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  1. Matt8


    http://manbabies.com/ I hope your dreams go really well.
  2. Matt8

    Turning off Work Proxy

    So....my workplace now has a proxy in IE that doesn't let you go to fun sites. Thus far, I have been working around this using a portable version of Opera. (The actual Firefox process appears to have been blocked!). The trouble with this, is the portable version of Opera starts running very...
  3. Matt8

    Web Template Needed

    I am in the need of a very simple web template designed for me. I have a very small budget of about $20 via PayPal. I only need a one page design, nothing too fancy. -This would be an opportunity to go pretty creative with the design - I have some basic guidelines to what I want but it...
  4. Matt8

    MP4 Codec Issues

    So I downloaded this video that is MP4...I am unable to watch it. I have tried Winamp (Lite version), Windows Media Player, even VLC and nothing is playing it correctly. Audio comes through just peachy but the video is completely white. I am leery to go downloading codecs from a google...
  5. Matt8

    Sorry Jan...Someone Had To Point it Out

    The number 1 poster in the world hit a milestone;
  6. Matt8

    Linux....Should I? And Which?

    Okay, so I am posting this from attempt number 3 at using Windows Vista. The previous two attempts were prior to service pack 1. So many people around here especially kept reassuring me that Vista SP1 isn't so bad, and that I needed to give it a try. I hate it. Its slow, its buggy...
  7. Matt8

    Xbox 360 Outsells Original...Left 4 Dead Is Amazing

    http://www.engadget.com/2008/11/25/xbox-360-outsells-the-original-xbox-microsoft-heads-down-to-the/ Pretty amazing. I will say, I quit giving a crap about games about mid life of the PS2 and played Counter Strike only for years. Last year I got an Xbox 360 from a co-worker for 150 bucks...
  8. Matt8

    Office 2007...The Last Straw/WinMo Alternative?

    I have had it up to here with this cruddy software. It has taken over my computer in all senses of the world. This is a copy of Enterprise I borrowed from work and really I ONLY use Outlook and thats for the simple purpose of having somewhere to Activesync my Windows Mobile phone to...
  9. Matt8

    The New Skin + Scrolling Issue?

    For some reason, scrolling in Firefox 3 on the forums that require me to use the thread is choppy and bad. It didn't use to be like this I don't think. I didn't make any changes. And don't turn this into a Browser war, don't wanna hear it. Keep on topic. Secondly, what is the status of...
  10. Matt8

    Best Registrar

    With the recent price jumps at Yahoo and a lot of reports about poor customer service @ GoDaddy, I gotta ask, what is the best registrar? Notice I didn't say cheap, but best. I'd much rather pay a bit more and get good service. Domains are one thing I have never been consistent about...