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    Who remembers the old days?

    I know I am not the only one. Oh btw HAI EVERYBODY!!!!!
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    someone help me out here.

    Ok so I need a killer deal on a vps fairly quick it looks like. My site has been down for a week with no support responses from the (name not needed) company I have been with for YEARS! I need a vps with 512mb guaranteed ram 40gb hdd 3 ip's Direct Admin Minimum 1 year in business with good...
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    Driving a Porsche

    In the snow is great! :P Here is a picture of the latest addition to my growing fleet of cars That is all :P
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    Free URL Shortning with API

    Check it out guys I just set up my url shortening site again http://l4n.us/ Also give me opinions and let me know of any issues
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    Need vps (please read entire post)

    Ok I am looking for a new vps for a couple projects... ALL REQUIREMENTS MUST BE MET 20gb Space 500gb (or better) bandwidth @ 100mbps 512mb ram decent processor speeds centos directadmin Been in business for a minimum of 1 year. 5 ip addresses Let me know THE BEST price you can...
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    What is your mode of transportation?

    Well this was done a couple years ago but lets do it again! :P My daily driver... 1996 Ford Explorer My other ride... 1981 KZ750 built out to 836 stretched 12" longer than stock So... What do you drive?
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    Im gonna be a daddy!!!

    As of right now I have been in a hospital room for about 2 and a half hours my wife is in labor with our daughter and should have her soon.... *hopes all goes well*
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    Ideas please....

    Ok so I need some ideas on what to do with a couple domains I own... track3r.net and track3r.com Please dont say a torrent tracker or something like that :P Lets hear the ideas people
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    Will this kill me?

    Bought this as a pile of parts and a frame... in 2 days I got it running and almost road worthy. Waiting on a couple of parts to wrap everything up... But will it kill me? :P 1981 KZ750 bored to 836cc stretched 12 inches From the side The first time starting...
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    O Hai

    Miss me? How is everyone these days? I have been in the middle of moving and working well over 40 hours a week.... Oh and I am getting married and have a baby on the way... Its been a busy year :P :evilb::evilb::evilb:
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    Domains For Sale!!!!

    lesslag.net - created 05/22/2009 - expires 05/22/2010 hostfail.com - created 07/20/2009 - Expires 07/20/2010 completewebworks.com - Creation date: 08 Feb 2008 Expiration date: 08 Feb 2011 19:59:00 Feel free to make an offer on one or all of the domain names either in this thread or via pm
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    Well life is going great! [/sarcasm] This month I have had my credit card number used by someone other than myself so there is an investigation into that. Because of it charges went through but there were no funds so the bank hit me with over $200 in overdraft fees!!! Then tonight I spent...
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    Looking for blog writer!

    To save some time this is the info on what I am needing why and what you would get out of it :)
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    Deal or no deal....

    Ok so I got a job offer from a LARGE hosting company...I turned it down and then they said tell them what I would need in order to take it. So this is what I am going to tell them... $15/hr $800 relocation Its a full time position with benefits and all however taking this job would mean...
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    For hire!

    Hello, I am currently seeking a paid position at any form of hosting / networking company that is willing to hire me. I have been in the web hosting industry since I was 13 years of age [currently 19] and have done it all. From shared all the way to dedicated and game / voice servers. I have...
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    I haz them! Sorry just happy I got my internet installed finally :P As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say "I'm Back!" (Or is it more like bach?) How is everyone? :P :evilb: :evilb: :evilb:
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    A bit of an explanation

    Well I know I have been gone for a while and feel I should provide a bit of an explanation as to why and what has happened with my companies. Even tho this is the general discussion area this thread would not fit properly in any one board and so here it will stay. Ok so a few months ago I was...
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    I am in the process of moving to a new house so wish me luck guys [and Jan] I am gonna have a hell of a time finding internet Oh well my activities will be slow for the next week or so
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    MagniRack.com 50% off select game servers for life! Servers for $0.63/slot!

    MagniRack GET 50% OFF SELECT GAMES FOR LIFE! USE THE CODE "50offlife" AT CHECKOUT Game Servers Click here to order!! Below are the games that are eligible for the 50% off! Half Life Classic Half Life 2 - Deathmatch 125 FPS Half Life 2 - Deathmatch 250 FPS Half Life...
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    Magnirack.com Now Hiring

    MagniRack.com is looking for some new sales guys! In an ever growing business customers are #1 and MagniRack is looking for some sales representatives to help bring those customers into the company and let them see what a real game server host is all about. Requirements * Ability to...