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  1. saikosys

    Basic hosting needed!

    I've edited my initial post. Any recomendations?
  2. saikosys

    Basic hosting needed!

    I am aware of "no unlimited" thats why I say unmetered which in my opinion is something totally different.
  3. saikosys

    Basic hosting needed!

    The unmetered bandwith was for a friend of mine and she got a friend to host her now. But I still need an reliable ad-free host. Around 25meg or more and preferably ftp acces. Which would you recommend?
  4. saikosys

    Basic hosting needed!

    I edited my post I am looking for a host: - No ads - Decent bandwidth (1gig or more) - Preferably ftp - I don't really need any scripting but maybe some guestbook or bullitin board script would be nice. not asking too much am I? I did try the hostfaq, Brinkster has ads now...
  5. saikosys

    700,000 free hosting accounts to giveaway!

    why does everybody make such a big deal about the amount of harddisk/servers, its not that they get 700.000 members in 1 day... it will grow steadily i think.
  6. saikosys

    Portal Hpg Sign up ??

    maybe if you posted a URL or something ppl might be able to help :rolleyes:
  7. saikosys

    www.arkois.com [Dutch host]

    LOL I made the phonecall signed up yesterday, was waiting for my registration info, and today on there frontpage there is a message that they had run out of money LOL
  8. saikosys

    Feedback needed on these hosts.

    from coolfreepages FAQ so they have mySQL. Actually they were my first host with mySQL, my first ever experience with installing scripts was on this hosts. While they don't do much of support, they got dedicated support forums were members share there experiences. Theser forums have...
  9. saikosys

    Unlimited Everything

  10. saikosys

    Unlimited Everything

    If you find such a host please let me know :P besides I also need C-Panel, some stats software, hotlinking enabled, supporting streaming audio, all file types allowed and a myname.host.com subdomain because I want to set up a phpBB forum for my personal homepage ;)
  11. saikosys

    web site with audio files

    lol 90 minutes of mp3 @ 128kb/s shouldnt be more than 100 MB but even that's a lot ;) :P
  12. saikosys

    Free Cpanel Hosting - Instant Activation

    lol than to think of it I was considering signing up when it was no setup fee, but it was like 1 AM at night so I thougt I'll sign up next morning, and next morning suddenly there was setup fee haha ;)
  13. saikosys

    www.arkois.com [Dutch host]

    you have to dail a 0900 number which costs you €1,15 ;) During that call they give you a registration number which you have to fill into your application. hmmm I might give it a try ;)
  14. saikosys

    want>>mysql database php free

    Flatface doesnt have mySQL at the moment. Deeplist doesnt offer free hosting at the moment.
  15. saikosys

    free ASP+PHP host

    I once had a yabbse forum, and I went one day testing, tweaking templating it.. turned out I used around 100mb that day...
  16. saikosys

    can any1 tell me an adfree host for phpbb?

    Re: lycos has banner It doesn't have ads if you use PHP in subdirectorys (only at pages in the root directory have ads)
  17. saikosys

    Need someone to host me phpbb forums only

    ofcourse I understand that it's kinda waste to have only 5 members or something, but if there is not much traffic, I don't really see why it would hurt a hosting provider. If it has 1000 visitors a day I can understand why it is becoming too resource intensive... don't get me wrong, if I...
  18. saikosys

    Need someone to host me phpbb forums only

    The only downside of remotely hosted forums that you can't change the template, which is sometimes important to some sites.. Besides, I like modding, tweaking, templating a forum. That is the fun part. Not that I am good at templating, but I used to have a yabb forum (perl version) with 40+...
  19. saikosys

    can any1 tell me an adfree host for phpbb?

    Lycos is a very good place to host a forum! It is reliable, although they are slow and have downtime every now and then, but they wont suddenly go away like some of the other free webspace providers.. It got no ads on php pages, and like others said it got phpMyAdmin. FTP is fast. What...
  20. saikosys

    The best php no-database forum script ?

    thanx for this tip, didn't knew about this one.... any others?