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  1. Johnny

    You got to look at this! IMAO

    this was very famous on ebay, it was a well know scam that people fell for, now they seem to have expand. now they are expanding to webmasters! lol and this email is very poorly writen. The one on ebay look much better.:D
  2. Johnny

    bandwidth monitor

    anyone know any script that would tell me how much bandwdith my site used today, yesterday. I have a weblog that comes with ensim, but it only tell overall bandwidth usuage.
  3. Johnny

    click thru exchange

    is there anything that is like click thru exchange? I send them 1 click they send me 1 back or whatever the ratio is.
  4. Johnny

    [Thread Closed] me calling people racist?

    me calling people racist? Why don't you warn them? they call me a racist, todd. they call me other names.. Maybe you are bias against me cause you think i am one of them but i don't care. I have nothing else to say. Have a good day:biggrin2:
  5. Johnny

    [Thread Closed] Goverment told me not to go there but i still did...

    Goverment told me not to go there but i still did... One day I was walking on a plain, even tho the goverment told me not to go there, I might get kill by target practice bombs, I still when there and I died. And my family want to sue the goverment for billions and billions for my death. A)...
  6. Johnny

    [Thread Closed] Israel Goverment is Evil

    Israel Goverment is Evil Did you see on the news. they used a 1 ton bomb on a crowded street, just to kill 1 lousy militian. This show how evil they are and don't care about human lifes.
  7. Johnny

    is hitbox ever accurate?

    I am using webtrend and hitbox to track my stats. and I get 2 different stats.. webtrend say i have 700 unqiue so far and hitbox said i had 1600 unique? hitbox even accurate?
  8. Johnny

    whats that site that rank websites

    anyone know what the url of the site where they take a screenshot of your site, tell you what rank you are in on the category and the sites that are linked to yoru site.
  9. Johnny

    pay for proxy servers

    any of you guys know anywhere i could pay for good proxy servers?
  10. Johnny

    good quality templates

    Hi, any one know any good place where i could get good quality templates? I am willing to pay as high as $100 I when to 4templates.com which seem to be the most popular, but they all are crappy or often duplicates just in different colors.
  11. Johnny

    site to test webpage speed?

    nm found it! :D
  12. Johnny

    tell a friend script

    anyone using a tell a friend script? that allow me to manage it like set up your own co-reg and allowing you to put in your own co-reg sponsors
  13. Johnny

    a way to change .shtml to php?

    all my files are currently on shtml is there a way to change it to .php and the ssi command inside too? cause its using to much resources
  14. Johnny

    Rotating popunder javascript

    <!-- Start of Back Console --> <script language="JavaScript"> <!-- browserVer = parseInt(navigator.appVersion); SX=window.open('http://site.com, 'SXback','toolbar=1,location=1,status=1,menubar=1,'+ 'scrollbars=1,resizable=0,width=100,height=100'); if( browserVer >= 4) { window.focus()...
  15. Johnny

    Image galleries script

    anyone could recommend one of this, I would like one that would create its own thumbnails and its own page and where I could be easily be put in with my site design, and I would like it when somone click on the image, they would bring them you to a page where the image is and my site design and...
  16. Johnny

    is it possible to put in a voting poll?

    adding a voting script on my pages.. I wonder if i could add any cgi or php script poll to this page. <? if (file_exists("$DOCUMENT_ROOT/$QUERY_STRING")) { ?> <img src="<? echo("$QUERY_STRING"); ?>" border="2"><br> <? } else { ?> <b>No such image.</b><br> <? } ?>...
  17. Johnny

    javascript to rotate ssi page

    Is there any javascript that would rotate ssi pages.. cause i need that to rotate my banners.
  18. Johnny

    any link bot thingy out there?

    i saw a bot at jimtools. I would like know know if there is a bot out there that can search there site to see if your fellow link exchanger have become greedy and remove my link?
  19. Johnny

    Opera ?

    what is that? over 95% of my visitors use IE.. and 2.5% use opera what is that?
  20. Johnny

    good banner exchange program

    whats a good banner exchange program that won't scam us?