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  1. saikosys

    Basic hosting needed!

    I edited my post I am looking for a host: - No ads - Decent bandwidth (1gig or more) - Preferably ftp - I don't really need any scripting but maybe some guestbook or bullitin board script would be nice. not asking too much am I? I did try the hostfaq, Brinkster has ads now...
  2. saikosys

    The best php no-database forum script ?

    I was looking for a forum script which DOESN'T use a mySQL but only PHP. At hotscripts I found a few but I don't know which to use. - PBLang - Phorum - Ultimate PHP Board - S8Forum - ADP Forum - NavBoard - EdgeBoard Are there any others? Which one would you recommend?
  3. saikosys

    Php clicklog/counter

    I'm making a site with a download page and a links page. I would like to add a counter after each file name, it must looks something like this: I found a lot of clicklog scripts at hotscripts.com and php.recourceindex.com but they all just log the click into either mySQL or a txt file. How...
  4. saikosys

    Credit card stuff

    For general internet use (purchase domains, webspace, cd's, porn :D etc...) is a standard credit card at my local bank enough or do I really need a visa/american express card?
  5. saikosys

    no ads hosts

    require only this: no ads either ftp upload or some online upzip utility like freewebs.com I only know these: http://www.amzweb.net http://www.portland.co.uk http://www.fateback.com http://www.flatface.net http://www.dotnetplayground.com http://www.freewebs.com (no ftp--> online...
  6. saikosys


    I have a 80 gig HD and I want to split it into partitions... what is the best configuration?? I have now: 1. Windows Part. : 2 gig 2. Swap part. : 2 gig 3. 20 gig 3. 20 gig 4. 36 gig Is this good or are the partitions too big? what do you think? is the windows partition too small?
  7. saikosys

    Best OS to set up webserver?

    What is the best Windows version to install for webserver applications? my pc is a pIII 1 ghz 256mb... The webserver is just a thingy for localy testing.....
  8. saikosys

    Short List of new & old PHP-MySQL hosts here!!

    Short List of new & old PHP-MySQL hosts here!! This is NOT the Host FAQ, but only a short list of hosts which offer php-mySQL because its THE most commonly asked question. Instead of listing only reliable, tested hosts like The Host FAQ I will try to list ALL who are offering. All hosts...
  9. saikosys

    Looking for host with these requirements

    For a small site for our basketball team I need this: - No adds - >10 MB space - Php4 - 100 mb traffic - ftp upload - host with.com/.net/.org/.nl domainname - no traffic region restrictions (like some host don't allow asian traffic) Surely I am not asking for something impossible am...
  10. saikosys

    Domain names newbie questions

    Hi there, I have no domain yet, I would like to get one, a .net or .com Just want to know, should I look for the cheapest availlable or must I be carefull...? am I risking anything if the registar goes bankrupt.. what happens then?? thanx for your help. And no, I am not gonna buy...
  11. saikosys

    I just want to say......

    /me loves FreeWebSpace DOT net!!!!!! :D FreewebspaceDOTnet keeps me going!!!! FreewebspaceDOTnet makes me happy!!!! There is no better way to start a day than visiting FreewebspaceDOTnet for the latest gossips of the freewebspace community!!! :cool:
  12. saikosys

    ad revenue for free hosting services

    how much $$ do free hosting services make per user in banner revenue programs...
  13. saikosys

    Free portal hosting.. does it exist?

    I know there are sites which offer free hosting for your forum (like boardnation, proboards, ezboard etc...) Are there similiar services for portal systems such as postnuke phpnuke phpwebsite? I mean I just sign up and can start adding links articles and stuff...
  14. saikosys

    Personal opinion

    The faqs and ppls comment mostly handle the features of a site, but not much about speed and reliabilty. Which host is THE fastest? and which one the most reliable? What do you think?
  15. saikosys

    Need Chinees sponsor banners!

    Need Chinese sponsor banners! Does anyone know some chinese Bannersponsors who pay per click?
  16. saikosys

    Free hosts who require you to have a domain

    I am gonna buy myself a few domains for several websites. Creating websites I can do, but they have alway's been hosted on free hosting services or some webspace from friends... I'm looking for any good free hosting services which are: - Fast/reliable - php/mysql - Located in or near The...
  17. saikosys

    Best php-mysql forum script?

    What is in your opinion the best -phpBB -VBulitin -YaBBSE -Other btw I like to know which one is the fastest, and which uses the less bandwith/traffic...
  18. saikosys

    Looking for a good testaccount

    I'm looking for a good test account. My requirements are: - Perl/cgi, php or asp, SSI support, mySQL database, FTP upload - cgi, php and asp executable in all directories (not like spaceports who give you some special account to upload to, all must be executable from my subdirectory) -...