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    Request: hosting to test out a site of mine

    Hello all :) I have a website which is re-launching in May however I would like to test out the new version for the next 1-2 months on a seperate server whereby I will be making CSS changes, changing some things here and there. My site is a news website running Wordpress. I did look into...
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    Need hosting for Large PhpBB forum !

    Hey Guys.. I need a home for my PhpBB3 forum on a TV show which has over 1,070 members.. I can display your ads in the footer of the index if you wish! It contains no Mp3 or video files.. just the forum. I need a host who is reliable and who i can count will keep my forum online.. at least 95%...
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    Need Small Hosting for Musician Fansite

    Hi again Guys!.. it looks like i need another one of my sites to be re-hosted. I currently own a fansite on a UK Music Artist. we have images but most of the multimedia is remotely hosted (youtube.. etc..) I would be grateful if one of you kind hosts out there could spare me 5-10GB Bandwidth...
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    Need Hosting for Popular Forum using PhpBB3 (will display your ads!)

    Hi Guys, I currently own a fairly big forum.. over 700 members and lots of visits per day. We use PhpBB3 RC3 for our forum software. Our old host had an automatic block on there server and because of the PhpBB3 install, our forum was blocked. The forum is discussion for popular UK television...
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    Need a Reliable Host who allows domain

    Hi Again! I'm so disappointed... I have a site which is doing ever so well but the only down point is my host having so much downtime.. I wont say which host it is but i am now stuggling as many users are using other sites to get news and updates rather then mine. So please webmasters!, if you...
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    Need Hosting for Tiana Benjamin Fansite (Urgently Needed!, Let down by old host)

    Hi There Guys, I am one of the staff at a website called Tiana Benjamin Chat. we are currently hosted but the host has let us down and pulled the plug.. as you can see www.tianabenjaminchat.co.uk doesnt work, or for the majority of people who try to access it. Basically, we really need your...
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    Hosting for Fansite

    Hosting for Fansite (ASAP!) Hi There, i will soon be opening a Louisa Lytton Fansite and i need a host, I currently do not own a domain and would rely on a subdomain but will be buying a domain in the VERY NEAR future. I would like Fantastico and PhpBB if possible Bandwidth: 5GB - 20GB Disk...
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    Nelly Furtado UK Fansite

    Im thinking of opening a Nelly Furtado UK fansite. anyone want to host me? I need at least 5GB Bandwidth and 100MB Disc Space. if my bandwidth exceeds i may need it increased. I WILL accept ads, buttons and linkbacks
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    Space for Videos

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    Need Hosting - Have Domain

    Hi There Guys, we have a site http://xfactoruksite.net its based on a TV show in the UK which starts this weekend. we need a reliable host that will look after us for the duration of the series (up until January) What We Need 20-40 GB bandwidth, 1GB+ space, PHP + CPanel + Fantastico 5...
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    Is There A Limit?

    Is there a limit on how many hosting accounts you can have (by this i mean on different hosts)
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    Need Hosting for phpBB Forum

    i need hosting for a phpBB forum based on The X Factor TV Show i need a host that can install phpBB with one click (Fantastico) cPanel 5-10GB Bandwidth 50MB disc space Many Thanks
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    !!URGENT!! - My forum needs re-hosting!!

    Ive been away for two weeks on holiday and now when i come back my forum has been taken off by the host because of inactivity!. i need a re-host urgently, i have over 100 members and they are emailing me to get the forum back. the forum is run on phpBB2 and luckily i have a forum back up. My...
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    Im Moving my forum and need a host

    Hi There, i have a highly popular forum which is remotely-hosted and want to move it as i want to be able to have total control of my forum here's what the forum looks like now http://eastendersonlin.amkbb.com/ Requirements: Space: 50MB + Bandwidth: 10GB + CPanel Fantastico Reliable...
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    Im STILL searching for host for my Tarkira forum

    I need a host for my Tarkan/Shakira based forum which would be very similar to this one http://www.shakirafanz.com/forums/ . the forum would be a discussion thread with a media page (with upload links to audio and video files of Tarkan and Shakira ONLY!) I would need: A Host with...
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    Any Spare STORAGE Space?

    Hi there. i have a website but my host doesnt allow video uploads and I often post 5-40MB vids for members. I have up until now used sites like rapidshare, megaupload and savefile but these are not safe as they do not guarantee that they will stay online and could be removed after 30 days. So...
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    Can anyone offer me or know where i can get a free redirected domain (where the first page has an external domain and the rest of the pages are from your own webhost) I have a site for a very popular TV show which is about to start a new series here in the UK and i need a domain name...
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    Site for New Reality TV Show

    Here in the UK a new series of a popular reality show is to start in a few weeks. 'Love Island' is the title. The show only has an official website and i want to start the FIRST unofficial site and forum. The show was popular the first time round and its starting to get good publicity. I...
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    I need a host for my Tarkan/Shakira based forum which would be very similar to this one http://www.shakirafanz.com/forums/ . the forum would be a discussion thread with a media page. i would need: A Host with Fantastico 50MB Disc Space 5-10GB BandWidth can someone host me?
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    My Friend Needs Hosting for increasingly popular site

    A friend of mine runs a Big Brother website which is increasingly popular and the host the site is currently on only offers 5GB Bandwidth and thats not free!, can anyone host him? Needs: PHP Disk Space: 250MB (although would settle for less) Bandwidth: 20-30GB 3 MySQL Databases (if possible)...