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    (WHM)FreeResellers.Com - Free Reseller Hosting

    At FreeResellers.Com we have a new, unique approach to the hosting business. We like to help get the little guy started in the web hosting business. We offer zero-overhead solutions for those who want to start their own web hosting company. We require that you send us one third of your...
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    Advertisment Sale

    I am running a special on advertisments for freeresellers.com for our grand reopening on 8-15-08. This special cuts all of the prices in half. As long as you keep paying for advertisments, you keep the same price. This special ends on 8-15-08. Header ads cost $10 (now $5) / mth. They can...
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    Limit use of Fantastico

    Is there any way to make it so onely Resellers X and Y can give out or "sell" Fantastico, while resellers A, B, and C can't even use it? Thanks Chris
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    $0.01+ Advertise on FreeResellers.com

    Hello, I am very pleased to offer advertising space on FreeResellers.com! We have a memorable domain, we are a number one search result on Google ( http://www.google.com/?q=free+resellers ), and we give away a great service. We offer 3 places to advertise. Header, from $0.50 / day; Footer...
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    CUPS logging on to IPP

    I want to make CUPS (common unix printing system) log on to my IPP printer that has built in authentication. It needs to open the following url, but it won't: http://user:pass@domain.name/ippinfo Is there a way to make authentication work while using cups as the client? Chris
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    I am selling TheFreeWebHost.net. Here are the details of TheFreeWebHost.net PR3 Stats from January: Unique Visitors: 2868 Number of Visits: 4034 (1.4 visits/visitor) Pages: 5746 (1.42 Pages/Visit) Hits: 5825 1.44 Hits / Visit Bandwidth: 21.56 MB (5.47 KB/Visit)...
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    Script installer

    I am thinking of creating a script installer for cPanel. It would support all the same scripts as Fantastico, Elfante, and more. It would cost $20 to register with 1 year of updates / subscription. Then, it would be $2 / per month (or $20 / yr) for updates / subscription. I am finding out...
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    cPanel VPS

    Found a plan with Kevhosting. I purchased their special.
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    B& Vs. Banned

    What is the difference between B& and Banned? Some banned users have one, others have the other. InternalX (aka CnR) has B&. Is B& banned for infractions? Chris
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    Rep Idea..

    It would be cool if we required people to give 1 +rep for every -rep to keep people from -repping everyone. Whata you think?
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    ValuePaid Resellers From $1 / mth.

    We offer support via email, forum, and phone. The phone support is available from 9am to 5pm 7 days a week. 24 hour emergency support available. On to the plans. Small Reseller 1GB space 10GB bandwidth Unlimited accounts, domains, and features $1 / mth Medium Reseller 5GB space 50GB bandwidth...
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    What mods?

    What mods do the FWS forums use?
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    Ouchie My Car!!!

    My inexperience in winter driving + my car + the electrical pole + oversized tires = http://www.lewisoft.net/car Heres what happened: I turned too late so I over corrected . Then I slammed on the brakes. I spun out and remember slamming into the pole. To be honest.. I need money for a new...
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    free first month PR2 advertising FreeResellers.com

    FreeResellers.com is the number one result on Google for the following search terms: Free Resellers Free Reseller Hosting We have many advertising possibilities. We have the following spaces available all over the web site. To see a demo, please visit our web site at...
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    Purpose of this forum

    The purpose of this sub-forum is to make sure that the best scripts posted on the FreeWebSpace.net forums are not lost. To achieve this we, the script creators, kindly request that you do not create support request threads in this sub-forum. Instead, please either create a support request in...
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    Everyone does it or has done it before-- like farting in a crowded elevator and getting off at the next floor. Whose (wo)man enough to admit it (overselling, not farting in an elevator :wink:)? I am. I oversell thefreewebhost.... but not much... It just says overselling because I gave my...
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    Opperation C.A.S.T.

    Another failed post by TFWH. Stuffradio and internalx (first post) had the type of reply to "what do you think of this idea"
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    Westboro Baptist Church should loose its charity status!

    Westboro Baptist Church should loose it's 501(c)(3) charity status as they are participating in politics by publicly saying this: In the quote above, they are directly campaigning against the current governor of California. The law states this: So my question is how do I report a 501(c)(3) as...
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    Boycott Streamlined Sales Tax

    I want to boycott Streamlined Sales Tax. Streamlined Sales Tax Sucks! This is the first step in the initiative to make us all pay sales tax online. Washington will be implementing this because of the Substitute Senate Bill 5089. It takes effect July 1, 2008. So I am proposing that all...
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    Marijuana Legalization

    Marijuana is illegal in the US, with the exception of Medical Marijuana when prescribed by a Dr. in a state that allows it. Do you think it should be 100% legal? [Why / Why not] To be honest, this is a fishing expedition for arguments to use in my paper that I have to write in English.