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  1. nice_dude

    Looking for work *Read on*

    I'm looking for some work online. I have almost a decade of hosting under my belt i know the ins and outs i can work support, live or otherwise. I'm a designer also and can provide a portfolio of my work, ranging from logo to full websites. English is my first language, so you can rest assured...
  2. nice_dude

    WTS vBulletin Owned License

    I'm selling my vbulletin owned license for just $96, contact me either by pm, posting or email (gfx.stylez AT gmail.com). March '08 expiration date. Any questions contact me. again price is just $96 paypal, act fast as this will sell just as quick. (EDIT) I'm also selling (separately) three...
  3. nice_dude

    vbulletin owned license tansfer?

    i have a vbulletin owned license and i'm considering selling it but i don't know how can i transfer it should i sell it. I mean is there a way to transfer my owned license to another person easily. Thanks again.
  4. nice_dude

    {WTS} Vbulletin Owned License

    Hi, I would like to sell my Vbulletin owned license, please contact me via MSN live messager: gfx_stylez*@*hotmail.com ,without the *. I can quickly have Vbulletin staff confirm the authenticity of this license. Please don't post here or PM because i won't be monitoring this topic Edit- This...
  5. nice_dude

    New arcade looking for a review

    Hi everyone, iv decided to start a new arcade but just for action games. here is my site: Free Action Games iv been working on it for three days now, anyone got any suggestions on how to improve it, with seo, design and user friendly. thanks.
  6. nice_dude

    Small hosting needed ~cpanel/fantastico adless

    I need 100MB space 1gig Bandwidth. For a blog site. thanks No ads :-)
  7. nice_dude

    Starting up webmaster/ web design community **need help**

    Hi, Thanks for reading this topic! I've started a web design and webmaster resource community and am look for trust worth people to help me run it. at my site we'll feature resources ranging from webmaster tutorials to photoshop brush packs, renders, Sig's etc. I need people experienced...
  8. nice_dude

    -+======BlogsGallery.com======+- $15 bin!

    -+==BlogsGallery.com==+- $15 bin! Domain name blogsgallery.com Keyword(s):2 Expires:07/19/2008 Registered with NameCheap w/ free push to your nc account Paypal BIN:$15 Starting bid: $5 ends 24 hours after last bid Great for a blog gallery showing best design blogs (my original idea...
  9. nice_dude

    Layered Panel v iHost?

    I was wondering in your opinion which is the best Layered Panel or iHost?
  10. nice_dude

    need hosting for a free wed design site

    Hi i need hosting for a free website template site. I already have a domain for it and i'm looking for somewhere around 500mb-1gb space 10 gb bandwidth (upgradable when needed) mysql&php cpanel ad-less please Thank you in advance
  11. nice_dude

    link exchange?

    I was wondering if anyone was interested in exchanging links with me? The links will be at the bottom of the main domain: http://www.nilpix.com/ All links will be site wide, i would like my link to be site wide as well please. Here are my details: URL: http://www.nilpix.com/ Text: Funny Clips...
  12. nice_dude

    Ad Free web hosting, 4.5GB Bandwidth, Great features and more.....

    At iNetHoster we are offering you these three advert free web hosting packages, in reture all we ask for is you post a little according to the package. Soon you we will host conestes where you can will money, domains and much more. Copper Space - 100MB Bandwidth - 1000MB Email Accounts 10...
  13. nice_dude

    CHEAP text & banner ad-space on pr4 site recieving large traffic!

    Available text links:10 as of 09/03/07 Available Banner space:3 as of 09/03/07 Hello, I'm selling monthly and permanent text links on one of my PR 4 sites which receives a lot of traffic and is update regularly. Text links are sold either monthly with no limit on traffic! or permanently...
  14. nice_dude

    Free web hosting, upto 4.5GB Bandwidth, adfree.

    iNETHOSTER Free Web Hosting. We at iNETHOSTER would like to offer you these three Free hosting packages. Copper Package Disk Space: 100MB Bandwidth: 1000MB Sub Domains: 10 Email Accounts: 10 FTP Accounts: 10 MYSQL Databases: 10 Add-on Domains: 1 Parked Domains: 1 10 Posts per month...
  15. nice_dude

    Staff needed for large hosting site (over 2400 members)

    I can't post the link but PM me if your interested. iNetHoster is growing and expanding, with this we are in need of staff, we offer a wide range of services from web hosting to offering scripts. The following list is positions that are open. Community Staff - x5 Community Staff support, you...
  16. nice_dude

    2500MB Space/3500MB bandwidth!! Quality Web hosting.

    INetHoster.net Is Back In Business! INetHoster provides the following hosting plans. We accept all legal web sites and all packages are upgradeable too! Please visit us at www.inethoster.net/forum to view our page. INetHoster is one of the largest free hosting websites available and we...
  17. nice_dude

    Free cPanel 11 php5 Web Hosting

    At iNetHoster we are offering three web hosting packages where you can pick ether post for host or place adverts on your site, our forum is also active for webmasters, soon we will be posting contests in which you can win money, templates and a lot more. iNet Package one Disk Space 100MB...
  18. nice_dude

    One year Free hosting! with purhase on a web site template

    One year free hosting along with a wonderfully designed PSD template. :beer: Click the above link for more details
  19. nice_dude

    Free Web Hosting upto 400MB Space 4000MB Bandwidth

    iNet Package one Disk Space 100MB Bandwidth 1GB per month Email Accounts 10 Sub-Domains 10 FTP Accounts 10 MYSQL Databases 10 Add-on Domains 1 Parked Domains 1 Posts/month: 10 -OR-one (1) advertisement displayed on the index (home page only) iNetHoster - Forum - Request Forum -...
  20. nice_dude

    Selling rare 3 character domain, starting at $2!

    *********************Super rare 3 character domain**************** Registered at namecheap with free push Domain: TU0.info Paypal only Starting at $2. auction will end 30 hours after last bid, reserve set at 5 dollars. Three character domains are extremely rare, this is an opportunity that...