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  1. XeonGX

    Backing up some files, Do viruses/trojans do any harm if they were zipped?

    Hello, Recently, I got a trojan that is self spreading, and when I tried to delete it with AVG, it doesn't get removed, it keeps coming back. I have some important files that I will have to back up, and I think that the trojan might have copied itself into those folders. So if I zip the whole...
  2. XeonGX

    PHP - Newbi variable question

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to use only part of a php variable. For example, if <?php $word = 'word1242'; echo $word; ?> the output should be 1242, instead of word1242. PS I've got a really long list, so I can't really change the $word to 1242. Any help would be...
  3. XeonGX

    Javascript/Html help

    Javascript/Html help - FIXED :) Hello everyone I was wondering if there is a way to make the following code for embedding flv shorter. Note the blue URLs, they are the ones that change. EDIT: Check post #3 <script type="text/javascript">...
  4. XeonGX

    Boot Disk Failure, Can't boot to windows XP :(

    Hello all, I was using partition magic to create a partition out of the unallocated space I had (20GB), so I created E:/, then i noticed that I have: C:/ Logical D:/ Primary E:/ Logical for some reason I converted the D:/ to logical, then I restarted the computer, now I can't boot...
  5. XeonGX

    CSS stick div to the bottom of the container *problem*

    Hello everyone, I am facing a problem, I want to make a div to stick to the bottom of its container, But I don't want to use the absolute, bottom : 0 way because it makes the div stick to the bottom of the browser window, not the container div. <div id="container"> <div...
  6. XeonGX

    Windows XP Activation

    Hello, I had to format my PC because I had too much junk on it, didn't bother to clean up the mess (200GB of junk). I realized that my recovery CDs don't work, 2/9 are corrupted. So did the same thing I did to my laptop 2 weeks ago, I borrowed Windows XP Pro CD from my friend, and when...
  7. XeonGX

    Need help burning movie to DVD

    Hello, I have a divx movie that I want to burn to DVD so I can watch on my DVD player, I've done some search and found out that I have to do a lot of encoding and converting. Can somebody tell me what they use to burn divx movies to dvd?? thanks :-)
  8. XeonGX

    IBM thinkpad Recovery CD not working

    Hello, I have an IBM Thinkpad R52, When I bought it, it came with 8 recovery CDs. Supplemental CD, Boot CD, Recovery CD 1-6. Recovery CD 2 and 3 give me a cyclic redundancy error. Now I can't install windows xp again to my laptop. I can't buy another set of recovery CDs because they cost...
  9. XeonGX

    Connecting laptop to TV via an S-Video cable. No sound!?!?!???

    Hello, My laptop has an s-Video out, and my TV has an s-Video in. So I figured out I could connect the laptop to the TV to watch some movies/play games on bigger screen. I connected successfully, And was able to split my laptop's display on the TV aswell. Now the problem is that I can't get...
  10. XeonGX

    Wireless Network security

    Hello, I just got a new wireless router (Dlink - DI-524) So I installed it and got it working in less than 5 minutes. Now it's protected with WEP encryption. I just did a quick google and found endless pages on how to crack the WEP key. I am very concerned now, If someone did crack my WEP key...
  11. XeonGX

    Connecting old pc to new laptop using crossover ethernet cable

    Hello everybody, I just got a new laptop, and i want to transfer some big files from my old pc to the new laptop. I don't have a router or anything, i searched the internet and found out that i can make a network between 2 computers using the crossover ethernet cable. I just went and bought...
  12. XeonGX

    ~*¤®§(*§ 3 High quality coded templates. xHTML/CSS valid, going for cheap. §*)§®¤*~ˆ

    Hi there, I've designed a few templates during the last week. And I finished coding the last one last night. Now they are listed here to sell for cheap. Looking for a quick sale. Hosting Design http://www.saiyan-raise.com/client/gr%20hosting/ Description: A very nice attractive and...
  13. XeonGX

    Nintendo 64

    Hello everybody, Click [youtube video] Christmas present.... :lol:
  14. XeonGX

    Download script times out....

    Hello, Today I just discovered that my download script times out. :cry2: When download reaches 39.9MB it stops, Can somebody help fix the code? download.php <? include ( "member/db.php" ); include ( "member/settings.php" ); include ( "member/header.php" ); if ( !isset ( $user_info[user_id] )...
  15. XeonGX

    Clicksor's ad template chnaged :)

    Hello all, I've just checked my site and I saw that Clicksor's ad template just changed, It looks much better now, I am really happy that its changed. Image: http://img379.imageshack.us/img379/9089/untitledyi0.jpg
  16. XeonGX

    Humans can lick too

    A young lady is alone in her apartment. She goes to bed with her dog on the floor beside her. In the middle of the night, she is woken up by a strange sound. She is alarmed, but reaches down to the dog, who licks her hand. She is reassured and goes back to sleep. In the morning, she finds the...
  17. XeonGX

    I think i broke my tooth

    hello everyone, just about 20 min ago i was playing soccer, i tripped over the ball and fell on the hard ground. I hit my face and my knees and hands are bleeding right now. Im going through a lot of pain, when i fell, i hit one of my tooth on the ground and now it hurts when i touch it with...
  18. XeonGX

    Mysql database: Editing values in the table help

    Hello everyone, I've got a mysql table, with fields in it. and i want to change all the values under the Type field into 1 instead of 0. its pretty hard to do it manually cuz there is 1000+ values to edit, can you guys write a code to do this? :fangel: thank you
  19. XeonGX


    mykeyboardisgettingrealold andnowimforcedtowritelikethisuntiligetsomemoneytobuynewkeyboard wrting like this is much easier to read butwritinglikethistakesagestoread thanks to my enter key thats still alive
  20. XeonGX

    Global warming School Project (you get to mark me)

    Hello everybody, In my high school, my geography teacher told us to write a response to Al Gore's documentary. Im not good at english, my grammar is not good. im in ESL classes. English as a Second Language. But i managed to write this essay. Please read it and give me a mark out of 10. PS: Im...