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    What kind of advertising

    I´m currently only looking for webmasters interested in adding their sites to the actual toplist. The reason the site receives traffic is that the domain was used in a free url-redirection service with over 3500 members. I had to close the service because of some problems and lack of...
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    What kind of advertising

    Hello, What is the best kind of advertising for a toplist(with a lot of different categories)? It would also help a lot if you could recommend a good advertising network who accept toplist-sites. The site receives around 1600 unique visitors per day right now but this will increase...
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    Trouble, please help

    Hello, I run the free ad-free URL-redirection service URL-Redirection.com and I have been doing that for about a year now without earning anything from the service. Unfortunately the site just got shut down because it put too much pressure on the server, I need to get a dedicated for the...
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    70% off! Regular price $9.99 - NOW ONLY $2.99!! 10 Accounts - first come first served

    Limited Special Offer, 70% off!!! Only 10 accounts available!!! Premium Hosting Package: 200MB Space 5GB Bandwidth 100 Email accounts, databases, autoresponders etc. All features you need! For list off features, go to: http://www.speedpromote.com/hosting.html To signup for this...
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    Webmaster for pornsite wanted

    The position is now filled. I´m sorry for not mailing back to all that I heard from but I did get so many mails. I thank you all for your interest.
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    Webmaster for pornsite wanted

    Hi, I´m looking for a webmaster to take care of my pornsite. The site is pretty fresh and I don´t have the time to promote it and check all new gallery submissions. The deal is we share all revenue but I pay the hosting. The site is up and working and the script is paid for. Anyone...
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    The best URL redirection service?

    We have expanded our URL redirection service with several new domains. We have also changed our main domain from AM5.com to www.URL-Redirection.com Our service is still completely ad-free and will continue to be so. Try our free service: www.URL-Redirection.com Some of the...
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    Hi there, A redirection service is usually a service to get a shorter domain name without having to buy a domain. For example, if you have the url: www.domainname.com/~user/directory/index.html you can get yoursite.redirectiondomain.com instead. There are both services where you get...
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    Jan Sorry if it´s in the wrong forum. I just thought this was the right forum since my primary wish was to get experiences and tips from others. I didn´t offer anything and wrote that if anyone has a newsletter offer they could pm me. I guess I should have made two different posts, one...
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    Hi, Does anybody know any good newsletters to advertise in. I want to promote a free URL redirection service so I guess webmaster targeted would be the best? Maybe a "free host" who has a newsletter? If there´s anybody who has a newsletter and thinks he/she can help me then please pm...
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    Please read first!

    Please add <<Please, do not promote your own service here>>
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    No Ads!!

    No More Ads!! We have decided to make our free URL redirection service ad-free! Many features and NOT ANY annoying pop-ups or banner ads. Get yoursite.am5.com Try our free URL redirection! Some of the features: - Redirecting with and without "www." - Advanced META TAG...
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    Tinyurl.com and makeashorterlink.com

    www.AM5.com let´s you have anything.am5.com, it´s also a free service.
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    Free Help Desk service?

    Chicken You need a MySQL database to run perldesk.
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    Tired of bad web hosts?

    Get a quality host with fast and personal support. We keep our clients 100% satisfied. Visit www.speedpromote.com for more information.
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    Contest: Win One Year Of Hosting!

    AM5.com has launched a contest where you can win one year of hosting with the following features: 150 MB Space 5000 MB Bandwidth 50 Pop3 email, email lists, forwarders, databases and much more! It´s free to enter the contest. Go to AM5.com for more information.
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    Get a FREE short URL. Redirection service.

    - 6 different Ad-types to choose from: Top-Frame, Bottom-Frame, Delay-Page, Popup, Exit-Popup. All ads are very small and does not distract the visitor. - Cloaking on/off: Members can choose whether to hide their URL behind the Redirecting URL or not. - Redirecting with and without "www."...
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    Get a FREE short URL. Redirection service.

    A new FREE redirection service has launched, get a short URL. Get anything.am5.com http://www.am5.com
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    Limited Offer! Double Resources!

    LIMITED OFFER! DOUBLE RESOURCES! If you order our budget hosting you will get all resources DOUBLED! This offer ends on Tuesday (11/6) www.speedpromote.com