybody affiliate with A1 javascripts? I can't find the link on their site now that i look for it (typical) but they have an affiliate program that claims a 1:1 rate, i.e for each hit they recieve from your domain through your referal link...
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    Two Hosts

    I don't recall either being mentioned here, both are quite new, as usual please try not to abuse them :) http://togetherhost.com Domain Hosting 50mb space 200mb bandwidth FTP POP3 Email Ensim Control Panel PHP, CGI, Perl, SSI No Ads (i think) http://www.4x.ro 100mb Space...
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    Ensim Logs

    I couldn't find a more suitable forum to put this in :( Anyway, does anybody know if there's a way to delete or clear the access log from an ensim control panel? Currently my logs are cleared every week, which i presume is how my host has it set. The problem is when my log gets to...
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    LiquidFire Hosting

    I came accross this when i was browsing some websites yesterday, i did a search here and nobody seems to have mentioned them yet.It's domain only hosting i think. 100mb Space 1gb Bandwidth Web-Based Email 1 Mysql Website Statistics CGI-Bin Access Perl CGI Support Full DNS...
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    looking for free forum hosting? try this

    Hey :) As we know there's always a huge amount of people looking for free hosting just for forums, and because they often don't bring much traffic and use loads of resources it's hard to find. There's invisionfree.com but people moan that you're restricted in the options for customising...
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    Source code error

    I'm hoping somebody can help me fix this :( If you go to <fixed now thanks> You can see the two errors that i'm getting for my page, well it's basically the same type of error but twice, the explination of 'missing tag' doesn't make sense to me i don't see how there can be unless i'm...
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    Warning!! Element Sites Hosting

    I've just come accross somebody offering hosting under this name, their site is located at http://www.elementsites.tk I would strongly suggest NOT signing up with this host. First of all their own website is hosted on a free lycos site :confused4 so as they can't even host themselves it's...