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    MTW redux

    Okay, let's all say that the mysterious case of Mtw rewrote FWS for about a month. I am still holding a "middle line" where I offered him website work if he gives up hosting. After running out of stuff to say, he said he had an "empire" (my word) of sites. I gave him a couple sharp tells and...
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    Startpage Down!?

    I have quietly promoted Startpage as an IP-Protecting search engine. However I am getting blips. Any info?
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    Let's suppose he might have a little latency etc, what's the minimum setup he would need? I really want us to get past his spelling, and the fact that he's down in funds, and let him thrash a little on the knowledge side. It's like we're jamming him up "on the wrong question". It's like maybe...
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    I'm dyin' to know who you'll get that I didn't and why!
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    i haz free host 2! k thnx bye!

    Deeplist, I have idly joked a few times about making an actual serious host who operates as a joke with funny language. I really think there's a market for it for the folks who want to be teh hotness for a year before college profs make them spell better on essay papers. User selectible...
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    Odd words getting blanked out

    ------d Why would o u t w a r d be a swear worthy of being blanked?
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    Re: Vision culture site

    Hallo everyone. I roughed out my culture site. http://taophoenix.seraphimlabs.net/ReVisionMobile.html It is supposed to be optimized for mobile devices. It's a hair wide for my phone, but does it behave on tablets?
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    Paid Offer Status Updates

    Hello everyone! As a cousin project to my free host monitoring, I decided to do some simple lists to see the status of ads vs host viability. For me, most important is the paid host side, because of the exponentially greater security and fiduciary responsibilities. Free hosts come and go, and...
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    Heh - I just hit 1001 + posts. My status just changed to "NLC". What's that? Near Legendary Character? :)
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    Removing tags?

    I have a question for the admins. It looks like someone put some troll tags on my thread. "Davids not awesome" "Davids mediocre". Can someone remove those?
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    Call to Admins

    By now this is past little blips, all the way up to the board level. Peo & Jan, do you have any advice for the hosts here? We have in effect a full scale Old Mafia assault on two hosts now. To me, that's a warning bell for every host on the board.
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    iPhone Optimized Table Blocks

    Hi everyone. This is the lead page of my site, which is also featured over on the host study thread. http://taophoenix.babblehost.com/ReVision.html My emerging design is supposed to be iPhone optimized. At the moment I sludge it with "Guessing the character count" to keep the topic bars...
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    Time to rebuild my host spread

    Okay gang. Time to rebuild my spread of hosts. I am looking for 2-3 hosts for my small personal jumppage whose main current use is linking my typical web recurring items, to possibly host some linked files if you stay put long enough for me to get around to writing the matching articles. Site...
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    FWS up or down in activity?

    A ways back someone was asking about "is it me or is FWS dropping off..." For me I cycle in and out of FWS because if I have a lead and two backup hosts, I tend not to need to actively hunt the host offers. However, first one of my selections went down a few months ago, and just now the...
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    I wanna' be Swedetastic!

    I've been following the whole PirateBay thing from you guys. In your country's honor and in protest of some recent US policies, I submit the following little joke based on the other more official post. Luxembourg USA Swedetastic!
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    Full-Tray links in tables

    Hallo gang. See the following example page. http://taophoenix.cwahi.net/Comp/CompIntro.html Currently, it's coded so the "feature topic" link is tied to the small topic picture, in this case the Monk Programmer. But I have the phone market in mind, which is getting into Big Pushable...
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    "Garbage Anti-Host"

    This is one part frustration, several parts ignorance, and a dash of black humor. I have a bunch of spare comps drifting around my apt. Given some of the hysterically funny non-service experiences I have had in this field, I am wondering who wants to help with the software side to mess around...
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    Stopping Pop Summaries of Threads

    Anyone know how to turn off the "pop details" feature whereupon some or all of the thread text pops up the instant you mouse over something? It seems to occur for at least a couple of browsers, aka not browser specific per se.
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    HTML - Relative Links up levels?

    Hello everyone. I typically run a couple of mirror sites at any one time. I would like to know the way to create a "relative link" that goes up a level. For example: Suppose you have an account with a main section, and some page there like index.html. Then imagine a typical subfolder...