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  1. [lhomme]

    100% wide images.

    I have an image I want to be stretched to fill its <div> container. I've currently set it to 100% width but the image only becomes 100% of the current window width and not the actual <div> width. This becomes problematic when the window is not fully maximized. Thanks.
  2. [lhomme]

    Simple <div> question

    How do you make a 100% wide <div> shrink to no less than 700 pixels wide? In other words, I want a <div> with a minimum width and scales upward with the users resolution. Can this be done with coding? spacer images? Thanks.
  3. [lhomme]

    Object Expected Error

    I get an object expected error in IE for line 24 char 1. Line 24 char 1 begines with "adMessage" (as shown from the code excerpt below). What is wrong? Page URL: http://www.acafe.net/academia.php <body marginheight="20" marginwidth="0" topmargin="20" leftmargin="0"> <div...
  4. [lhomme]

    Quick Question

    This is really simple but I've searched Google and this forum but I can't seem to find the answer. What is the name and url of the site previously posted on this forums that gave the traffic rankings of all websites? It was a site that indexed all the websites on the internet (or the great...
  5. [lhomme]

    MP3 Editor

    Hiya - I need a simple free editor that will allow me to raise the volume of my mp3s (I'm trying to get them all the same volume). Thanks.
  6. [lhomme]

    Selective link CSS settings

    How would I go about making the "a:hover,a:link,a:active,a:visited" attributes apply to a selected class only? For example, on my nav table has class id of "menu" and it has some specific formating. I want that nav table to have its own specific hyperlink CSS formating. Thanks.
  7. [lhomme]

    Quick Review

    I've decided to redo the layout for my site and came up with the following: http://www.acafe.net/index.htm Its not complete - I just need a few suggestions before I continue: 1. How to improve it or any browser problems that arise... and 2. If I should create another "printer...
  8. [lhomme]

    [Possible Spoiler] Star Wars Storyline

    Star Wars Storyline I just saw Episode Two and as it is the only Stars Wars film that I have seen, I am totally confused. With that in mind - is there a site that actually covers the entire storyline of all the movies? Amazingly, all of the Stars Wars sites I could find (using Yahoo and Google...
  9. [lhomme]

    Toggling Javascripts

    Is there a way to let users toggle a javascript on and off - with on being the default? Preferably, this toggling of the javascript would remain permanent unless toggled again by the user. As always, thanks again.
  10. [lhomme]

    Minor Code Help

    I just need some help with a few things: 1. What is the Netscape/Mozilla equivalent of topmargin="0" leftmargin="0" ? 2. Imagine a table with 2 columns and 1 row. In each of the two cells I want to make a table. How do I get both to be the same height without using absolute height...
  11. [lhomme]

    Sliding Parts of Webpage

    On www.youngpup.net , the content of most pages is slided in from the side of the page. How would I go about doing something similar with tables? Thanks.
  12. [lhomme]

    Coolest Site

    In a fit of boredom (and to get ideas for a redesign) - what is the coolest website you have ever visited?
  13. [lhomme]

    Windows 2k vs ME

    I've decided to switch from ME to either Windows 2k Pro or XP Pro. Which should I choose? I'm looking for the more stable and the less resources use. I use my pc mainly for word processing, gaming and web design. Any suggestions? Thanks. :cool:
  14. [lhomme]

    Proxy and FTP

    Is there any way to use a proxy when using SMARTFTP to ftp to another server?
  15. [lhomme]

    External Javascript

    Suppose I have want to use a time and date javascript and I wish to have it in a seperate file. On the file I want the javascript to be included it I inserted <script language="JavaScript" src="timedate.js"></script> where timedate.js is the name of the file and in timedate.js I have...
  16. [lhomme]

    Half Life and Windows 2000

    Just checking - HL and its related mods work in 2000 right?
  17. [lhomme]

    ACafe - Constructive Critism Plz

    Okay - I need some advice on how to improve my site. Comments could range anywhere from design to search engine optimization to code errors etc. Please avoid posting empty ratings without constructive suggestions. Thanks a lot. http://www.acafe.net/
  18. [lhomme]

    Ads Sticky

    Hiya - I was just wondering if anybody wanted to start up a sticky thread containing all the known reputable add companies. I would do it but as of yet, I have used any ad company for any significant amount of time. Thanks
  19. [lhomme]

    Netscape Problems

    My site consists of a header file, a footer file and some content sandwitched in between. On each seperate page, the header and footer stay the same and only the content changes. With that in mind: Why does Netscape render the index page's header and footer differently then the other pages...
  20. [lhomme]

    CSS & Opera

    Anybody know how to make the CSS code "text-indent" as well as "cursor: pointer" work in Opera? Thanks.