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    Urgently need VPS

    My budget can go up to $60/month. I require: 150GB HDD Space 2GB Memory 7TB+ Bandwidth Cpanel/WHM Managed Let's see those offers.
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    5 month review of RubyRingTech

    Hello everyone, Last December I signed up with RubyRingTech for a VPS that was an offer from my thread in the requests section. I am _very_ happy to report in that time, the server has been rock solid. Their customer service is simply outstanding; answering every question I have had, and...
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    Req: MANAGED Linux VPS

    Since I have tried to PM several members regarding their offers in my other thread and none getting back to me, I thought I would try and be more specific.. Here is my text from the previous thread: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are the current...
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    Private messages regarding VPS?

    Hello everyone, I have sent quite a few private messages to people regarding my request for a VPS, and none have replied or even read them. Is this normal? Peter Skinner Edmonton Tek
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    Server Point or WooServers?

    In my search for a new VPS, I believe I have narrowed it down to two options: Serverpoint and WooServers. Does anyone have any experience with either of these companies? Reading reviews on other sites were ok, but sounded more like employees writing them instead of actual users. Being...
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    Request: Linux VPS

    Hello, My current VPS with Implihosting.com (Now Open Source Web Hosting) went from bad to ugly, so I am looking to make an immediate switch. Here are the current specs of my MANAGED VPS: IH-3 Disk Space: 70 Gigabyte Bandwidth: 500 Gigabytes Ram (Guaranteed): 768 MB Ram...
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    Seeking VPS or Dedi

    On the advice of Jan, I am opening this thread for offers of a VPS or a Dedicated box. Here are the specs of my current VPS with Implihosting.com/Open Source Web Hosting: Account IH-3 Disk Space: 70 Gigabyte Bandwidth: 500 Gigabytes Ram (Guaranteed): 768 MB Ram (Burst): 1256 MB...
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    My Implihosting/Open Source Hosting review

    Over a year ago I purchased a VPS from Implihosting.com for roughly $55/month. (29.99 pounds converted to CDN funds). After about 6 months, Implihosting.com was purchased by Open Source Web Hosting, and the decline started. Prior to the merge, I was guaranteed 1hr high priority support...
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    Need a new VPS..

    I signed up with someone from these forums quite a while ago (Implihosting) and the company was sold to Open Source Web Solutions. I have roughly 25 domains on the VPS currently, and we used a total of 2.7GB in traffic last month. Not very high at all. I went with a VPS due to the number of...
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    Subscription service/signup?

    I am looking for something similar to Isubscribe that will allow people to sign up on a website, pay for their subscription, and generate/create user accounts that restrict access to another part of the site. Does anyone know of something like this? It really doesn't matter if it is free or...
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    Tools to manage domains offsite?

    Is there a tool to manage domains from registrars like GoDaddy and Namecheap off site? I have roughly 50 domains that I would like to manage without logging into this or that site, and update the contact information without doing one domain at a time. Is this possible? I hate the...
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    VPS required

    This is what I currently host at Dreamhost and possibly someone can tell me approx. what I would need in a VPS. Domains Hosted: 21 plus 2 subdomains Email addresses: 50+ MySQL Databases: 11 Applications in use: WordPress Online Invoicing System 3.0 PHPlist (Never more than 800...
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    Need a VPS, requirements?

    I think I have outgrown shared hosting at Dreamhost, who I might add have been pretty good over the years. This is what I currently host at Dreamhost and possibly someone can tell me approx. what I would need in a VPS. Domains Hosted: 21 plus 2 subdomains Email addresses: 50+ MySQL...
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    Outgrowing shared plans and looking for VPS

    I am currently hosting about 14 domains at Dreamhost and while pretty good, I will be requiring to host about 20 more in the very near future. So I am looking for a VPS, managed, and my budget is roughly $30-50/month. What are some good companies that I should be looking to choose between...
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    Dreamhost package ending

    My Dreamhost package is ending shortly, and based on the usage for the past year, I don't think it is worth it to pay $120US. This month I used a paltry 500mb in bandwidth. Can you use a renewal code or something?
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    Place for free domain transfer?

    I have a domain currently registered at zeroregistry.com, and their DNS management options are horrible. Just to change an MX record you have to purchase the option to do so, and I did not know this going in. Is there a place that I can transfer my domain for free? I just need a place that...