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    What web hosting is the best for multi projects?

    I know that a lot of people use BlueHost or IX Web Hosting, but I had problems on both with excessive downtime. That might not have been an issue with VPS or Dedicated servers, but it was a problem with shared hosting. I've been using Azure platform from Apps4Rent Hosting l hardly have any...
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    How is cPanel price increase affecting your hosting?

    So it is true. No please cPanel. The ramification of you changing the prices are huge. We need to change everything around you and that's not a good practice. A big no . Such an increase over no value increase is absurd. There is zero benefit for us and 5 accounts cost now more than the...
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    What are the bacis things for choosing a good webhosting

    Web hosting is a majorly important part of running your website, and if you are using a host that cannot keep up with the traffic that you are receiving then your website will be slow, and people will leave. So what are some things to consider? Here are few things for you to consider: The...
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    Directadmin X cPanel

    DirectAdmin and cPanel both are control panel solutions for your web hosting administration allows you to manage different options of your hosting account. Both are developed by different companies are in use by many different hosting providers. Though both do the same job (hosting account...
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    How to fix corrupted external hard drive?

    This all depends on the kind of damage it has sustained. If its logical damage then you might be able to check badblocks or checkdsk depending on your os. (linux and windows respectively) Before that though I'd recommend trying to recover your files on another hard drive prior to running a...
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    Best Email Service ?

    Depends of may factors, I suggest to evaluate: - Number of mailboxes. - How do you access email (Pc, Mobiles, Webmail). - Do you need control of mail server (Set max attachment size, max mail per hour, filter recipients, etc). - Do you prefer to pay for mailbox or a plain price for a dedicated...
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    FREE Video Capture Software

    Free video recording or screen capturing software might be affordable but they cannot be trust worthy when it comes to performance and tech support required for configuration but OBS is an exception for this. OBS definitely deserves the first mention, as it is free, open-source and comes with...
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    What is domain parking?

    Domain parking can be used when you want to sell a domain that you own, with the help of a domain seller. So, you "park" the domain with the seller who will then try to sell your domain for as a high price as possible. Regards, Adrian
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    Difference between Desktop and Laptop

    I see this debate all over the internet about Desktop vs Laptop but i think technology is moving much more faster than we are. People nowadays have started using virtual desktop`s over the physical PCs. Here is what i would like to share few words about virtual desktop and how it is becoming...
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    What would be the best Cloud Hosting ?

    You can think about hosting wordpress site on Azure. There are multiple options in the Azure platform, I've used many of them: You can run it as a webapp, full PaaS, no need to worry about patching the underlying components, you have full control of WP, this is my preferred option. For the...
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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Dedicated server

    Advantages of a Dedicated Server Control Panel - Cpanel is a favorite among users and can be added to a dedicated server usually for a monthly fee. Server Security - On should a dedicated server you are massively increasing your level of security, simply because there are no other accounts...
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    Is free Hosting Safe! ?

    Actually, the reality of free web hosting is different from whatever they are listed on the portal. There are lots of other facts in reality. The real facts about free web hosting are: Hidden cost: They are offering so many facilities and services but when you purchase it then they will...
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    Why cPanel?

    cPanel is good for those who want to save their time and cost. Good due to the following feature: You can access multiple communication podiums and settings under this feature. Other features include flexibility of creating email accounts, delete emails, email messaging, email filtering and...
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    Explain the difference Between Dedicated hosting and shared web hosting services?

    In Shared Hosting, multiple clients are hosted on a single server i.e. the clients share the server’s resources. This helps reduce the cost, since the cost of the server and its resources are spread over all the clients/packages hosted on the server. Think of Shared hosting as an apartment...
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    What would you prefer paid or free hosting?

    Paid hostings are profesdional hosting with good server , virus free server , unlimited data transfer with 24/7 customer support . Free hosting is low level hosting . Lots of websites on single small server means speed of loading website is slow . No customer support , no antivirus . Your...
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    Improvement of DA & PA

    DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) are both related to backlinks. If you continue to get good quality backlinks, you should see an ongoing improvement. Keep in mind DA and PA are just symptoms. Work on your traffic and the growth of your site and all metrics that are suppose to go up...
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    Most Important factor for SEO

    This pie chart can answer all your SEO doubts ! Regards, Adrian
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    Do I need WHMCS

    WHMCS, as the very name suggests, is an all-in-one client management platform which will save you a lot of hassle in running an online business. But if this one argument is not even enough, there is a plethora of other compelling reasons: Automation A real time-saver. WHMCS ensures automation...
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    Most important factor in a Host?

    Depends on what you’re looking for in your cloud solution. Private cloud works best for organization with high security concerns, whereas public cloud can be good option for those with not very high requirements. Both the cloud solutions have their own advantages to offer, but first set your own...
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    Which will you prefer for hosting blog? dedicated or share?

    If you are running a blog which get less than 200 visitors per day then i think shared hosting will be best for you. If you are getting more than 1000 visitors a day then i would suggest you to go for dedicated server hosting. Regards, Adrian