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  1. CommunityOne

    Free 100x100 Avatars!

    I made some avatars, they're 100x100. These are for forums that have the size for avatars set to 100x100. They're "twirled". I made them in Paint Shop Pro, each are .JPG files. There's 10 of them. Click here to download the ZIP file If you don't like them PM me and I can make some...
  2. CommunityOne

    Avatars: 150 Posts..

    We all know you have to have 150 posts to get an avatar. I have to admit the day I had 145 posts I really tried to get to that 150 that day and once I got to 150 I headed to my user CP and added my avatar. I have to admit I was well, :cough cough:, excited to have some kind of goal to meet. Now...
  3. CommunityOne

    AOL and Other ISPs?

    I switched to AOL a while ago. I was thinking this morning, switching the account to their BYOC (bring your own connection) and get it cheaper than their dialup. My question is: would my IP be their IP or my connection ISP's IP?
  4. CommunityOne

    50Megs charging for subdomain?

    I was going to signup for an account on 50Megs when it said that you have to pay $6.99 for a "personalized 50megs address". I canceled signup. They do make money off paid users don't they?
  5. CommunityOne

    Search the FWS Database?!

    I notice I've answered a lot of host requests here, with a host that is already in FWS' directory. Why don't some people search using advanced search (what I use) to find what they're looking for? I find it weird. :p
  6. CommunityOne

    Let it snow!

    It has snowed like 4" here in Evansville. It was horrible today going to work and back, absolute HELL. The weatherman said not to drive unless you have to until 12 noon Thursday (Central Time). I'm not driving to work on these icy horrible roads. Let it snow because I don't have to go to...
  7. CommunityOne

    Ensim CP Paid hosting

    Comm1Biz.net Paid hosting pre packed with Ensim CP: 75MB Disk Space 3GB Bandwidth PHP 3 mySQL Databases Perl SSI (I'm thinking SSL when it's SSI.. LOL :() phpMyAdmin FTP 100 E-Mail/FTP Accounts Squirrelmail Web-based E-mail PHP Bulletin Board systems installed free -- one per mySQL...
  8. CommunityOne


    http://comm1biz.net I have a new skin my other admin created for my vBulletin. Like it??? :D (I still have to add that welcome panel hack though :o )
  9. CommunityOne

    Comm1Biz.net Hosting

    We offer top-of-the-line web hosting for FREE and pay as well. We use a server that has 512MB RAM (extremely fast), so you don't have to worry about a SLOW host! :) If you are interested you may PM me on these forums or e-mail me at admin@comm1biz.net. :) FREE Plan 25MB Space 1GB...
  10. CommunityOne

    Being a Free WebSpace provider

    Well... There are things I hate about being an FWS Provider, and things that I like about being a host. Things may sound weird, I'm just really speaking my mind. Here we go: I'm afraid to check my e-mail. >I have recieved about 10 emails over the past 2 days saying "type: free" or "I...
  11. CommunityOne

    Banning Asians

    I am having a problem with some damn Korean site... they posted about my hosting service on their forums and I now had to go from 28 members to 6 on my forums. I publicize my hosting plans today, and it makes Korean news. Damn it! I want to ban those Asians, no offense to any Asians that...
  12. CommunityOne

    Free Web hosting [advertisment:limited number of accounts]

    CommunityOne Networks now offers free web hosting! Currently there is free hosting available. Please do not say "25 MB is not much", because it is what I can offer to everyone. Here is what I posted on WBBMods.com: WBB Hosting We still have more users to go.. please PM me or IM me with...
  13. CommunityOne

    Happy birthday to me!

    Today's my b-day! lol Now wish all of us happy birthdays! Everyone here! :D :birthday: Yep... all of us here... Oct 28...
  14. CommunityOne

    Beware of Moustached Men!

    http://www.14wfie.com/Global/story.asp?S=985571&nav=3w6oBzpS :D
  15. CommunityOne


    DO NOT Use GoDaddy! My web host and I (deeplist) are trying to register my domain. Well, it registered, but, he cannot point the domain to his server. Now I was really mad, because DeepList's Registrar was BETTER than GoDaddy.. I wanted cheapest.. well I got cheap. I and everyone else now...
  16. CommunityOne

    Free Script Installation

    I will install any script on the first 29 people who PM me for installation. I will install updates/skins/mods for one year free. I have currently the scripts downloaded on my computer, so you may want to use one of these: Develooping Flash Chat phpBB2 Web Wiz Guide Forums Access...
  17. CommunityOne

    I-465 to David Letterman Expressway??

    I am watching the news, and David Letterman wants I-465 to be named after him as "David Letterman Expressway"! Yeah, I will still call it 465 if they change it, but still, he should just choose a different highway or street, not the main way to get around Indianapolis! What do YOU think...
  18. CommunityOne

    Important for NEWBIES that want to know about scripting.

    There are many scripting languages out there, and they all can be easy to use and at times can be tough to handle. I am going to outline a few of these scripting languages, anyone who wants to correct me, please PM me. ASP: Active Server Pages - A server based scripting language that is used...
  19. CommunityOne

    FREE Script Installation

    We will install your script... FREE! The first 30 people who PM me for script installation will get it FREE! PHP/XML/ASP/CGI and Perl/PHP and MySQL/ Flash and PHP ^Script types will install^* Must already have a webhost that supports script type. If you have questions, please...
  20. CommunityOne

    Used to be...

    I remember registering for a "free" domain two years ago on some freedomain.com or something. Well, what the deal was, is that you recieve a ton of spam and you are the sole registrant. They didn't give hosting, just subdomain redirections and e-mail forwarding and DNS. That was when...