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  1. DavidsAwesome

    Windows VPS requested.

    Hey guys. It's been a while. I'm looking for a windows VPS. I have one currently, but I want to use it for chat software, and my current host doesn't allow "IRC related content." So, Adult must be allowed. IRC must be allowed. Here's what I have right now. RAM: 1GB Space: 50GB Transfer...
  2. DavidsAwesome

    Happy Birthday Dynash

    21!!! Wooo!!!!
  3. DavidsAwesome

    [ADULT OK] 1GB Space 10GB Transfer FREEEEE with banner

    Due to overwhelming amounts of spam and phishing sites, we're no longer allowing sign-ups from China and Nigeria. 1GB Space 10GB Transfer 10x each feature cPanel ADULT OK 468x60 Banner Required Sign up today! http://itspierced.com/hostingpanel Any issues? Reply here, or PM me...
  4. DavidsAwesome

    1GB Space / 10GB Transfer FREEE!!! ADULT OK. 1 Banner ad required.

    Important: We are no longer accepting hosting applications from people in China or Nigeria due to spam and phishing. Anyone abusing our good deed will be terminated immediately with no warning. Only English sites will be allowed for the time being. Please fill in all details in the application...
  5. DavidsAwesome

    1GB Free Space - Great Uptime - One Banner Ad Required.

    FREEEEEE IS BETTER 1GB Space 10GB Transfer 10x Each Feature (Email accounts allowed upon request due to spam) CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO All you have to do: 1)Register on ItsPierced forum 2)Create a new topic asking for hosting 3)Receive email confirmation after a few hours. I approve all...
  6. DavidsAwesome

    Xmas special: Xtra space!!! ItsPierced will sponsor your hosting!!!

    Happy Holidays from ItsPierced. Follow the link with the instructions to get free hosting, and receive the following plan. 1GB Space 10GB Transfer 10x ea Feature (0 Email accounts except upon request) cPanel with Softaculous Adult Hosting Allowed with prior notice How to get free...
  7. DavidsAwesome

    I need this thread moved plz

    http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2235582 to free offers plz.
  8. DavidsAwesome

    300MB OR MORE free sponsored hosting with banner. Very Flexible terms.

    ItsPierced is giving free hosting to those who request it. Free plan, with no posting required. Only 468x60 banner required. 300MB Space 3GB Transfer 5 FTP users 5 subdomains 5 MySQL Databases cPanel Server If you need more space, let us know. As long as all content is legal, we...
  9. DavidsAwesome

    300mb or more free with banner. cPanel server with great uptime.

    ItsPierced is looking to sponsor hosting on some websites. Simply add our banner to your site, and you can get 300mb of free space. If you need more space and you have a higher volume site, we can do so upon request. We also offer post2host with no banner, for 20 posts/month. For more...
  10. DavidsAwesome

    Happy Birthday Ben & iBrightDev

  11. DavidsAwesome

    Lighttpd problem

    When you go to the domain, I want it to go to portal.php ... not index.php Can't find an answer anywhere.
  12. DavidsAwesome

    Small VPS Request

    I'm looking for a cheap vps. Please, no offers from BURSTNET resellers. Been there, done that. [However, their VPS plans look amazing] I've seen a few plans around here that spark my interest. This will be for a handful of small sites... I'm not looking for anything crazy. Impress me. No...
  13. DavidsAwesome

    Body Modificaton

    Any tattoo or piercing junkies here? I have my tongue, my ear, my nips, a frenum, a lorum, and a PA. (last 3 are NSFW, don't google.)
  14. DavidsAwesome


    I'm noticing a lot of new threads by people with less than 10 posts. Are you doing a paid posting thing or something now? ...Anyone else notice this?
  15. DavidsAwesome

    Black Friday

    Yeah, I got sucked into one of those 3 hour lines where everyone is pissed off, hungry, needs to pee, and can't afford what their buying.... Except I brought a friend with me, so he held my place in line while I went pee, and he used my card to go get us some fooood. I think that just made the...
  16. DavidsAwesome

    US Healthcare Clusterf**k

    What do you think the end result of all of this drama will be? Discuss.
  17. DavidsAwesome


    This forum is so dead.
  18. DavidsAwesome

    Name change question.

    How much longer do I have? Also, the user "David" has been inactive, and only has 4 posts. Any chance I could steal his name?
  19. DavidsAwesome

    I have discovered something today.

    ...I generally shop at Wal-Mart for whatever I want. I'm making pretty much minimum wage, so I have no problem with Wal-Mart. If I could afford better products I'd go elsewhere. However, today my friends needed to go to the 99 cent store for something. I haven't set foot in a 99 cent store...
  20. DavidsAwesome

    Billy Mays.

    Srsly? Who next?