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  1. trenzterra


    Weird as it seems, but I came across the word 'stu' somewhere and I got instantly reminded of this forum. FWS has somewhere on my bookmarks bar since forever, but I never really bothered about it (as with many other bookmarks). So I clicked, and in a way I'm happy at how many things stayed the...
  2. trenzterra

    Ten years, -----es

    It's scary when I see my join date. It's literally half my life ago. :lol: But by golly, these ten years have flown by. The even scarier part is that I feel worse off than before. At least I had ambitions ten years ago, however childish it may seem when looking back. Now reality has brought me...
  3. trenzterra

    hey yo!

    haven't been here in an awful long time... so what's up guys? still remember the good ol' times, and i guess we've grown since? if some of you still remember me, i'm now like 17 already haha. (and i don't know why i'm here; must be an april fools' thing)
  4. trenzterra

    Happy Lunar New Year!

    To all Chinese out there... today's new year eve... year of the dog is coming
  5. trenzterra

    RIP Eddie Guerrero

    He'll be missed.
  6. trenzterra


    just a small test woot it works
  7. trenzterra

    Four years have passed

    Since the terrible terrorist attacks on NYC... But I guess this year people will be more worried about Katrina than anything else.
  8. trenzterra

    My teacher reinvented the URI

    My 57-year-old form teacher told us to do some internet research. And boy, he was helpful. He provided us with a URL to check out. And guess what it was: www. Times 100 Important People Heh. I wonder how he got that perception of the URI.
  9. trenzterra

    Battlefield 2

    So who is purchasing the game? I'm happy to be able to run at default high @ 1280x1024 on my 6600GT. I can't wait to see how the Chinese radio messages sound.
  10. trenzterra

    You wouldn't want to be molested by him

    http://ohio.esorn.net/ICWAgencySite.dll/OffenderDetails?OfndrID=62569 Amen.
  11. trenzterra

    Uh, wow. So Creative is introducing something five generations back

    http://www.engadget.com/entry/1234000380038110/ I bet they wished they didn't shoot their mouth before...
  12. trenzterra

    Your System

    Show them off here :p I'll start: - Athlon 64 3000+ Socket 754 (I forgot about the 939 damnit) @ 2.04GHz - Abit KV8 Pro (VIA KT800 Pro chipset) - Powercolor ATI Radeon 9600 Pro (which sadly has its memory clock underclocked to 200MHz) - 17" Samsung SyncMaster 710N 12ms seek -...
  13. trenzterra

    Fine system?

    Selling off my laptop to get this: - Sempron 3000+ (~Athlon XP 2800+ Barton) - 512MB PC3200 Corsair RAM - 17" Samsung Flat-screen CRT - ATI Radeon 9600 Pro - Abit KV7 mobo - Casing with 300W PSU - BenQ DVD Rewriter (16x DVD+-RW, 4x DVD-DL, 40x24x40) - Windows XP Home (OEM) Price...
  14. trenzterra

    A little early... but happy new year!

    To all Chinese in here.
  15. trenzterra

    How fast can you type?

    http://www.webdesigngt.com/alphabet/ #26 2.693s http://www.webdesigngt.com/alphabet/random #10 7.361s Try beating me ;)
  16. trenzterra


    Happy 18th. I can't forget your birthday. The first day of the first month.
  17. trenzterra

    MATRIX if you still hang around here...

    Happy 19th! (it's the 31st here already, btw you guys missed my b'day yesterday :p)
  18. trenzterra

    My early Christmas presents

    Not exactly, but the buying spree is at this time. Got an pink iPod mini for "free" after signing up for a new ISP... And got a Fujitsu Lifebook T 4010 tablet PC... What have you guys gotten yet?
  19. trenzterra

    Show off your HDDs here

    Mine: 1) Toshiba MK2018GAP 2.5" 20GB HDD (IDE) 2) Western Digital Caviar 2000JB 200GB HDD (IDE, connected via FireWire using a HDD enclosure)
  20. trenzterra

    Who listens to Mandarin music?

    Which singer(s) do you like?