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    [RamNode] 40% OFF FOR LIFE! SSD & SSD-Cached VPS [KVM - OVZ - RAID10 - 1Gbps - E3]

    RamNode - High RAM, Low Price High Performance SSD and SSD-Cached VPSs LIMITED TIME OFFER - 40% OFF SSD-CACHED KVM FOR LIFE! USE CODE ckvm40 About Us RamNode LLC exists for one purpose: to provide affordable VPSs with powerful features. Our years of hosting experience as both clients and...
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    Elpis Host - Reliable Web Hosting | cPanel | Softaculous | CloudLinux | Litespeed

    Elpis Host uses the industry leading cPanel control panel to make getting your website online easier then ever. We also use CloudLinux to prevent a single website overloading our servers - this enables us to offer excellent uptime and stability to our clients. We also utilize Limestone Networks...
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    [RamNode] 15% OFF FOR LIFE! RAID10 SSD VPSs from $3.40/mo [1Gbps - E3 CPU - OpenVZ]

    RamNode - High RAM, Low Price - Unmanaged OpenVZ VPSs on RAID10 SSDs GET 15% OFF LIFETIME! USE CODE RN15OFF About Us RamNode exists for one purpose: to provide affordable VPSs with powerful features. Our years of hosting experience as both clients and providers have inspired us to...
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    Thoughts on what I can change?

    Anything I can change/add/remove?
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    Small VPS needed

    Looking for a cheap (yearly plan) VPS to use as my second OpenVPN server in case the main goes down for any reason. This is going to be used for administration of my business, nothing more. 500mb-5GB Storage 64MB RAM 10 GB Bandwidth (monthly) CentOS 5.4 32bit 1 IPv4 Address Tun/TAP and...
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    Webhosting request: Shared hosting Space: 102400 Where: USA

    Request paid web hostingBudget? (optional) $50.00-$75.00 Space? (optional) 100GB Bandwidth, traffic? (optional) 20TB Datacenter location? (optional)USA Shared webhosting? VPS? Dedicated server?Shared hosting/VPS If you are going to host special content, please describe it (for...
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    Not really sure if this is the right direction, but I like the overall design. Hoping to get some feedback from the community. :) http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/2061/screenshot2012022323141.png
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    Bot rules

    Why are there no rules against obvious advertisement bots like this one. Has anyone even bothered checking his post history? Peo, although I understand even spambots help keep the forum active they do not contribute to it in the least other then increasing the total post count once a...
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    [Europe] Looking for dedicated server

    Hey everyone, We're looking for a dedicated server in Europe. First request: Dual quad intel xeon E5620 (4x 2.40Ghz with 12MB cache per CPU) 48GB DDR3 Memory 4x500GB RAID-10 (WD Enterprise, Adaptec card preferred with BBU) 5TB monthly transfer with 1Gbps connectivit DDoS protection preferred...
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    Attn: Peo/Jan

    What the hell?
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    Anyone know of a good video encoder that takes advantage of QuickSync?
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    Softlayer Blowout! Sandybridge E3-1270 w/ 12GB Ram and Raid 10 at $250/month!

    Club Uptime has been around since 2005 (Started as HostTDS Internet Services) and specializes in high availability shared hosting as well as virtualized hosting platforms. We will beat the pricing of any other verified/legitimate Softlayer reseller in terms of Ram and Hardware Raid pricing...
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    Alternatives to Server Density?

    Apparently, Server Density isn't designed for how many dedicated servers we have assigned to it. Every time I open up the webpage the entire thing grounds to a halt and freezes. Are there any alternatives for windows 2008 servers?
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    Looking for two VPS

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for two VPS of the following configuration: Disk Quota: 3GB available space after OS installation. Monthly Transfer/Connection: 1Mbps unmetered with the option to upgrade to 5Mbps in the future. Distro: CentOS RAM: 64MB with the option to upgrade to 128MB in...
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    Happy Birthday Blank Verse!

    Happy 28th!
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    Crunch-Host threatens to DDoS a site - respect = gone.

    I'm sure most of the users here have not been paying attention to WHT. Or if you have, maybe you know what I'm about to post. Crunch-Host.com has a competitor using the name crunchhost.com. They don't like this, so they threaten the owner. After the owner refuses to co-operate, they threaten to...
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    Hope you made it out, good luck.

    To everyone who was affected by the Tsunami in New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii and others. Good luck, and I hope you got out in time.
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    Any interested in IPv6 VPS?

    I'm thinking about throwing up a colocated server for free IPv6 VPS but I'm not sure how many people would go for it. Is there any interest at all here for such a service?
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    [UK Hosting] - Paradox Servers - 10GB/500GB - cPanel

    Free hosting plan: 3GB Disk Space 150GB Monthly Transfer Unlimited Features/Domains cPanel Large Free Hosting: 10GB Disk Quota 500GB Monthly Transfer Unlimited Features/Domains cPanel If you would like this package, please PM me and include as much detail as possible about what you...