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    Need 25MB Of Web Hosting

    Hello, I need web hosting for a small project I'm working on, it's a bot a game I play, and it has a kill switch based on the text of a text file. Basically, I'm looking to find web hosting for a 2-3 byte file, but I might want to add other things like a registration system and stuff like that...
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    Image Hosting Idea

    How about this, an image host, but only available via a desktop client? So basically, when you visit the site it says "To upload images, please download our desktop uploader." Why you may ask? Well, first of all, you can have more features, such as auto-sync, entire folders...
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    Small VPS Sponsorship

    Hey guys, I'm working on a little project, but I need a small vps for it. I'm working on a few scripts that involve ffmpeg and just wanted a platform to test on. I know, ffmpeg is kinda resource hungry, but I only need a low end vps, I really don't care how long encoding takes, it just needs to...
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    Default Page Contest

    We need a default page designed for all new accounts on our site. This is the page that all users will see default on their account before they add anything. It requires the following: A nice design, all in 1 file. (No external css, or php. Just html and internal css) The name has to say...
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    P2H Shared/Reseller/Master Resellers - UltiHost.info

    Check out UltiHost.info for Post To Host cPanel Shared/Reseller/Master Reseller hosting! We are dedicated to making sure your sites are up, and working fast! Packages: Our packages are located here! We are also looking for forum staff, all staff will be given a special package for no...
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    QR Codes

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    YaFreeHost :: P2H Made Easy

    YaFreeHost At YaFreeHost we make P2H easy, to get an account you make a required 1 time post count, and then you can request an account on 1 of our 3 servers. All are fast and reliable! We have cron jobs, mysql, softaculous, php, frontpage extentions, and more! Because as we say at YaFreeHost...
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    Keep getting spam users!

    On my webhost, I keep getting spam users, 1 guy posted something that no one wants to see, and another guy reported my how to request hosting thread with the reason "request". And I just got a new guy named "execute" which makes no sense. And I'm getting Baidu indexing my site which I'm not...
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    YaFreeHost - Post2Host, Reinvented

    Are you looking for web hosting? Well, you've come to the right place! Check out YaFreeHost! A free 1 TIME post to host site. You simply make the required posts, request, and within hours you'll have your hosting account! Couldn't be any simpler! Our packages are currently the following...
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    500 Petabyte Server!

    For about 200 million you can get a 500 petabyte server. You would need 16,000 of these (http://www.adorama.com/VDGTGSPXL32P.html?utm_term=Other&utm_medium=Shopping%20Site&utm_campaign=Other&utm_source=gbase) witch would cost 192,576,000 dollars USD. Then I'm sure another 8 million for the...
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    YaFreeHost - Hosters Who Care

    Are you looking for web hosting? Well, you've come to the right place! Check out YaFreeHost! A free 1 TIME post to host site. You simply make the required posts, request, and within hours you'll have your hosting account! Couldn't be any simpler! Our packages are currently the following...
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    Personal Site Hosting

    Hey guys, I need some hosting for my personal sites sense Tikolah.com went down a week ago. I don't really have a SET space and bandwidth requirement, but would like at least a gig, but just offer me what you can me... but I do need the following: AT LEAST 3 MYSQL (that's what I'm currently...
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    Lets see how random people can get.... MY TURN: the joe jonas wobbles to the sun because the ratio of nick Jonas is pancake kibble chirp chirp even though william shakespeare does not appear to apple the globe of the alarm clock. AND: Chicken nuggets can never reach the bottom of the...
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    Want a few web pages? But don't want to get a hosting account? Then check out "PagePaster.tk" for Free Anonymous HTML Hosting! Simply choose an option (html or plain text), type in your code/document, and hit "Create!". Then you instantly get a url to share with the world, Great for testing...
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    Really Small Hosting Request

    Hello FWS, I need hosting for a small project of mine called "PagePaster" a script that allows a user to enter in html code or plain text and then instantly have their page hosted. I would be hosting the scripts main site and a copy of the script for use. I will make sure to keep everything...
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    YaFreeHost.tk - When Others Can't

    Check out http://yafreehost.tk/ for free webhosting. Because I am limited on space I can only accept 10 accounts without overselling, but we will be upgrading soon. First come first serve. We offer: Quota (MB) 512 (0.5 GB) Bandwidth (MB) 5120 (5 GB) Max FTP Accounts Unlimited Max Email...
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    Reseller Request

    I was wondering if someone could offer me a free reseller. I have no set space or bandwidth requirements and am willing to place a banner on my soon to come web hosting site. If you have any other requirements like maybe (I dunno, you ask) that should be fine. Thank you. :biggrin2:
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    Need Good Webhost

    I need a webhost that will allow me to run a file host. I am more than willing to have ads on the website. If any abuse shall happen the user who uploaded the file(s) will be banned from the site and then be ip banned. I don't really have any set space or bandwidth requirements but I would...
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    Never Lose Linux - never-lose-linux.linuxforall.com

    Everyone please visit http://www.never-lose-linux.linuxforall.com/. At this site there are copies of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and, Edubuntu. If you would like more linux distros added please ask me. The mirrors and site are hosted on my personal server. Also, sorry about having an nonstandard port. Our...
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    Never Loose Linux! - http://neverlooselinux.nazuka.net/

    Come to http://neverloselinux.nazuka.net/! The point of this site is so you never lose the good old versions of Linux. Included in each torrent is a copy of the 32-bit desktop edition of Ubuntu, Xubuntu, and Kubuntu. Please seed, if this site is ever going to stay alive! Thank you! Proudly...